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Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Part I
Section1 - Short title and commencement
Section2 - Application of Act
Section3 - Definition
Section4 - Establishment of National Shipping Board
Section5 - Functions of National Shipping Board
Section6 - Power to make rule in respect of matters in this Part
Part III
Section7 - Director-General of Shipping
Section8 - Mercantile Marine Department
Section9 - Surveyors
Section10 - Radio inspectors
Section11 - Shipping offices
Section12 - Seamen's employment offices
Section13 - Seamen's welfare officers
Section14 - [Omitted]
Section15 - [Omitted]
Section16 - [Omitted]
Section17 - [Omitted]
Section18 - [Omitted]
Section19 - [Omitted]
Section20 - Application of Part
Section21 - Indian ships
Section22 - Obligation to register
Section23 - Ports of registry
Section24 - Registrars of Indian ships
Section25 - Register book
Section26 - Application for registry
Section27 - Survey and measurement of ships before registry
Section28 - Marking of ship
Section29 - Declaration of ownership on registry
Section30 - Evidence on first registgry
Section31 - Entry of particulars in register book
Section32 - Documents to be retained by registrar
Section33 - Power of Central Government to inquire into title of Indian ship to be so registered
Section34 - Grant of certificate of registry
Section35 - Custody and use of certificate
Section36 - Power to grant new certificate when original certificate is defaced, lost, etc.
Section37 - Endorsement on certificate of change of master
Section38 - Endorsement on certificate of change of ownership
Section39 - Delivery of certificate of ship lost or ceasing to be an Indian ship
Section40 - Provisional certificate for ships becoming Indian ships abroad
Section41 - Temporary pass in lieu of certificate of registry
Section42 - Transfer of ships or shares
Section43 - Registry of transfer
Section44 - Transmission of property in Indian ship on death, insolvency, etc.
Section45 - Order for sale where ship has ceased to be an Indian ship
Section46 - Transfer of ship on sale by order of court
Section47 - Mortgage of ship or share
Section48 - Entry of discharge of mortgage
Section49 - Priority of mortgages
Section50 - Mortgagee not deemed to be owner
Section51 - Rights of mortgagee
Section52 - Mortgage not affected by insolvency
Section53 - Transfer of mortgages
Section54 - Transmission of interest in mortgage in certain circumstances
Section55 - Rules as to name of ship
Section56 - Registry of alterations
Section57 - Regulations for registry of alterations
Section58 - Provisional certificate and endorsement where ship is to be registered anew
Section59 - Registry anew on change of ownership
Section60 - Procedure for registry anew
Section61 - Transfer of registry
Section62 - Restrictions on re-registry of abandoned ships
Section63 - National colours for Indian ships
Section64 - Unlawful assumption of Indian character
Section65 - Concealment of Indian, or assumption of foreign, character
Section66 - Indian ships to hoist proper national colours in certain cases
Section67 - National character of ship to be declared before clearance
Section68 - Liabilities of ships not recognised as Indian ships
Section69 - Proceedings on forfeiture of ship
Section70 - Notice of trust not received
Section71 - Liability of owners
Section72 - Evidence of register book, certificate of registry and; other documents
Section73 - Power to register Government ships under this Part
Section74 - Power to make rules in respect of matters in this Part
Section75 to 87 - Masters, mates, engineers, skippers, etc.
