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Oudh Laws Act, 1876 Schedule II - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Section TitleSecond Schedule
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(See section 3)


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XXIII of 1803. clause

Embezzlement by Native Officers

In section 1 and in section 2, First, before ''sezawals," insert " tahsildars".

In section 2, after the first clause, I insert " Second.The responsibility of the sureties of tahsildars extends to the several cases provided for in this Regulation."

In section 3, for " Dewanny Adawlut of the Zillah, the Judge of which Court shall detain him," read " District where he shall be detained;" for " real or personal," read " movable or immovable,

".{The words " for 'city' read jurisdiction" were Act 12 of 1891; and the words " for 'Board of Revenue' read 'Chief Commissioner'" were Act 20 of 1890, s.35.} and omit the words and figures "and the rules in Regulation XXVIII, 1803, regarding suits so carried on by the Collectors are to be held applicable to it." {The words " In section 4.omit the words 'or in either of the cities of Patna, Dacca and Moorshedabad'" were Act 12 of 1891.} Omit section 8.

{ Act 4 of 1922, s.3 and Sch.}

X of 1804

Punishment byCourts-

martial of certain State offences Government of the Presidency of Fort William "

Omit section 1.

In section 2, for " the British territories subject to the read " the territories under the administration of the Chief Commissioner of Oudh ".

In section 3, for " real and personal " read " movable or immovable ".

XI of 1806

Assistance to troops and travellers passing through districts.

Omit sections 1, 7, 9 to 20 (both inclusive), and so much of the rest of the Regulation as authorizes Collectors and their Native officers,or Magis trates and their police-officers, to give their Official aid in procuring coolies for the purpose of facilitating the march of troops or the progress of travelers.

For " Collectors of Revenue " and ' Collector " read " Deputy commi- ssioner " throughout the Regulation.

In sections 2 and 3, for " the Company's territories " read " Oudh ".

In section 2, omit the last sentence.

In section 4, clause Third, for " Central Government " read " State Government ".

In section 5, omit "the Companys ; {The words "and for 'Board of Revenue ' read 'Chief Commissioner' were Act 20 of 1890, s.35.}

In section 6, for " Magistrate " read " Deputy Commissioner," and for " on the part of the Collector " read " by the Deputy Commissioner ".

In section 8, for " the Company's provinces " read " Oudh ".{The wordsand figures "and omit the words and figures '(under the rules prescribed by Regulation 5 of 1804,)' and 'in Regulation 27 of 1803 " were rep. by Act 12 of 1891.}

{The entries relating to Bengal Regulations 17 of 1806, 20 of 1810 and 5 of 1817 were Acts 4 of 1882, 13 of 1889 and 6 of 1878, respectively.}

{This Regulation was Act 48 of 1952, s.2 and Sch.I.}

III of 1818

State Prisoners

In section 1, omit "situated within the territories dependent on the Presidency of Fort William," and from " which are to take effect " to the end of the section.

In section 2, clause Third, omit "within the territories subject to the Presidency of Fort William ".

In section 4, omit clause First.

In the same section, clause Second, for" Zillah or City Magistrate " read "Deputy Commissioner," and for " Judge of Circuit "read " Commissioner of Division ".

In section 9, for " to the ProvincialCourt of Appeal and Circuit and to the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut And Nizamut Adawlut " read " and to the Judicial Commissioner ".

Omit section 10.

{The entry relating to Bengal Regulation 6 of 1819 was Act 12 of 1891.}

XI of 1822

Non-liability of Government for errors

Omit the whole except section 38 of a Court of Justice.

VI of 1825

Supply of troops on the march.

In the preamble, omit the Last twenty words.

In section 2, omit " in pursuance of section III, Regulation XI, 1806," and omit " sicca ".

In section 4, for " Board of Revenue in whose jurisdiction the district may be situate " and " Board " read " Commissioner ".

In section 5, omit " on the stamped paper prescribed for other appeals to the Revenue Boards " and for " the proper Board" and "theBoard"read" the Commissioner ".

{The entry relating to Bengal Regulation 20 of 1825 was Act 10 of 1882.}


{The entry relating to Act 19 of 1853 was Act 1 of 1903.}

XI of 1825

Alluvion and Diluvion

Omit section 1.

In section 3, omit " either " and " or the sea ".

In section 4, clause First, Omit 'whether" and " or of the sea," and for " the provisions of Regulation II, 1819, or of any other Regulation in force," read " any law in force for the time being;" clause Third, omit " or in the sea " and " or sea;" clause Fifth, omit " or the sea ".

In section 5, for " Zillah and City Magis trates " read "Deputy Commissioners".

{Act 20 of 1856 has been repealed in the the U.P.Town Area Act, 1914 (U.P.2 of 1914).}

XX of 1856


In the preamble, after " Bengal " add " and the territories under the adminstration of the Chief Commissioner of Oudh '

Omit the words " of circuit " wherever they occur after " Commissiorler ".

Omit section 40.

XIII of 1857


In the title, after "the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal," read " and the territories under the administration of the Chief Commissioner of Oudh"..{The modification relating to s.2 was Act 12 of 1891.}

In section 3, omit " beingcovenanted servants of the Company

{The entry relating to the Minors Act, 1858 (40 of 1858), was rep.byAct 8 of 1890.}

{Act 22 of 1871 was rep.iql the Act 18 of 1919 and generally by Act 1 of 1938}

X\II of 1871.


In section 1, after "Presidency" inser or territories ".

In section 3, omit the words " of circuit".

Omit section 6.

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