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Provincial Insolvency Act, 1920 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Section1 - Short title and extent
Section2 - Definitions
Part I
Section3 - Insolvency jurisdiction
Section4 - Power of Court to decide all questions arising in insolvency
Section5 - General powers of Courts
Part II
Section6 - Act of insolvency
Section7 - Petition and adjudication
Section8 - Exemption of corporation, etc., from insolvency proceedings
Section9 - Conditions on which creditor may petition
Section10 - Conditions on which debtor may petition
Section11 - Court to which petition shall be presented
Section12 - Verification of petition
Section13 - Contents of petition
Section14 - Withdrawal of petitions
Section15 - Consolidation of petitions
Section16 - Power to change carriage of proceedings
Section17 - Continuance of proceedings on death of debtor
Section18 - Procedure for administration of petition
Section19 - Procedure on admission of petition
Section20 - Appointment of interim receiver
Section21 - Interim proceedings against debtor
Section22 - Duties of debtors
Section23 - Release of debtor
Section24 - Procedure at hearing
Section25 - Dismissal of petition
Section26 - Award of compensation
Section27 - Order of adjudication
Section28 - Effect of an order of adjudication
Section28A - Insolvent's property to comprise certain capacity
Section29 - Stay of pending proceeding
Section30 - Publication of order of adjudication
Section31 - Protection of order
Section32 - Power to arrest after adjudication
Section33 - Schedule of creditors
Section34 - Debts provable under the Act
Section35 - Power to annul adjudication of insolvency
Section36 - Power to cancel one of concurrent orders of adjudication
Section37 - Proceedings on annulment
Section38 - Compositions and schemes of arrangement
Section39 - Order on approval
Section40 - Power to re-adjudge debtor insolvent
Section41 - Discharge
Section42 - Cases in which Court must refuse an absolute discharge
Section43 - Adjudication to be annulled on failure to apply for discharge
Section44 - Effect of order of discharge
Part III
Section45 - Debt payable at a future time
Section46 - Mutual dealings and setoff
Section47 - Secured creditors
Section48 - Interest
Section49 - Mode of proof
Section50 - Disallowance and reduction of entries in schedule
Section51 - Restriction of rights of creditor under execution
Section52 - Duties of Court executing decree as to property taken in execution
Section53 - Avoidance of voluntary transfer
Section54 - Avoidance of preference in certain cases
Section54A - By whom petitions for annulment may be made
Section55 - Protection of bona fide transactions
Section56 - Appointment of Receiver
Section57 - Power to appoint Official Receivers
Section58 - Powers of Court if no receiver appointed
Section59 - Duties and powers of receiver
Section59A - Power to require information regarding insolvent's property
Section60 - Special provisions in regard to immovable property
Section61 - Priority of debts
Section62 - Calculation of dividends
Section63 - Right of creditor who has not proved debt before declaration of a dividend
Section64 - Final dividend
Section65 - No suit for dividend
Section66 - Management by and allowance to insolvent
Section67 - Right of insolvent to surplus
Section67A - Committee of inspection
Section68 - Appeal to Court against receiver
Part IV
Section69 - Offences by debtors
Section70 - Procedure on charge under section 69
Section71 - Criminal liability after discharge or composition
Section72 - Undischarged insolvent obtaining credit
Section73 - Disqualifications of insolvent
Part V
Section74 - Summary administration
Part VI
Section75 - Appeals
Part VII
Section76 - Costs
Section77 - Courts to be auxiliary to each other
Section78 - Limitation
Section79 - Power to make rules
Section80 - Delegation of powers to Official Receivers
Section81 - Power of State Government to bar application of certain provisions to certain Courts
Section82 - Savings
Section83 - Repeals
Schedule1 - SCHEDULE
Schedule2 - SCHEDULE
Schedule3 - SCHEDULE

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