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Charitable Endowments Act, 1890 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - The Charitable Endowments Act, 1890
Section1 - Title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definition
Section3 - Appointment and incorporation of treasurer of Charitable Endowments
Section3A - Definition of "appropriate Government", etc.
Section4 - Orders vesting property in treasurer
Section5 - Schemes for administration of property vested in the treasurer
Section6 - Mode of applying for vesting orders and schemes
Section7 - Exercise by Governor General in Council of Powers of Local Government
Section8 - Bare trusteeship of treasurer
Section9 - Annual publication of list of properties vested in treasurer
Section10 - Limitation of functions and powers of treasurer
Section11 - Provision for continuance of office of treasurer in certain contingencies
Section12 - Transfer of property from one treasurer to another
Section13 - Power to make rules
Section14 - Indemnity to Government and treasurer
Section15 - Saving with respect to Advocate General and Official Trustee
Section16 - General Controlling Authority of Governor General in Council

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