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Punjab Laws Act, 1872 Section 39A - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Section TitlePower to Establish System of Village-watchmen and Municipal-watchmen, and to Make Rules
Act Info:

[Sections.39A and 39B were subs. by Act 24 of 1881, section.2, for sections.39A and 39B.]The State Government may establish a system of village watchmen or municipal watchmen in any part of the territories under; its administration, and in furtherance of this object may, from time to time, make rules to provide for the following matters:-

(a) the definition of the limits of watchmen's beats;

(b) the determination of the several grades of watchmen, and the number of each grade to be appointed to each beat;

(c) the appointment, suspension, dismissal and resignation of watchmen of each grade;

(d) the equipment and discipline of, and the control and supervision over, such watchmen;

(e) the conferring upon them, and the exercise by them, of any powers and the enjoyment by them of any protection or privilege, which may be exercised and enjoyed by a police-officer under any law for the time being in force;

(f) the performance by them of such duties relating to police, sanitation or statistics, or for the benefit of the village communities or municipalities within their respective beats, as the State Government thinks fit;

(g) the exercise of authority over, and the rendering of aid to such watchmen by headmen of the villages or members of the Municipal Committees of the towns comprised in their respective beats;

(h) the performance, by the headmen of villages comprised in the beat of any watchmen, of any of the duties of a village-watchman in aid of, or substitution for, such watchman;

(i) the exercise, by such village-headmen for the purpose referred to in clauses (g) and (h), or by members of Municipal Committees for the purposes referred to in clause (g) of this section, of any of the powers, and the enjoyment by such headmen or members of any privilege or protection, of a village-watchman, or a municipal watchman, as the case may be;

(j) the determination of the rate at which. and the mode in which, watchmen shall be paid, and, in the case of village watchmen, of the mode in which their pay, the expenses of their equipment, and other charges connected with the village-watchman-system shall be provided for, whether out of cesses or funds already leviable or available in the villages comprised in the beat, or by a special tax in money or kind to be imposed on any class of persons residing or owning property in, or resorting to, such villages, or partly in one of these ways and partly in the other;

(k) the collection with or without the aid of the villageheadmen, and by any process available for the realisation of the land-revenue, of any tax imposed under clause (j) of this section, and the application of, and the mode of accounting for, the same; and generally for

(I) the efficient working of the system of village-watchmen or municipal watchmen:


first, that the rules to be made regarding the appointment of village-watchmen shall allow to the headmen of the villages comprised in the beat to which such a watchman is to be appointed a power of nomination to be exercised in such manner and subject to such reasonable conditions as may be prescribed by such rules;

secondly, that the rules to be made under clause (j) of this section with regard to village-watchmen shall include provisions for recording and securing due consideration of the views and opinions on the matters therein referred to of the headmen of the villages comprised in each beat.

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