Section75 - Application of Part
Section75A - Definitions
Section76 - Certificates of competency to be held by officers of ships
Section77 - When officers deemed duly certificated
Section78 - Grade of certificates of competency
Section79 - Examination for, and grant of certificate
Section80 - Certificates of service of naval officers
Section82 - Record of orders affecting certificates
Section83 - Loss of certificates
Section84 - Production of certificates of competency to shipping master
Section85 - Power to cancel or suspend certificates obtained on false or erroneous information
Section86 - Recognition of certificate of competency or service granted in other countries
Section86A - Foreign ships not to sail without certificated officers
Section87 - Power to make rules
Section87A - Definitions
Section87B - Holders of certificates to serve the Government or in Indian ships for certain period
Section87C - Exemption from section 87B
Section87D - Particulars of certificate, etc. to be furnished
Part VII
Section88 - Power to classify seamen
Section89 - Duties of shipping masters
Section90 - Fees to be paid
Section91 - Assistance for apprenticeship to sea service
Section92 - Special provisions as to apprenticeship to the sea service
Section93 - Manner in which contract is to be recorded
Section94 - Production of contracts to authorised person before voyage in ship
Section95 - Business of seamen's employment offices
Section96 - Supply or engagement of seamen in contravention of Act prohibited
Section97 - Receipt of remuneration, donation, fees, etc., from seamen for shipping them prohibited
Section97A - Prohibition against discrimination
Section98 - Qualification for, and medical examination of, seamen
Section99 - Prohibition of engagement of seamen in Indian port without discharge certificate
Section99A - Prohibition of engagement of seafarer without seafarers identity document
Section100 - Agreements with crew
Section101 - Form and contents of the agreement
Section102 - Engagement of seaman where agreement is made out of India
Section103 - Special provisions with regard to agreements with crew of Indian ships
Section104 - Renewal of running agreements in certain cases
Section105 - Changes in crew to be reported
Section106 - Certificate as to agreement with crew
Section107 - Copy of agreement to be made accessible to the crew
Section108 - Alteration in agreement with the crew
Section109 - Employment of children
Section110 - Engagement of young persons as trimmers or stokers
Section111 - Medical examination of young persons
Section112 - Maintenance of list or register of young persons in a ship
Section113 - Power to make rules respecting employment of young persons
Section114 - Engagements between seamen1 and masters of ships other than Indian ships
Section115 - Power to prohibit engagement of persons as seamen
Section116 - Engagement of seamen outside India for Indian ships
Section117 - Power to board ships and muster seamen
Section118 - Discharge before shipping master
Section119 - Certificate of discharge
Section120 - Certificate as to work of seamen
Section121 - Discharge and leaving behind of seamen by masters of Indian ships
Section122 - Wages and other property of seaman or apprentice left behind
Section123 - Repatriation of seamen or termination of service at foreign port
Section124 - Discharge of seamen on change of ownership
Section125 - Master to deliver account of wages
Section126 - Disrating of seamen
Section127 - Deductions from wages of seamen
Section128 - Payment of wages before shipping master
Section129 - Time of payment of wages
Section130 - Settlement of wages
Section130A - Certain undisbursed amounts to be utilised for welfare of seamen
Section131 - Master to give facilities to seaman for remitting wages
Section132 - Decision of questions by shipping masters
Section133 - Power of shipping master to require production of ship's papers
Section134 - Rule as to payment to seamen in foreign currency
Section135 - Advance of wages
Section136 - Allotment notes respecting seaman's wages
Section137 - Commencement and payment of sums allotted
Section138 - Right to wages and provisions
Section138A - Working hours of seamen
Section139 - Right to recover wages and salvage not to be forfeited
Section140 - Wages not to depend on freight
Section141 - Wages on termination of service by wreck, illness, etc.
Section142 - Wages not to accrue during absence without leave, refusal to work or imprisonment
Section143 - Compensation to seamen for premature discharge
Section144 - Restriction on sale of and charge upon wages
Section145 - Summary proceedings for wages
Section146 - Restrictions on suits for wages
Section147 - Wages not recoverable outside India in certain cases
Section148 - Remedies of master for wages, disbursements, etc
Section149 - Power of Court to rescind contract between master, owner or agent and seaman or apprentice
Section150 - Power to refer disputes between seamen and their employers to tribunals
Section151 - Conditions of service, etc., to remain unchanged during pendency of proceedings before tribunal
Section153 - Master to take charge of the effects of deceased seamen
Section154 - Dealing with and account of property of seamen who die during voyage
Section154 - Master to pay and deliver property of deceased seamen
Section155 - Property of deceased seaman left abroad but not on board ship
Section156 - Dealing with property of deceased seamen
Section157 - Recovery of wages, etc., of seamen lost with their ship
Section158 - Property of seamen dying in India
Section159 - Payment over of property of deceased seamen by shipping master
Section159A - Nomination
Section160 - Disposal of unclaimed property of deceased seamen
Section161 - Relief and maintenance of distressed seamen
Section162 - Mode of providing for return of seamen to proper return port
Section163 - Receiving distressed seamen on ships
Section164 - Provisions as to taking distressed seamen on ships
Section165 - What shall be evidence of distress
Section166 - Indian consular office to decide return port to which or route by which seaman is to be sent
Section167 - Power to make rules with respect to distressed seamen
Section168 - Ships to have sufficient provisions and water
Section169 - Allowances for short or bad provisions
Section170 - Foreign going Indian ship to carry duly certificated cook
Section171 - Weights and measures on board
Section172 - Beddings, towels, medicines, medical stores, etc., to be provided and kept on board certain ships
Section173 - Certain ships to carry medical officer
Section174 - Expenses of medical attendance in case of illness
Section175 - Accommodation for seaman
Section176 - Inspection by shipping master, etc., of provisions, water, weights and measures and accommodation
Section177 - Inspection by master of provisions, water and accommodation at sea
Section177A - Power to make rules to prevent accidents, etc.
