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Punjab Laws Act, 1872 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - PUNJAB LAWS ACT, 1872
Section1 - Short title
Section2 - Local extent
Section3 - Enactments in force
Section4 - Enactments repealed
Section5 - Decisions in certain cases to be according to Native law
Section6 - Decisions cases not specially provided for
Section7 - Local customs and mercantile usages when vaild
Section8 - [Repealed]
Section8A - [Repealed]
Section8B - [Repealed]
Section8C - [Repealed]
Section9 - [Repealed]
Section10 - [Repealed]
Section11 - [Repealed]
Section12 - [Repealed]
Section13 - [Repealed]
Section14 - [Repealed]
Section15 - [Repealed]
Section16 - [Repealed]
Section17 - [Repealed]
Section18 - [Repealed]
Section19 - [Repealed]
Section20 - [Repealed]
Section21 - Copy of decrees affecting land to be forwarded to Deputy Commissioner. [Repealed]
Section22 - [Repealed]
Section23 - [Repealed]
Section24 - [Repealed]
Section25 - [Repealed]
Section26 - [Repealed]
Section27 - [Repealed]
Section28 - [epealed]
Section29 - [Repealed]
Section30 - [Repealed]
Section31 - [Repealed]
Section32 - [Repealed]
Section33 - Saving of previous insolvency proceedings. [Repealed]
Section34 - [Repealed]
Section35 - [Repealed]
Section36 - [Repealed]
Section37 - [Repealed]
Section38 - [Repealed]
Section39 - Indian Penal Code to apply to offences committed previous to 1st January, 1862
Section39A - Power to establish system of village-watchmen and municipal-watchmen, and to make rules
Section39B - Obligation to assist watchmen and headmen
Section39C - Power to direct local taxation for payment of police enrolled under Act 5 of 1861
Section39D - Notice of taxes proposed to be leived
Section39E - Power to fix rates of tax
Section39F - Power to make rules for collection of taxes
Section39G - Validation clause. [Repealed]
Section40 - State Government may confer powers of police officers
Section41 - Trackers may call for assistance in carrying on tracks
Section42 - Penalty for withholding assistance or conniving at offence or escape
Section43 - Control of slaughter of kine and sale of beef
Section44 - Control of entry into towns of bands of armed man
Section45 - Powers of Magistrate of district as to foreign vagrants
Section46 - Surveillance, etc., of band failing to comply with Magistrates order
Section47 - Crossing of streams on buoys or skins
Section48 - Use of pasturage or natural product of Government land
Section49 - Growing, selling or keeping opium. [Repealed]
Section50 - Power to make rules as to matters mentioned in sections 43 to 48
Section50A - Conditions of validity of rules hereafter made under this Act
Section50B - Penalties for breach of such rules
Section51 - Republication of rules and orders
Section52 - Recovery of advances made by Government. [Repealed]
Amending ActI - Amendment Act (12 of 1878) No. 1

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