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Sep 08 2010

Pepsico India Holdings (Pvt) Limited and another. Vs. State of U.P. a ...

  • Decided on : 08-Sep-2010

Court : Allahabad

..... also made cognizable and non-bailable. thereafter, the parliament made further amendments to the pfa act through the act no. 34 of 1976. by this amendment graded punishment based on the degree of violation was introduced. recently, the parliament in the year 2006 passed the food safety and standards act (in short, referred to as 'fssa'). various provisions of fssa were notified from time to time but ..... provisions of the fssa, 2006. the notification reads as under:- "s.o.1855(e):- in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section(3) of section 1 of the food safety and standards act, 2006 (34 of 2006), the central government hereby appoints the 29th day of july, 2010 as the date on which the provisions of section 19 to 21 (both inclusive), ..... an application for alteration of sections, which was allowed by the competent court and the petitioners were remanded only under section 273 ipc and sections 51 and 57 of the food safety and standards act, 2006. 7. draped in brevity, the facts of the case are that the petitioner- pepsico india holdings private limited, is a company registered under the provisions of the ..... finally on 29th july, 2010, section 97 of fssa, which repealed all other food .....

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Jun 18 1979

United States v. Rutherford

  • Decided on : 18-Jun-1979

Court : US Supreme Court

..... terms "safe" and "effective" in 201(p)(1). a nothing in the history of the 1938 food, drug, and cosmetic act, which first established procedures for review of drug safety, or of the 1962 amendments, which added the current safety and effectiveness standards in 201(p)(1), [ footnote 8 ] suggests that congress intended protection only for persons suffering from ..... no demonstrable curative properties, the consequences can be irreversible. [ footnote 13 ] for this reason, even before the 1962 amendments incorporated an efficacy standard into new drug application procedures, the fda considered effectiveness when reviewing the safety of drugs used to treat terminal illness. see nn. 8 9 supra. the fda's practice also reflects the recognition, ..... curable diseases. to the contrary, in deliberations preceding the 1938 act, congress expressed concern that individuals with fatal illnesses, such as ..... 321 (p)(1). i section 505 of the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act, 52 stat. 1052, as amended, 21 u.s.c. 355, prohibits interstate distribution of any "new drug" unless the secretary of health, education, and welfare approves an application supported by substantial evidence of the drug's safety and effectiveness. [ footnote 1 ] as defined in .....

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Apr 23 2012

MS.Unik Traders Vs. The Commissioner Of Customs.

  • Decided on : 23-Apr-2012

Court : Chennai

..... mysore, the nodal agency in terms of section 4 of the prevention of food adulteration act, 1954, as amended. the said laboratory under reports dated 13.12.2011, has now found that the samples confirm to the fact that it is indeed monosodium glutamate, a food additive falling under the food safety and standards act, 2006 and the rules of 2011. the said reports collectively are annexure-m ..... gave his opinion vide their certificates no.502p/fssa/2011; 503p/fssa/2011 & 504p/fssa/2011, all dated 13.12.2011 that samples conform as a permitted food additive (monosodium glutamate) under the food safety and standards act, 2006 and rules, 2011 thereof. in the said report, the label details were mentioned as:label (as per separate date sheet) monosodium glutamate : country of origin : ..... of analysis produced by the petitioner to the laboratory and thus the same is not reliable and acceptable.(vi) the petitioner's contention that the appropriate authority, under the food safety and standards act, 2006 and rules, 2011 has not taken any action in respect of the subject consignments is not correct. a show cause notice was issued under section 124 of customs ..... b) has not been mentioned in the packages as per rule 32(k).(viii) the requirement of mandate of affixing the details on the label, if any under the food safety and standards act, 2006 and rules, 11 would be done at the time of repacking of the subject goods cannot be sustained since the customs authorities cannot supervise the same for the .....

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Nov 19 2013

Asim Chaudhary Vs. Union of India & Ors.