Section178 - Meaning of serving seaman
Section179 - Particulars to be furnished in plaints, etc.
Section180 - Notice to be given in case of unrepresented seaman
Section181 - Power to set aside decrees and orders passed against serving seaman
Section182 - Modification of law of limitation where seaman is a party
Section183 - Reference in matters of doubt to shipping masters
Section184 - Facilities for making complaints
Section185 - Assignment or sale of salvage invalid
Section186 - No debt recoverable till end of voyage
Section187 - Seaman's property not to be detained
Section188 - Prohibition against solicitation by lodging house keepers
Section189 - Ship not to be boarded without permission before seamen leave
Section190 - Misconduct endangering life or ship
Section191 - Desertion and absence without leave
Section192 - Power to suspend deserter's certificate of discharge
Section193 - Conveyance of deserter or imprisoned seaman on board ship
Section194 - General offences against discipline
Section195 - Smuggling of goods by seamen or apprentices
Section196 - Entry of offences in official logs
Section197 - Report of desertions and absence without leave
Section198 - Entries and certificates of desertion abroad
Section199 - Facilities for proving desertion in proceedings for forfeiture of wages
Section200 - Application of forfeiture
Section201 - Decision of questions of forfeiture and deduction in suits for wages
Section202 - Payment of fines imposed under agreement to shipping master
Section203 - Seaman or apprentice not to be enticed to desert
Section204 - Deserters not to be harboured
Section205 - Stowaways and seamen carried under compulsion
Section206 - Procedure where seaman not shipped in India is imprisoned on complaint of master or owner
Section207 - Power to send on board seaman not shipped in India who is undergoing imprisonment
Section208 - On change of master, documents to be handed over to successor
Section209 - Transmission of documents on transfer of seaman from one ship to another
Section210 - Leaving behind in India of seaman or apprentice engaged abroad
Section211 - Deserters from foreign ships
Section212 - Official logs to be kept and to be dated
Section213 - Entries in official log books how and when to be made
Section214 - Entries required to be made in official log books
Section215 - Offences in respect of official logs
Section216 - Delivery of official logs to shipping masters
Section217 - Official logs to be sent to shipping master in case of transfer of ship or loss,
Section218 - Functions of National Welfare Board for Seafarers
Section219 - Application of Part
Section220 - No ship to carry passengers without a certificate of survey
Section221 - Power of surveyor
Section222 - Fees in respect of survey
Section223 - Declaration of survey
Section224 - Sending of declaration by owner, agent or master to Central Government
Section225 - Grant of certificate of survey by Central Government
Section226 - Power of Central Government to order a second survey
Section227 - Duration of certificates of survey
Section228 - Cancellation or suspension of certificate of survey by Central Government
Section229 - Alterations in ships subsequent to grant of certificate of survey, and additional surveys,
Section230 - Power to require delivery of expired or cancelled certificate of survey
Section231 - Certificate of survey to be affixed in conspicuous part of ship
Section232 - Ship not to carry passengers in contravention of Act
Section233 - Offences in connection with passenger ships
Section234 - Power to exclude drunken passengers from passenger ships
Section235 - Ships with certificates of survey or certificates of partial survey granted outside India
Section236 - Power to make rules as to surveys
Section237 to 283 - Special trade passenger ships and pilgrim ships
Section237 - Ports or places where special trade passengers or pilgrims may embark or be discharged
Section238 - Notice to be given of day of sailing
Section239 - Power to enter on and inspect ship
Section240 - Ship not to sail without certificates A and B
Section241 - Contents of certificate A
Section242 - Contents of certificate B
Section243 - Officers entitled to grant certificates
Section244 - Survey of ship
