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Explosives Act, 1884 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1884
Section1 - Short title
Section2 - Commencement
Section3 - Repeal of portions of Act 12 of 1875
Section4 - Definitions
Section5 - Power to make rules as to licensing of the manufacture, possession, use, sale, transport, import and export of explosives
Section5A - Persons already in business in respect of certain explosives to carry on such business without licence for a certain period
Section6 - Power for Central Government to prohibit the manufacture, possession or importation of specially dangerous explosives
Section6A - Prohibition of manufacture, possession, sale or transport of explosives by young persons and certain other persons
Section6B - Grant of licences
Section6C - Refusal of licences
Section6D - Licensing authority competent to impose conditions in addition to prescribed conditions
Section6E - Variation, suspension and revocation of licences
Section6F - Appeals
Section7 - Power to make rules conferring powers of inspection, search, seizure, detention and removal
Section8 - Notice of accidents
Section9 - Inquiry into accidents
Section9A - Inquiry into more serious accidents
Section9B - Punishment for certain offences
Section9C - Offences by companies
Section10 - Forfeiture of explosives
Section11 - Distress of air craft or vessel
Section12 - Abetment and attempts
Section13 - Power to arrest without warrant persons committing dangerous offences
Section14 - Saving and power to exempt
Section15 - Saving of Arms Act, 1959
Section16 - Saving as to liability under other law
Section17 - Extension of definition of "explosive" to other explosive substances
Section17A - Power to delegate
Section18 - Procedure for making, publication and confirmation of rules

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