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Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 (13 of 1885) Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - INDIAN TELEGRAPH ACT, 1885
Part I
Section1 - Short title, local extent and commencement
Section2 - Amendment of section 3
Section3 - Definitions
Part II
Section4 - Exclusive privilege in respect of telegraphs, and power to grant licences
Section5 - Power for Government to take possession of licensed telegraphs and to order interception of messages
Section6 - Power to establish telegraph on land of Railway Company
Section6A - Power to notify rates for transmission of messages to countries outside india
Section7 - Power to make rules for the conduct of telegraphs
Section7A - Saving of existing agreements
Section7B - Arbitration of disputes
Section8 - Revocation of licences
Section9 - Government not responsible for loss or damage
Section9A - Establishment of Universal Service Obligation Fund
Section9B - Crediting of sum to Consolidated Fund of India
Section9C - Grants and loans by the Central Government
Section9D - Administration and utilisation of Fund
Part III
Section10 - Power for telegraph authority to place and maintain telegrapli lines and posts
Section11 - Power to enter on property in order to repair or remove telegraph lines or posts
Section12 - Power for local authority to give permission under section 10, clause (c), subject to conditions
Section13 - Power for local authority to require removal or alteration of telegraph line or post
Section14 - Power to alter position of gas or water pipes or drains
Section15 - Disputes between telegraph authority and local authority
Section16 - Exercise of powers conferred by section 10, and disputes as to compensation, in case of property other than that of a local authority
Section17 - Removal or alteration of telegraph line or post, on property other than that of a local authority
Section18 - Removal of trees interrupting telegraphic communication
Section19 - Telegraph lines and posts placed before the passing of this Act
Section19A - Person exercising legal right likely to damage telegraph or interfere with telegraphic communication to give notice
Section19B - Power to confer upon licensee powers of telegraph authority under this Part
Part IV
Section20 - Establishing, maintaining or working unauthorised telegraph
Section20A - Breach of condition of license
Section21 - Using unauthorised telegraphs
Section22 - Opposing establishment of telegraphs on railway land
Section23 - Intrusion into signal-room, trespass in telegraph office or obstruction
Section24 - Unlawfully attempting to learn contents of messages
Section25 - Intentionally damaging or tampering with telegraphs
Section25A - Injury to or interference with a telegraph line or post
Section26 - Telegraph officer or other official making away with or altering, or unlawfully intercepting or disclosing, messages, or divulging purport of signals
Section27 - Telegraph officer fraudulently sending messages without payment
Section28 - Misconduct
Section29 - Omitted
Section29A - Penalty
Section30 - Retaining a message delivered by mistake
Section31 - Bribery
Section32 - Attempts to commit offences
Part V
Section33 - Power to employ additional police in places where mischief to telegraphs is repeatedly committed
Section34 - Application of Act to Presidency-towns
Section35 - Reference to certain laws of Part B States

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