Section245 - Discretion as to grant of certificate B
Section246 - Copy of certificate A to be exhibited
Section247 - Special trade passengers or pilgrims to be supplied with prescribed provisions
Section248 - Number of passengers on board not to exceed that allowed by or under this Part
Section249 - Specjal trade passenger or pilgrim not to be landed at a place other than that at which he has contracted to land
Section250 - forwarding of passengers by Indian consular officers
Section251 - Recovery of expenses incurred in forwarding passengers
Section252 - Ship not to make voyage in contravention of contract
Section253 - Information to be sent to ports of embarkation and discharge
Section254 - Reports etc., under section 253 to be admissible in evidence
Section255 - Destination of ship, time of sailing etc., to be advertised
Section256 - Ship taking additional passengers at intermediate place
Section257 - Statements concerning passengers
Section258 - Death of special trade passengers on voyage
Section259 - Certain ships to carry medical officer and attendants
Section260 - Bringing passengers from foreign port in excess of authorised number prohibited
Section261 - Passenger welfare cess
Section261A - Bunks to be provided for passengers
Section261B - Space to be provided for passengers when bunks are not provided
Section261C - Airing space to be provided for passengers
Section262 - Power to make rules as to special trade passenger ships
Section263 - [Omitted]
Section264 - Hospital accommodation
Section265 - [Omitted]
Section266 - [Omitted]
Section267 - [Omitted]
Section268 - [Omitted]
Section269 - [Omitted]
Section270 - Bond where pilgrim ship proceeds on outward voyage
Section271 - Medical inspection and permission required before embarkation of pilgrims
Section272 - Medical inspection after embarkation in certain cases
Section273 - Pilgrims to arrange return passages
Section274 - Issue or production of tickets
Section275 - Refund of passage money and deposits
Section276 - Disposal of unclaimed passage money and deposit
Section277 - Cost of return journey of pilgrims on ships other than those for which return ticket is available
Section278 - Notice of sailing of pilgrim ship
Section279 - Compensation for delay in sailing
Section280 - Substitution of ships
Section281 - Sanitary taxes payable by master of pilgrim ship
Section282 - Powers to make rules relating to pilgrim ships
Part IX
Section283 - Countries to which Load Line Convention or Safety Convention applies
Section283A - Definitions
Section284 - Construction rules
Section285 - Collision regulations
Section286 - Observance of collision regulations
Section287 - Inspectors of lights and shapes and fog and distress signals
Section288 - Power to make rules as to life saving appliances
Section289 - Rules relating to fire appliances
Section290 - Inspection of life saving appliances and fire appliances
Section291 - Radio requirements
Section292 - Radio direction finding apparatus
Section293 - Radio log
Section294 - Powers of radio inspectors
Section295 - Application of this Part to ships other than Indian ships
Section296 - Power to make rules
Section297 - Signalling lamps
Section298 - Information about ship's stability
Section299 to 309A - Safety certificates, safety equipment certificates, safety radio certificates, exemption certificates, etc
Section299 - Safety certificates and qualified safety certificates for passenger ships
Section299 - Safety construction certificates and construction certificates for cargo ships
Section299B - Power to make rules
Section300 - Cargo ship safety equipment and cargo ship equipment certificates for ships other then passenger ships
Section301 - Cargo ship safety radio certificate and qualified cargo ship safety radio certificate etc
Section302 - Exemption certificates
Section303 - Duration of certificates
Section304 - Modification of safety convention certificates as respects life saving appliances
Section305 - Recognition of certificates issued outside India
Section306 - Issue of certificates to foreign ships in India and Indian ships in foreign countries
Section307 - Prohibition on proceeding to sea without certificates
Section308 - Production of certificates by ships other than Indian ships
