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Indian Post Office Act, 1898 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - INDIAN POST OFFICE ACT, 1898
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title, extent, application and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Section3 - Meanings of "in course of transmission by post" and "delivery"
Chapter II
Section4 - Exclusive privilege of conveying letters reserved to the Government
Section5 - Certain persons expressly forbidden to convey letters
Section6 - Exemption from liability for loss, misdelivery, delay or damage
Chapter III
Section7 - Power to fix rates of inland postage
Section8 - Power to make rules as to payment of postage and fees in certain cases
Section9 - Power to make rules as to registered newspapers
Section10 - Power to declare rates of foreign postage
Section11 - Liability for payment of postage
Section12 - Recovery of postage and other sums due in respect of postal articles
Section13 - Customs duty paid by the post office to be recoverable as postage
Section14 - Post Office marks prima facie evidence of certain facts denoted
Section15 - Official mark to be evidence of amount of postage
Chapter IV
Section16 - Provision of postage stamps and power to make rules as to them
Section17 - Postage stamps to be deemed to be stamps for the purpose of revenue
Chapter V
Section18 - Redelivery to sender of postal article in course of transmission by post
Section19 - Transmission by post of anything injurious prohibited
Section19A - Transmission by post of tickets, proposals, etc., relating to unauthorised lotteries prohibited
Section20 - Transmission by post of anything indecent, etc., prohibited
Section21 - Power to make rules as to transmission by post of postal articles
Section22 - Power to postpone despatch or delivery of certain postal articles
Section23 - Power to deal with postal articles posted in contravention of Act
Section24 - Power to deal with postal articles containing goods contraband or liable to duty
Section24A - Power to deliver such articles to Customs authority
Section25 - Power to intercept notified goods during transmission by post
Section26 - Power to intercept postal articles for public good
Section27 - Power to deal with postal articles from abroad bearing fictitious or previously used stamps
Section27A - Prohibition of transmission by post of certain newspapers
Section27B - Power to detain newspapers and other articles being transmitted by post
Section27C - Procedure for disposal by High Court of applications for release of newspapers and articles so detained
Section27D - Jurisdiction barred
Chapter VI
Section28 - Registration of postal articles
Section29 - Power to make rules as to registration
Section30 - Insurance of postal articles
Section31 - Power to require insurance of postal articles
Section32 - Power to make rules as to insurance
Section33 - Liability in respect of postal articles insured
Section34 - Transmission by post of value-payable postal articles
Section35 - Power to make rules as to value-payable postal articles
Section36 - Power to give effect to arrangements with other countries
Chapter VII
Section37 - Power to make rules as to disposal of undelivered postal articles
Section38 - Disposal of undelivered postal articles at office of Post Master General
Section39 - Final disposal of undelivered postal articles
Chapter VIII
Section40 - Duty of master of ship, departing from any port in India and not being a mail ship, to convey mail bags
Section41 - Duty of master of ship arriving at any port in India in respect of postal articles and mail bags on board
Section42 - Allowance of gratuities for conveyance of postal articles by ships other than mail ships
Chapter IX
Section43 - Power to maintain money order system and (o make rules as to remittances thereby
Section44 - Power for remitter to recall money order or alter name of payee
Section45 - Power to provide for the issue of postal orders
Section46 - Power to give effect to arrangements with other countries
Section47 - Recovery of money order paid to the wrong person
Section48 - Exemption from liability in respect of money orders
Chapter X
Section49 - Penalty for misconduct of person employed to carry or deliver mail bags or postal articles
Section50 - Penalty for voluntary withdrawal from duly, without permission or notice, of person employed to carry or deliver mail bags or postal articles
Section51 - Penalty for making false entry in register kept by person employed to carry or deliver any postal articles
Section52 - Penalty for theft, dishonest misappropriation, secretion, destruction, or throwing away of postal articles
Section53 - Penalty for opening, detaining or delaying postal articles
Section54 - Penalty for fraud in connection with official marks and for receipt of excess postage
Section55 - Penalty for fraudulently preparing, altering secreting or destroying Post Office documents
Section56 - Penalty for fraudulently sending unpaid postal articles
Section57 - Punishment of offences committed in a tribal area, Acceding State or other Indian State[Repealed]
Section58 - Penalty for contravention of section 4
Section59 - Penalty for contravention of section 5
Section60 - Penalty for breach of rules under section 16
Section61 - Penalty for contravention of section 19, 19A or 20
Section62 - Penalty for defiling or injuring post office letter-boxes
Section63 - Penalty for affixing without authority thing to, or painting, tarring or disfiguring, post office or post office letter-box
Section64 - Penalty for making false declaration
Section65 - Penalty for master of ship failing to comply with the provisions of section 40 or 41
Section66 - Penalty for detention of letters on board vessel arriving in port
Section67 - Penalty for detaining mails or opening mail bag
Section68 - Penalty for retaining postal articles wrongly delivered or mail bags
Section69 - Penalty for unlawfully diverting letters
Section70 - Penalty for abetting or attempting to commit, offences under Act
Section71 - Property in cases of offences to be laid in the Post Office
Section72 - Authority for prosecutions under certain sections of Act
Chapter XI
Section73 - Zamindari and other district posts
Section74 - General power to make rules and provisions as to rules under Act
Section75 - Delegation of powers, other than rule-making powers to Director General
Section76 - [Repeal]
Section77 - Saving [Repealed]

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