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Religious Endowments Act, 1863 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Section1 - Repeal of parts of Bengal Regulation XIX of 1810 and Madras Regulation VII of 1817
Section2 - Interpretation clause
Section3 - Government to make special provision respecting mosques, etc.
Section4 - Transfer to trustees, etc., of trust-property in charge of Revenue Board
Section5 - Procedure in case of dispute as to right of succession to vacated trusteeship
Section6 - Rights, etc., of trustees to whom property is transferred under section 4
Section7 - Appointment of committees
Section8 - Qualifications of member of committee
Section9 - Tenure of office
Section10 - Vacancies to be filled
Section11 - No member of committee to be also trustee, etc. of mosque, etc.
Section12 - On appointment of committee, Board and local agents to transfer property
Section13 - Duty of trustee, etc., as to accounts
Section14 - Persons interested may singly sue in case of breach of trust, etc.
Section15 - Nature of interest entitling person to sue
Section16 - Reference to arbitrators
Section17 - Reference under Act 10 of 1940
Section18 - Application for leave to institute suits
Section19 - Court may require accounts of trust to be filed
Section20 - Proceedings for criminal breach of trust
Section21 - Cases in which endowments are partly for religious and partly for secular purposes
Section22 - Government not to hold charge henceforth of property for support of any mosque, temple, etc.
Section23 - Effect of Act in respect of Regulations therein mentioned, and of buildings of antiquity, etc.
Section24 - India

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