Section309 - Application of certain sections to certificates
Section309A - Alterations pending issue of a safely convention certificate
Section310 - Ships exempt from provisions relating to load lines
Section311 - Power to make rules as to load lines
Section312 - Marking of deck line and load lines
Section313 - Alterations after survey
Section315 - Submersion of load lines
Section314 - Maintenance of load line marks
Section315 - Inspection of ships with respect to load lines
Section316 - Issue of load line certificates and effect thereof
Section317 - Duration and cancellation of certificates
Section318 - Ships not to proceed to sea without certificate
Section319 - Publication of load line certificate and particulars relating to depth of loading
Section320 - Insertion of particulars as to load lines in agreements with crew
Section321 - Issue to load line certificates to foreign ships in India and Indian ships in foreign countries
Section322 - Recognition of load line certificates issued outside India
Section323 - Inspection and control of Load Line Convention ships other than Indian ships
Section324 - Certificate of Load Line Convention ships other than Indian ships to be produced to customs
Section325 - Marking of deck line and load lines of ships other than Indian ships
Section326 - Submersion of load line of ships other than Indian ships
Section327 - Inspection of ships other than Indian ships belonging to non-Convention countries
Section328 - Load line certificates of ships other than Indian ships
Section329 - Certificates to be produced to customs by ships other than Indian ships registered in ; non-Convention countries
Section330 - Power to make rules as to timber cargo
Section331 - Carriage of dangerous goods
Section331A - Grain loading plan
Section332 - Carriage of grain
Section333 - Submersion of sub-division load lines in case of passenger ships
Section334 - Unseaworthy ship not to be sent to sea
Section335 - Obligation of owner to crew with respect to seaworthiness
Section336 - Power to detain unsafe ship and procedure for detention
Section337 - Liability of Central Government for costs and damage when ship wrongly detained
Section338 - Liability of shipowner for costs when ship rightly detained
Section339 - Method of calculating costs of detention and survey
Section340 - Power to require from complainant security for costs, etc
Section341 - Costs, etc., payable by Central Government recoverable from complainant
Section342 - Application to ships other than Indian ships of provisions as to detention
Section343 - Exemption of ships from certain provisions of this Part
Section344 - Power to make rules respecting certificates under this Part
Section344A - Application of Act to nuclear ships
Section344B - Nuclear passenger ship safety certificates and nuclear cargo ship safety certificates
Section344C - Prohibition of proceeding to sea without certificates
Section344D - Safety assessment and manual
Section344E - Foreign nuclear ships to give advance notice of arrival
Section344F - Control on arrival of nuclear ships
Section344G - Notice of accidents to nuclear ships
Section344H - Application of certain sections to or in relation to certain certificates under Section 344B
Section344J - Application
Section344K - Definitions
Section344L - Ship identification number
Section344M - Security measures
Section344N - Port facility assessment
Section344O - Obligations of companies, etc.
Section344P - Obligations of port facility
Section344Q - International Ship Security Certificate
Section344R - Ship Security Alert System
Section344S - Control measures
Section344T - Power to make rules
Section345 - Division of loss in case of collision
Section346 - Damages for personal injury
Section347 - Right of contribution
Section348 - Duty of master of ship to assist in case of collision
Section349 - Collision to be entered in official log
Section350 - Report to Central Government of accidents to ships
Section351 - Notice of loss of Indian ship to be given to Central Government
Section352 - Definitions
Section352A - Limitation of liability for damages in respect of certain claims
Section352B - Limitation of liability
Section352C - Limitation Fund and consolidation of claims
Section352D - Release of ship, etc.
