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Northern India Canal and Drainage Act, I873 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Part I
Section1 - Short title
Section2 - [Repealed]
Section3 - Interpretation clause
Section4 - Power to appoint officers
Part II
Section5 - Notification to issue when water supply is to be applied for public purposes
Section6 - Power of cancel officer
Section7 - Notice as to claims for compensation
Section8 - Damage for which compensation shall not be awarded
Section9 - Limitation of claims
Section10 - Enquiry into claims and amount of compensation
Section11 - Abatement of rent on interruption of water supply
Section12 - Enhancement of rent on restoration of water supply
Section13 - Compensation when due
Part III
Section14 - Power to entre and survey etc
Section15 - Power to enter for repairs and to prevent accidents
Section16 - Application by persons desiring to use canal water
Section17 - Government to provide means of crossing canals
Section18 - Persons using water course to construct works for passing water across roads, etc
Section19 - Adjustment of claims between persons jointly using water course
Section20 - Supply of water through intervening water-course
Section21 - Application for construction of new water-course
Section22 - Procedure of canal officer thereupon
Section23 - Application for transfer of existing water-course
Section24 - Objections to construction or transfer applied for
Section25 - When applicant may be placed in occupation
Section26 - Procedure when objection is held valid
Section27 - Procedure when Canal-officer disagrees with Collector
Section28 - Expenses to be paid by applicant before receiving occupation
Section29 - Conditions binding on applicant placed in occupation
Section30 - Procedure applicable to occupation for extensions and alterations
Part IV
Section31 - In absence of written contract water-supply to be subject to rules
Section32 - Conditions as to
Part V
Section33 - Liability when person using unauthorisedly cannot be identified
Section34 - Liability when water runs to waste
Section35 - Charges recoverable in addition to penalties
Section36 - Charge on occupier for water, how determined
Section37 - Owners rate
Section38 - Amount of owners rate
Section39 - Owners rate, when not chargeable
Section40 - When occupier is to pay both owners rate and occupiers rate
Section41 - Power to make rules for apportioning owners rate
Section42 - Power to make rules for apportioning owners rate
Section43 - Effect of introduction of canal irrigation of landlords right to enhance
Section44 - Water-rate by whom payable when charged on land held by several owners
Section45 - Certified dues recoverable as land-revenue
Section46 - Power to contract for collection of canal-dues
Section47 - Lambardars may be required to collect canal-dues
Section48 - Fines excluded from sections 45, 46, 47
Part VI
Section49 - Detainer of vessels violating rules
Section50 - Recovery of fines for offences in navigating canals
Section51 - Power to seize and detain vessel on failure to pay charges
Section52 - Power to seize cargo or goods, if charges due thereon are not paid
Section53 - Procedure for recovery of such charges after seizure
Section54 - Procedure in respect of vessels abandoned and goods unclaimed
Part VII
Section55 - Power to prohibit obstructions or order their removal
Section56 - Power to remove obstructions after prohibition
Section57 - Preparation of schemes for works of improvement
Section58 - Power of persons employed on such schemes
Section59 - Rate on lands benefited by works
Section60 - Recovery of rate
Section61 - Disposal of claims to compensation
Section62 - Limitation of such claims
Section63 - Definition of labour
Section64 - Power to prescribe number of labourers to be supplied by persons benefited by canal
Section65 - Procedure for obtaining labour for works urgently required
Section66 - Liability of labourers under requisition
Part IX
Section67 - Jurisdiction under this Act of Civil Courts
Section68 - Settlement of differences as to mutual rights and liabilities of persons interested in water-course
Section69 - Power to summon and examine witnesses
Part X
Section70 - Offences under Act
Section71 - Saving of prosecution under other laws
Section72 - Compensation to person injured
Section73 - Power to arrest without warrant
Section74 - Definition of canal
Part XI
Section75 - Power to make, alter and cancel rules

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