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Coking Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act, 1972 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title and commencement
Section2 - Declaration as to the policy of the State
Section3 - Definitions
Chapter II
Section4 - Acquisition of right in coking coal mines
Section5 - Acquisition of rights of owners of coke oven plants
Section6 - Central Government to be the lessee of the State Government
Section7 - Power of Central Government to direct vesting rights in a Government company
Section8 - Properties vesting in Central Government to be freed from mortgages, etc
Section9 - Central Government not to be liable for prior liabilities
Chapter III
Section10 - Payment of amount to owners of coking coal mines
Section11 - Payment of amount to owners of coke oven plants
Section12 - Payment of further amount
Section12A - Workers' dues to be paid out of the amount
Section13 - Income derived by the owners of coking coal mines and coke oven plants after the appointed day to be refunded to the Central Government
Chapter IV
Section14 - Management, etc., of coking coal mines and coke oven plants
Section15 - Duty of persons in charge of management of coking coal mines or coke oven plants to deliver all assets, etc
Section16 - Accounts and audit
Chapter V
Section17 - Liability of officer or other employee of a coking coal mine or coke oven plant for transfer to any other coking coal mine or coke oven plant
Section18 - Provident fund
Section19 - Superannuation, welfare and other funds
Chapter VI
Section20 - Commissioner of payments to be appointed
Section21 - Payment by the Central Government to the Commissioner
Section22 - Statement of accounts in relation to the period of management by the Central Government, etc
Section22A - Validation of certain collections
Section23 - Claims to be made to the Commissioner
Section23A - Application of sections 5 and 12 of the Limitation Act
Section24 - Disbursement of money by the Commissioner
Section24A - Interest on admitted claims
Section25 - Recovery of excess payments made by Central Government or Custodian
Section25A - Notice to owners of coking coal mines or coke oven plants and managing contractors, etc
Section26 - Disputes how to be dealt with
Section27 - Undisbursed or unclaimed amounts to be deposited to the general revenue account
Chapter VII
Section28 - Effect of Act on other laws
Section29 - Contracts cease to have effect unless ratified by the Central Government
Section30 - Penalties
Section31 - Offences by companies
Section32 - Mining companies not to be wound up by court
Section33 - Delegationof powers
Section34 - Power to make rules
Section35 - Power to remove difficulties
Section36 - Coking coal mines to which the Act shall not apply

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