  • Decided on : 19-Nov-2013

Court : Delhi

..... referred to as `ongc ) holding a permanent lien to a post with this organisation. at the relevant time, the borrowing organisation, the food safety & standards authority of india (hereinafter referred to as 'fssai'), a statutory body set up under the food safety & standards act, 2006 was in the nascent stages of its organisation. it issued an advertisement in august, 2010 inviting applications for filling up a single ..... by him. (d) direct the central government that the post of ceo should .-. filled at the earliest as he is the legal representation and administrative and financial head under the food safety and standards act, 2006. (e) direct that cost should be awarded to the applicant for this litigation, which has really been thrust upon him by the arbitrary action of the chairperson and ..... issue a writ of mandamus directing resp no 1 to allow the applicant to complete his deputation in the food safety and standards authority of india as per the dopt rules om no.2/99/91-estt. (p-ii) dated 5.1.1994, as amended from time to time, and dopt om no.6/8/2009 dated 17.6.2010, as per the original ..... acting ceo of fssai. (f) award compensation to the applicant for the unwarranted hassle and mental agony caused to him by this litigation. 2. the challenge by the petitioner raises primarily .....

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Oct 22 2013

Centre for Public Interest Litigation Vs. Union of India & Ors.

  • Decided on : 22-Oct-2013

Court : Supreme Court of India

..... . 11. the general principles referred to above are to be followed in the administration of the act, by the central government, the food authority, the state governments and other agencies, while implementing the regulations and specifying food safety standards or while enforcing or implementing the provisions of the fss act. the food authority, while discharging its functions, shall take into account the prevailing practices and conditions in ..... representative bodies including all levels of panchayats, during the preparation, evaluation and revision of regulations, except where it is of opinion that there is an urgency concerning food safety or public health to make or amend the regulations in which case such consultation may be dispensed with: provided that such regulations shall be in force for not more than six months; (e)ensure ..... prescribing labelling requirements as per rule 32 to rule 44 of pfa rules, 1955. as per rule 32 of pfa rules, as amended vide notification gsr (e) dated 19.9.2008, declaration of all the ingredients of the food products and in particular soft drinks, is required to be made in the descending order and nutritional information is also required to be .....

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Jan 23 2012

National Meat Assn. v. Harris

  • Decided on : 23-Jan-2012

Court : US Supreme Court

..... . s. c. 1901 et seq., which originally applied only to slaughterhouses selling meat to the federal government. the department of agriculture s food safety ..... 224. argued november 9, 2011 decided january 23, 2012 the federal meat inspection act (fmia), 21 u. s. c. 601 et seq., regulates a broad range of activities at slaughterhouses to ensure the safety of meat and the humane handling of animals. the department of agriculture s food safety and inspection service (fsis), which administers the fmia, has issued extensive regulations to ..... and slaughter of animals set out in the humane methods of slaughter act of 1958, (hmsa), 72stat. 862, 7 u ..... industry, the act establishes an elaborate system of inspecti[ng] live animals and carcasses in order to prevent the shipment of impure, unwholesome, and unfit meat and meat-food products. pittsburgh melting co. v. totten, 248 u. s. 1 5 (1918). and since amended in 1978, see 92stat. 1069, the fmia requires all slaughterhouses to comply with the standards for humane handling .....

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May 08 2006

Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Vs. The Bureau of Indian Standards an ...

  • Decided on : 08-May-2006

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 129(2006)DLT522

..... in the drinking water; it may be disinfected by mean of chemical agents and/or physical method of the number of micro-organism to a level that does not compromise food safety or suitability'. it is not the respondents' case before me that aquafina violates any/all those specifications.8. two other relevant provisions contained in the pfa rules, 1955 reads ..... as defined in section 2(t) of the bureau of indian standards act, 1986 (hereinafter referred to as the bids act) thereby depicting compliance with standards laid down by bureau. this cancellation of the license would be without prejudice to any prosecution under the prevention of food adulteration act (`pfa act' for short).2. this is the label which is at the centre of the ..... the petitioners are guilty of misrepresentations.7. in the counter affidavit filed on behalf of the bureau details of the specifications or amendments made to the required standards of packaged drinking water have been spelt out. the pfa rules were amended by the ministry of health vide gazette notification dated 18.7.2003, effective from 1.1.2004, in respect of pesticide ..... residues. the indian standard packaged drinking water (other then packaged natural mineral water) specification have as many as 51 enumerations. these rules also define 'packaged drinking water' .....