Section352E - Scope of application
Section352F - Application of this Part to charterer, manager, etc., of a vessel
Section352FA - Power to make rules
Section352G - Application
Section352H - Definitions
Section352I - Liability of owner
Section352J - Limitation of liability
Section352K - Constitution of limitation fund
Section352L - Acquisition of right for compensation by subrogation
Section352M - Consolidation of claim and distribution of fund
Section352N - Compulsory insurance or other financial guarantee
Section352O - Acceptance of certificates issued outside India
Section352P - Ban on entering or leaving an Indian port without certificate
Section352Q - Government ships
Section352R - Power to make rules
Section352S - Definitions
Section352T - Contribution to the Fund
Section352U - Contribution payable by persons to the Fund
Section352V - Power to call for information
Section352W - Liability of the Fund
Section352X - Jurisdiction of Courts
Section352Y - Extinguishment of claims
Section352Z - Subrogation and right of recourse
Section352ZA - Power to make rules
Part XI
Section353 - Method of giving helm orders
Section354 - Duty to report dangers to navigation
Section354A - Communication of intelligence regarding dangers to navigation
Section355 - Obligation to render assistance on receiving signal of distress
Section355A - Obligation to render assistance to persons in danger
Section356 - Power to make rules3 as to signals
Section356A - Application
Section356B - Definitions
Section356C - Issue of pollution prevention certificate
Section356D - Issue of certificates for foreign ships in India and Indian ships in foreign countries
Section356E - Requirement for construction and equipment in ships to prevent pollution
Section356F - Record books
Section356G - Inspection and control of oil tankers and other ships to which this Part applies
Section356H - Information regarding contravention of provisions of Convention
Section356I - Oil reception facilities at ports in India
Section356J - Power to give a notice to owner, etc., of pollution ship
Section356K - Powers to take measures for preventing or containing oil pollution
Section356L - Power of the Central Government to give directions to certain ships to render certain services
Section356M - Oil Pollution cess
Section356N - Refusal of port clearance
Section356O - Power to make rules
Part XII
Section357 - Definition of "coasts"
Section358 - Shipping casualties and report thereof
Section359 - Report of shipping casualties to Central Government
Section360 - Application to court for formal investigation
Section361 - Court empowered to make formal investigation
Section362 - Power of court of investigation to inquire into charges against master, mates and engineers
Section363 - Power of Central Government to direct inquiry into charges of in competency or misconduct
Section364 - Opportunity to be given to person to make defence
Section365 - Power of court as to evidence and regulation of proceedings
Section366 - Assessors
Section367 - Power to arrest witnesses and enter ships
Section368 - Power to commit for trial and bind over witnesses
Section359 - Report by court to Central Government
Section370 - Powers of court as to certificates granted by Central Government
Section371 - Power of court to censure master, mate or engineer
Section372 - Power of court to remove master and appoint new master
Section373 - Convening of Marine Boards outside India
Section374 - Constitution and procedure of Marine Board
Section375 - Decisions of Marine Board to be by majority
Section376 - Powers of Marine Board
Section377 - Powers of Central Government to cancel, suspend, etc., certificate of master, mate or engineer
Section378 - Delivery of Indian certificate cancelled or suspended
Section379 - Effect of cancellation or suspension of certificate
Section380 - Suspended certificate not to be endorsed
Section381 - Power of Central Government to cancel or suspend other certificates
Section382 - Rehearing
Section383 - Constitution of court of survey
Section384 - Appeal from surveyor to court of survey
Section385 - Powers and procedure of court of survey
Section386 - Power to make rules
Section387 - Reference in difficult cases to scientific persons
Section388 - Power to investigate causes of explosion or fire on board ship
Section389 - Report to he made regarding cause of explosion or fire
Section390 - Definition of "coasts"
Section391 - Receivers of wreck
Section392 - Duty of receiver where vessel is in distress
Section393 - Power to pass over adjoining lands
Section394 - Power of receiver of wreck to suppress, plunder and disorder by force
Section395 - Procedure to be observed by persons finding wreck
Section396 - Investigation of certain matters in respect of vessels wrecked, etc.
