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Tea Act, 1953 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - TEA ACT, 1953
Chapter I
Section1 - Short Title, Extent And Commencement
Section2 - Declaration As To Expediency Of Control By The Union
Section3 - Definitions
Chapter II
Section4 - Establishment And Constitution Of The Tea Board
Section5 - Vacancies, Etc., Not To Invalidated Acts And Proceedings
Section6 - Salary And Allowances Of Chairman
Section7 - Vice-Chairman
Section8 - Executive And Other Committees
Section9 - Secretary And Staff
Section10 - Functions Of The Board
Section11 - Dissolution Of The Board
Chapter III
Section12 - Method Of Control Of Extension Of Tea Cultivation
Section13 - Limitations To The Extension Of Tea Cultivation
Section14 - Grant Of Permission To Plant Tea
Section15 - Grant Of Permission To Plant Tea In Special Circumstances
Section16 - Tea Nurseries
Section16A - Definitions
Section16B - Power To Cause Investigation To Be Made In Relation To A Tea Undertaking Or Tea Unit
Section16C - Power Of Central Government On Completion Of Investigation
Section16D - Power Of Central Government To Assume Management Or Control Of Tea Undertaking Or Tea Unit In Certain Cases
Section16E - Power To Take Over Tea Undertaking Or Tea Unit Without Investigation Under Certain Circumstances
Section16F - Contracts In Bad Faith, Etc. May Be Cancelled Or Varied
Section16G - Application Of Act 1 Of 1955
Section16H - Power Of Central Government To Cancel Notified Order Under Section 16d Or 16E
Section16I - Power Of Central Government To Authorise, With The Permission Of The Court Persons To Take Over Management Or Control Of Tea Undertakings Or Tea Units
Section16J - Power Of Central Government To Make Certain Declarations In Relation To Tea Undertakings Or Tea Units
Section16K - Power Of Central Government To Call For Report On The Affairs And Working Of A Managed Tea Undertaking Or Tea Unit
Section16L - Preparation Of An Inventory Of The Assets And Liabilities And List Of Members And Creditors Of Managed Tea Undertaking Or Tea Unit
Section16LL - Debts Incurred And Investments Made By The Authorised Person To Have Priority
Section16M - Bar Of Suits And Other Proceedings In Relation To The Tea Undertakings Or Tea Unit
Section16N - Rules Made Under Act 65 Of 1951 To Apply
Section17 - Control Of Export Of Tea And Tea Seed
Section18 - Tea Or Tea Seed For Export To Be Covered By Licence Or Permit
Section19 - Export Allotment
Section20 - Export Quotas And Licences
Section21 - Right To Export Licences
Section22 - Special Export Licences
Section23 - Board To Maintain Accounts Of Quotas
Section24 - Limitation Of Application Of Chapter
Chapter V
Section25 - Imposition Of Cess On Tea Produced In India
Section26 - Payment Of Proceeds Of Cess To The Board
Section26A - Grants And Loans By The Central Government To The Board
Section27 - Constitution Of Fund
Section28 - Borrowing Powers Of Board
Section28a - Writing Off Of LosseSection
Section29 - Accounts And Audit
Chapter VI
Section30 - Power To Control Price And Distribution Of Tea Or Tea Waste
Section31 - General Control Over Acts And Proceedings Of The Board
Section32 - Appeal to Central Government
Chapter VII
Section33 - Licensing Of Brokers, Tea Manufacturers, Etc.
Section34 - Power Of Inspection
Section35 - Power Of Board To Call For Returns
Section36 - Penalty For Illicit Export
Section37 - Penalty For Making False Return
Section38 - Penalty For Obstructing An Officer Or Member Of The Board In The Discharge Of His Duties And For Failure To Produce Books And Records
Section39 - Penalty For Illicit Cultivation
Section40 - Removal Of Tea Planted Without Permission
Section41 - Penalty For Contravention Of Order Relating To Control Of Price And Distribution
Section42 - Other Penalties
Section43 - Offences By Companies
Section44 - Jurisdiction Of Courts
Section45 - Previous Sanction Of Central Government For Prosecution
Section46 - Protection Of Action Taken In Good Faith
Section47 - Power To Delegate
Section48 - Suspension Of Operation Of Act
Section49 - Power Of Central Government To Make Rules
Section50 - Power Of Board To Make By-Laws
Section51 - Repeals And Savings
Amending Act1 - TEA (AMENDMENT) ACT, 1954
Amending Act2 - TEA (SECOND AMENDMENT) ACT, 1954

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