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Registration Act, 1908 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - REGISTRATION ACT, 1908
Part I
Section1 - Short title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Part II
Section3 - Inspector-General of Registration
Section4 - Branch Inspector-General of Sindh (Repealed)
Section5 - Districts and sub-districts
Section6 - Registrars and Sub-Registrars
Section7 - Offices of Registrar and Sub-Registrar
Section8 - Inspectors of Registration offices
Section9 - Military cantonments may be declared sub-districts or districts (Repealed)
Section10 - Absence of Registrar or vacancy in his office
Section11 - Absence of Registrar on duty in his district
Section12 - Absence of Sub-Registrar or vacancy in his office
Section13 - Report to State Government of appointments under sections 10, 11 and 12
Section14 - Establishments of registering officers
Section15 - Seal of registering officers
Section16 - Register-books and fire-proof boxes
Section16A - Keeping of books in computer floppies, diskettes, etc.
Part III
Section17 - Documents of which registration is compulsory
Section18 - Documents of which registration is optional
Section19 - Documents in language not understood by registering officer
Section20 - Documents containing interlineations, blanks, erasures or alterations
Section21 - Description of property and maps or plans
Section22 - Description of houses and land by reference to Government maps or surveys
Part IV
Section23 - Time for presenting documents
Section23A - Re-registration of certain documents
Section24 - Documents executed by several persons at different times
Section25 - Provision where delay in presentation is unavoidable
Section26 - Documents executed out of India
Section27 - Wills may be presented or deposited at any time
Part V
Section28 - Place for registering documents relating to land
Section29 - Place for registering other documents
Section30 - Registration by Registrars in certain cases
Section31 - Registration or acceptance for deposit at private residence
Part VI
Section32 - Persons to present documents for registration
Section32A - Compulsory affixing of photograph, etc.
Section33 - Power-of-attorney recognizable for purposes of section 32
Section34 - Enquiry before registration by registering officer
Section35 - Procedure on admission and denial of execution respectively
Part VII
Section36 - Procedure where appearance of executant or witness is desired
Section37 - Officer or Court to issue and cause service of summons
Section38 - Persons exempt from appearance at registration-office
Section39 - Law as to summonses, commissions and witnesses
Section40 - Persons entitled to present wills and authorities to adopt
Section41 - Registration of wills and authorities to adopt
Part IX
Section42 - Deposit of wills
Section43 - Procedure on deposit of wills
Section44 - Withdrawal of sealed cover deposited under section 42
Section45 - Proceedings on death of depositor
Section46 - Saving of certain enactments and powers of Courts
Part X
Section47 - Time from which registered document operates
Section48 - Registered documents relating to property when to take effect against oral agreements
Section49 - Effect of non-registration of documents required to be registered
Section50 - Certain registered documents relating to land to take effect against unregistered documents
Part XI
Section51 - Register-books to be kept in the several offices
Section52 - Duties of registering officers when document presented
Section53 - Entries to be numbered consecutively
Section54 - Current indexes and entries therein
Section55 - Indexes to be made by registering officers, and their contents
Section56 - Copy of entries in Indexes Nos. I, II and III to be sent by Sub-Registrar to Registrar and filed (Repealed)
Section57 - Registering officers to allow inspection of certain books and indexes, and to give certified copies of entries
Section58 - Particulars to be endorsed on documents admitted to registration
Section59 - Endorsements to be dated and signed by registering officer
Section60 - Certificate of registration
Section61 - Endorsements and certificate to be copied and document returned
Section62 - Procedure on presenting document in language unknown to registering officer
Section63 - Power to administer oaths and record of substance of statements
Section64 - Procedure where document relates to land in several sub-districts
Section65 - Procedure where document relates to land in several districts
Section66 - Procedure after registration of documents relating to land
Section67 - [Omitted]
Section68 - Power of Registrar to superintend and control Sub-Registrars
Section69 - Power of Inspector-General to superintend registration offices and make rules
Section70 - Power of Inspector-General to remit fines
Part XII
Section71 - Reasons for refusal to register to be recorded
Section72 - Appeal to Registrar from orders of Sub-Registrar refusing registration on ground other than denial of execution
Section73 - Application to Registrar where Sub-Registrar refuses to register on ground of denial of execution
Section74 - Procedure of Registrar on such application
Section75 - Order by Registrar to register and procedure thereon
Section76 - Order of refusal by Registrar
Section77 - Suit in case of order of refusal by Registrar
Section78 - Fees to be fixed by State Government
Section79 - Publication of fees
Section80 - Fees payable on presentation
Part XIV
Section81 - Penalty for incorrectly endorsing, copying, translating or registering documents with intent to injure
Section82 - Penalty for making false statements, delivering false copies or translations, false personation, and abetment
Section83 - Registering officers may commence prosecutions
Section84 - Registering officers to be deemed public servants
Part XV
Section85 - Destruction of unclaimed documents
Section86 - Registering officer not liable for thing bona fide done or refused in his official capacity
Section87 - Nothing so done invalidated by defect in appointment or procedure
Section88 - Registration of documents executed by Government officers or certain public functionaries
Section89 - Copies of certain orders, certificates and instruments to be sent to registering officers and filed
Section90 - Exemption of certain documents executed by or in favour of Government
Section91 - Inspection and copies of such documents
Section92 - Burmese registration-rules confirmed (Repealed)
Section93 - Repeals (Repealed)

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