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May 26 2003

Anil Kumar Gupta Vs. Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Ors.

  • Decided on : 26-May-2003

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 113(2004)DLT3

..... packaged drinking water. however, the rules and the norms laid down for packaged drinking water are under specialised act and license has been issued under the bureau of indian standards act, 1986. the rules framed under section 23 of the pfa act have been amended by the gazette notification of 29th september, 2000 to include sub-rule (28) prescribing that no person ..... the gazette of india dated 29th september, 2000 amending the rules for the same through prevention of food adulteration (amendment) rules, 2000 to lay down the standards for the packaged drinking water (other than mineral water).3. the petitioners applied for a license to the respondent no. 4 bureau under the bureau of indian standards act, 1986 and were issued an appropriate license, ..... judgment of the supreme court in bhim sen v. state of punjab, : 1976crilj293 . the supreme court while dealing with the case of prosecution under the pfa act, observed that the standards have been laid down for the quality of carbonated water which is the same as aerated water.33. learned counsel for the respondent corporation, on the other hand/ ..... by means of chemical agents and/or physical method of the number of micro-organism to a level that does not compromise food safety or suitability.'13. the bureau of indian standards being an individual authority has prescribed the indian standards for packaged drinking water which are extremely comprehensive and cover almost all areas of package, production, storage, premises, hygiene and .....

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Sep 15 2012

M/s. Dhariwal Industries Limited and Others Vs. The State of Maharasht ...

  • Decided on : 15-Sep-2012

Court : Mumbai

..... validity of the following provisions of two different regulations under the food safety and standards act, 2006 (the food safety act or fss act or act of 2006) as well as the statutory order dated 19 july 2012 of the commissioner of food safety, state of maharashtra under section 30(2)(a) of the food safety act. the regulations impugned in these petitions are - (i) ..... and other tobacco products and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. preamble to food safety and standards act, 2006: an act to consolidate the laws relating to food and to establish the food safety and standards authority of india for laying down science-based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import, to ensure availability ..... copy of the food safety and standards act is present on the website 10. the learned counsel for the petitioners have also placed strong reliance on the report of the expert group which was appointed to examine the draft notification dated 25 november 2005 for amendment of the prevention of food adulteration act. the expert ..... manufacture, distribution and sale of gutka and pan masala. 61. after taking into consideration the provisions of prevention of food adulteration act, 1954 and the rules thereunder, food safety and standards act, 2006, the regulations made thereunder, the cigarettes act, 2003, the judgment of the supreme court in ghodawat case and the material on record, and after considering .....

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Nov 09 2012

Lochamesh B. Hugar and Others Vs. Union of India Represented by its se ...

  • Decided on : 09-Nov-2012

Court : Karnataka

..... down science based standards for articles of food and to regulate their ..... in order to converge all food laws and to have a single regulatory body the food safety and standard act was enacted by the parliament by act, 34 of 2006 published in the official gazette on 23.08.2006. the statement of objects and reasons of the said enactment was to consolidate the law relating to food and to establish the food safety standards authority of indian for laying ..... 123 at page 152 can be looked up. 28. thus, keeping in mind the above principles the provisions of the food safety and standards act, 2006 as well as the bureau of indian standards act, 1986 are perused by us. 29. section 3(j) of fss act, food has been defined to include packaged drinking water; section 3(zc) defines manufacture to mean a process or adoption ..... act, 1954 (pfa) as well as food safety and standards act, 2006 or whether one remedy would exclude the other came up for consideration before the high court of delhi in the case of bottled water processors association vs union of india and other in w.p.(c) no.11672/2009 disposed of on 20.05.2010 whereunder it was held as follows: 16. the amendment .....

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