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Indian Electricity Act, 1910 [Repealed] Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Part I
Section1 - Short title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Part II
Section3 - Grant of licenses
Section4 - Revocation or amendment of licenses
Section4A - Amendment of licenses
Section5 - Provisions where license of a licensee is revoked
Section6 - Purchase of undertakings
Section7 - Vesting of the undertaking in the purchaser
Section7A - Determination of purchase price
Section8 - Provisions where no purchase and license revoked with consent of licensee
Section9 - Licensee not to purchase, or associate himself with, other licensed undertaking or transfer his undertaking
Section10 - General power for Government to vary terms of purchase
Section11 - Annual accounts of licensee
Section12 - Provision as to the opening and breaking up of streets, railways and tramways
Section13 - Notice of new works
Section14 - Alteration of pipes or wires
Section15 - Laying of electric supply-lines or other works near sewers, pipes or other electric supply-lines or works
Section16 - Streets, railways, tramways, sewers, drains or tunnels broken up to be reinstated without delay
Section17 - Notice to telegraph authority
Section18 - Overhead lines
Section19 - Compensation for damage
Section19A - Point where supply is delivered
Section20 - Power for licensee to enter premises and to remove fittings or other apparatus of licensee
Section21 - Restriction on licensees controlling or interfering with use of energy
Section22 - Obligation on licensee to supply energy
Section22A - Powers of State Government to give direction to a licensee in regard to the supply of energy to certain class of consumers
Section22B - Power to control the distribution and consumption of energy
Section23 - Charges for energy to be made without undue preference
Section24 - Discontinuance of supply to consumer neglecting to pay charge
Section25 - Exemption of electric supply-lines or other apparatus from attachment in certain cases
Section26 - Meters
Section27 - Supply of energy outside area of supply
Section27A - Central Transmission Utility
Section27B - State Transmission Utility
Section27C - Grant of transmission license by the Central Government
Section27D - Grant of transmission license by the State Government
Section27E - Modified application of certain sections to transmission license and transmission licensee
Section27F - Laying of certain notification and order, etc.
Part III
Section28 - Sanction required by non-licensees in certain cases
Section29 - Power for non-licensees to break up streets
Section29A - Application of section 18 to over-head lines maintained by railways
Section30 - Control of transmission and use of energy
Part IV
Section31 - Protection of railways, aerodromes, and canals, docks, wharfs and piers
Section32 - Protection of telegraphic, telephonic and electric signalling lines
Section33 - Notice of accidents and inquiries
Section34 - Prohibition of connection with earth and power for Government to interfere in certain cases of default
Section35 - Advisory Board
Section36 - Appointment of Electrical Inspector
Section36A - Central Electricity Board
Section36B - Certain members affected by States' re-organisation to vacate offices
Section37 - Power for Board to make rules
Section38 - Further provisions respecting rules
Section39 - Theft of energy
Section39A - Abetment
Section40 - Penalty for maliciously wasting energy or injuring works
Section41 - Penalty for unauthorised supply of energy by non-licensees
Section41A - Penalty for unauthorised transmission of energy
Section42 - Penalty for illegal or defective supply or for non-compliance with order
Section43 - Penalty for illegal transmission or use of energy
Section44 - Penalty for interference with meters or licensee's works and for improper use of energy
Section45 - Penalty for extinguishing public lamps
Section46 - Penalty for neglecting wasting energy or injuring works
Section47 - Penalty for offences not otherwise provided for
Section48 - Penalties not to affect other liabilities
Section49 - Penalties where works belong to Government
Section49A - Offences by companies
Section50 - Institution of prosecutions
Section51 - Exercise in certain cases of powers of telegraph authority
Section51A - State Government to have powers and obligations of a licensee under this Act
Section52 - Arbitration
Section53 - Service of notices, orders or documents
Section54 - Recovery of sums recoverable under certain provisions of Act
Section55 - Delegation of certain functions of State Government to Electrical Inspectors
Section56 - Protection for acts done in good faith
Section57 - Amendments of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894
Section58 - Repeals and savings
ScheduleI - SCHEDULE
Repealing Act1 - ELECTRICITY ACT, 2003

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