Section397 - Notice to be given by receiver
Section398 - Immediate sale of wreck by receiver in certain cases
Section399 - Claims of owners to wreck
Section400 - Prohibition of certain acts in respect of wreck
Section401 - Search warrants where wreck is involved
Section402 - Salvage payable for saving life, cargo or wreck
Section403 - Savings
Section404 - Power to make rules respecting wreck and salvage
Section405 - Application of Part
Section406 - Indian ships and chartered ships to be licensed
Section407 - Licensing of ships for coasting trade
Section408 - Revocation or modification of licence
Section409 - Licences to be surrendered when they cease to be valid
Section410 - No port clearance until licence is produced
Section411 - Power to give directions
Section411A - Powers of the Central Government to protect interests of Indian shipping from undue foreign intervention
Section412 - Power to fix shipping rates
Section413 - Power of Director-General to call for information
Section414 - Power to make rules
Part XV
Section415 - Application of Part
Section416 - Decision of question whether a vessel is a sailing vessel
Section417 - Certificate of registry
Section418 - Particulars relating to sailing vessel to be painted
Section419 - Change of name of sailing vessel
Section420 - Prevention of overloading or overcrowding
Section421 - Certificate of inspection
Section422 - Cancellation, re-issue, etc. of certificate of inspection
Section423 - Registry of alterations
Section424 - Transfer of registry
Section425 - Closure of registry
Section426 - Restriction on transfer of sailing vessel
Section427 - Mortgages of sailing vessels,
Section428 - Fraudulent use of certificate of registry or certificate of inspection, etc., prohibited
Section429 - Statement relating to crew of sailing vessel to be maintained
Section430 - Inquiry into jettisoning of cargo
Section431 - Non-Indian sailing vessels not to engage in coasting trade without permission
Section432 - Detention of overloaded non-Indian sailing vessels
Section433 - Power of courts to rescind contracts between owner and tindal
Section434 - Application to sailing vessels of other provisions relating to ships
Section434A - Insurance of members of crew of a sailing vessel
Section434B - Policy of insurance
Section435 - Power to make rules respecting sailing vessels
Section435A - Application of Part
Section435B - Definition
Section435C - Obligation to register
Section435D - Port of registry
Section435E - Registrars of Indian fishing boats
Section435F - Application for registry
Section435G - Certificate of registry
Section435H - Particular relating to Indian fishing boats to be painted
Section435I - Change of name of Indian fishing boat
Section435J - Special provision for Indian fishing boats
Section435K - Certificate of inspection
Section435L - Cancellation, re-issue etc. of certificate of inspection
Section435M - Inspection of safety equipments and appliances
Section435N - Registration of alteration
Section435O - Transfer of registry
Section435P - Closure of registry
Section435Q - Restriction on Transport of Indian fishing boats
Section435R - Mortgage of Indian fishing boats
Section435S - Fraudulent use of certificate of registry or certificate of inspection, etc. prohibited
Section435T - Statement relating to crew of Indian fishing boat to be maintained
Section435U - Power to make rules respecting Indian fishing boats
Section435V - Application to Indian fishing boats of other provisions relating to ships
Section435W - Fishery data to be furnished by Indian fishing boats
Section435X - Power to exempt
Part XVI
Section436 - Penalties
Section437 - Place of trial
Section438 - Cognizance of offences
Section439 - Jurisdiction of Magistrate
Section440 - Special provision regarding punishment
Section441 - Offences by companies
Section442 - Depositions to be received in evidence when witness cannot be produced
Section443 - Power to detain foreign ship that has occasioned damage
Section444 - Power to enforce detention of ship
Section445 - Levy of wages, etc., by distress of movable property or ship
Section446 - Notice to be given to consular representative of proceedings taken in respect of foreign ship
Section447 - Application of fines
Section448 - Service of documents
Section449 - Power to appoint examiners and to make rule as to qualifications of ship surveyors
Section450 - No person to practise as ship surveyor unless qualified
Section451 - Power of ship surveyor to inspect ship
Section452 - Inquiry into cause of death on board Indian ship
Section453 - Certain persons deemed to be public servants
Section454 - Powers of persons authorised to investigate, etc
Section454A - Power to prescribe alternative fittings, etc
Section455 - Exemption of public ships, foreign and Indian
Section456 - Power to exempt
Section457 - General power to make rules
Section458 - Provisions with respect to rules and regulations
Section459 - Power to constitute committees to advise on rules, regulations and scales of fees
Section460 - Protection of persons acting under Act
Section460A - Removal of difficulties
Section461 - Repeals and savings
ScheduleI - SCHEDULE

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