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Delhi and Ajmer Rent Control Act, 1952 [Repealed] Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Section3 - Act not to apply to certain premises
Chapter II
Section4 - Rent in excess of standard rent not recoverable
Section5 - Unlawful charges not to be claimed or received
Section6 - Lawful increases of standard rent
Section7 - Notice of increase of, or addition to, rent
Section8 - Cases in which standard rent may be fixed by court
Section9 - Fixation of interim rent by the court
Section10 - Limitation of liability of middleman
Section11 - Limitation for applications for fixation of standard rent
Section12 - Refund of rent, premium, etc., not recoverable under this Act
Chapter III
Section13 - Protection of a tenant against eviction
Section14 - Recovery of possession for occupation and re-entry
Section15 - Recovery of possession for repairs and re-building and re-entry
Section16 - Recovery of possession in case of tenancies for limited period
Section17 - Special provision for recovery of possession in certain cases
Section18 - Permission to construct additional structures
Section19 - Special provision regarding vacant building sites
Section20 - Sub-tenant to become tenant on determination of tenancy
Section21 - Vacant possession to the landlord
Chapter IV
Section22 - Application of this Chapter
Section23 - Appointment of Controller
Section24 - Fixing of fair rate
Section25 - Revision of fair rate
Section26 - Charges in excess of fair rate not recoverable
Section27 - Provisions relating to inquiries by Controller
Section28 - Recovery of possession by manager of a hotel or the owner of a lodging house
Section29 - Appeals
Section30 - Penalty
Section31 - Controller to be deemed to be public servant
Section32 - Protection of action taken under this Chapter
Chapter V
Section33 - Jurisdiction of courts
Section34 - Appeals
Section35 - Revision and review
Section36 - Limitation
Section37 - Procedure before courts
Chapter VI
Section38 - Act to over-ride other laws
Section39 - Exemption of certain premises from the operation of the Act
Section40 - Landlords duty to keep the premises in good repair
Section41 - Cutting off or withholding essential supply or service
Section42 - Landlords duty to give notice of new constructions to Government
Section43 - Leases of vacant premises to Government
Section44 - Penalties
Section45 - Power to make rules
Section46 - Repeals and savings
Repealing Act1 - DELHI RENT CONTROL ACT, 1958

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