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States Reorganisation Act 1956 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Part I
Section1 - Short title
Section2 - Definitions
Part II
Section3 - Transfer of territory from Hyderabad to Andhra and alteration of name
Section4 - Transfer of territory from Travancore-Cochin to Madras
Section5 - Formation of Kerala State
Section6 - Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands2
Section7 - Formation of a new Mysore State
Section8 - Formation of a new Bombay State
Section9 - Formation of a new Madhya Pradesh State
Section10 - Formation of a new Rajasthan State
Section11 - Formation of a new Punjab State
Section12 - Amendment of the First Schedule to the Constitution
Section13 - Saving powers of State Governments
Part III
Section14 - Definitions Omitted
Section15 - Establishment of Zonal Councils
Section16 - Composition of the Councils
Section17 - Meetings of the Councils
Section18 - Power to appoint Committee
Section19 - Staff of the Council
Section20 - Office of the Council
Section21 - Functions of the Councils
Section22 - Joint meetings of Zonal Councils
Part IV
Section23 - Amendment of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution
Section24 - Allocation of sitting members in the Council of States
Section25 - Bye-elections to fill vacancies
Section26 - Term of office of members
Section27 - Provision as to existing House
Section28 - Changes in composition and allocation of sitting members
Section29 - Special provision for elections to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
Section30 - Duration of Legislative Assemblies
Section31 - Speakers and Deputy Speakers
Section32 - Rules of procedure
Section33 - Madhya Pradesh Legislative Council
Section34 - Bombay Legislative Council
Section35 - Madras Legislative Council
Section36 - Mysore Legislative Council
Section37 - Punjab Legislative Council
Section38 - Chairman and Deputy Chairman
Section39 - Rules of procedure
Section40 - Allocation of seats in the House of the People and assignment of seats to the State Legislative Assemblies
Section41 - Modification of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders
Section42 - Determination of population of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Section43 - Constitution of Delimitation Commission
Section44 - Duties of the Commission
Section45 - Associate members
Section46 - Casual vacancies
Section47 - Procedure as to delimitation
Section48 - Special provision as to certain elections
Part V
Section49 - High Courts for the new States
Section50 - Abolition of certain courts
Section51 - Principal seat and other places of sitting of High Courts for new States
Section52 - Jurisdiction of High Courts for new States
Section53 - Power to enrol advocates, etc
Section54 - Practice and procedure
Section55 - Custody of seal of the High Court
Section56 - Form of writs and other processes
Section57 - Powers of Judges
Section58 - Procedure as to appeals to the Supreme Court
Section59 - Transfer of proceedings to Bombay High Court
Section60 - Extension of jurisdiction of, and transfer of proceedings to, Kerala High Court
Section61 - Transfer of proceedings to Madhya Pradesh High Court
Section62 - Transfer of proceedings to Mysore High Court
Section63 - Transfer of proceedings to Punjab High Court
Section64 - Transfer of proceedings to Rajasthan High Court
Section65 - High Court of Andhra Pradesh
Section66 - High Court for the areas added to Madras
Section67 - Right to appear or act in proceedings transferred to other High Courts
Section68 - Interpretation
Section69 - Savings
Part VI
Section70 - Authorisation of expenditure of new States
Section71 - Appropriation of moneys for expenditure in transferred territories under existing Appropriation Acts
Section72 - Reports relating to the accounts of certain States
Section73 - Allowances and privileges of Governors of certain States
Section74 - Distribution of revenues
Part VII
Section75 - Application of Part
Section76 - Land and goods
Section77 - Treasury and bank balances
Section78 - Arrears of taxes
Section79 - Right to recover loans and advances
Section80 - Credits in certain funds
Section81 - Assets and liabilities of State undertakings
Section82 - Public debt
Section83 - Refund of taxes collected in excess
Section84 - Deposits
Section85 - Provident funds
Section86 - Pensions
Section87 - Contracts
Section88 - Liability in respect of actionable wrong
Section89 - Liability as guarantor of co-operative society
Section90 - Items in suspense
Section91 - Residuary provision
Section92 - Power of the Central Government to order allocation or adjustment in certain cases
Section93 - Certain expenditure to be charged on the Consolidated Fund
Section94 - Definitions
Section95 - Passing of certain assets and liabilities of the Union to successor States
Section96 - Arrears of taxes
Section97 - Loans and advances
Section98 - Debts due to Central Government
Section99 - Provident Fund
Section100 - Pensions
Section101 - Contracts
Part IX
Section102 - Provision as to certain State Financial Corporations
Section103 - Provisions as to the Madras Industrial Investment Corporations
Section104 - Amendment of Act 2 of 1934
Section105 - Amendment of Act 6 of 1942
Section106 - Provision as to certain State Electricity Boards and apportionment of their assets and liabilities
Section107 - Continuance of arrangements in regard to generation and supply of electric power and supply of water
Section108 - Continuance of agreements and arrangements relating to certain irrigation, power or multipurpose projects
Section109 - General provision as to statutory corporations
Section110 - Temporary provisions as to the continuance of certain existing road transport permits
Section111 - Special provision relating to retrenchment compensation in certain cases
Section112 - Provision as to the Devaswom Surplus Fund of Travancore
Section113 - Continuance of facilities in certain State institutions
Part X
Section114 - Provisions relating to All India Services
Section115 - Provisions relating to other services
Section116 - Provision as to continuance of officers in the same posts
Section117 - Power of Central Government to give directions
Section118 - Provisions as to State Public Service Commissions
Part XI
Section119 - Territorial extent of laws
Section120 - Power to adapt laws
Section121 - Power to construe laws
Section122 - Power to name authorities, etc., for exercising statutory functions
Section123 - Legal proceedings
Section124 - Right of pleaders to practise in certain courts
Section125 - Provisions as to certain pending proceedings
Section126 - Declaration of certain ancient monuments, etc., in Part C States to he of national importance
Section127 - Effect of the provisions of the Act inconsistent with other laws
Section128 - Power to remove difficulties
Section129 - Power to make rules
Section130 - Repeal of Act 49 of 1951

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