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Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Section3 - Duties of persons having charge of animals
Section4 - Establishment of Animal Welfare Board of India
Section5 - Constitution of the Board
Section5A - Reconstitution of the Board
Section6 - Term of office and conditions of service of members of the Board
Section7 - Secretary and other employees of the Board
Section8 - Funds of the Board
Section9 - Functions of the Board
Section10 - Power of Board to make regulations
Section11 - Treating animals cruelly
Section12 - Penalty of practising phooka or doom dev
Section13 - Destruction of suffering animals
Chapter IV
Section14 - Experiments on animals
Section15 - Committee for control and supervision of experiments on animals
Section15A - Sub-committees
Section16 - Staff of the Committee
Section17 - Duties of the Committee and power of the Committee to make rules relating to experiments on animals
Section18 - Power of entry and inspection
Section19 - Power to prohibit experiments on animals
Section20 - Penalties
Chapter V
Section21 - "Exhibit" and "train" defined
Section22 - Restriction on exhibition and training of performing animals
Section23 - Procedure for registration
Section24 - Power of court to prohibit or restrict exhibition and training of performing animals
Section25 - Power to enter premises
Section26 - Offences
Section27 - Exemptions
Chapter VI
Section28 - Saving as respects manner of killing prescribed by religion
Section29 - Power of court to deprive person convicted of ownership of animal
Section30 - Presumption as to guilt in certain cases
Section31 - Cognizability of offences
Section32 - Powers of search and seizure
Section33 - Search warrants
Section34 - General power of seizure for examination
Section35 - Treatment and care of animals
Section36 - Limitation of prosecutions
Section37 - Delegation of powers
Section38 - Power to make rules
Section38A - Rules and regulations to be laid before Parliament
Section39 - Persons authorised under section 34 to be public servants
Section40 - Indemnity
Section41 - Repeal of Act 11 of 1890

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