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Indian Trusts Act, 1882 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - INDIAN TRUSTS ACT, 1882
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title, Commencement
Section2 - Repeal of enactments
Section3 - Interpretation-clause
Chapter II
Section4 - Lawful purpose
Section5 - Trust of immovable property
Section6 - Creation of trust
Section7 - Who may create trusts
Section8 - Subject of trust
Section9 - Who may be beneficiary
Section10 - Who may be trustee
Chapter III
Section11 - Trustee to execute trust
Section12 - Trustee to inform himself of state of trust-property
Section13 - Trustee to protect title to trust-property
Section14 - Trustee not to set up title adverse to beneficiary
Section15 - Care required from trustee
Section16 - Conversion of perishable property
Section17 - Trustee to be impartial
Section18 - Trustee to prevent waste
Section19 - Accounts and information
Section20 - Investment of trust-money
Section20A - Power to purchase redeemable stock at a premium
Section21 - Mortgage of land pledged to Government under Act 26 of 1871. Deposit in Government Savings Bank
Section22 - Sale by trustee directed to sell within specified time
Section23 - Liability for breach of trust
Section24 - No set-off allowed to trustee
Section25 - Non-liability for predecessor's default
Section26 - Non-liability for co-trustee's defaults
Section27 - Several liability of co-trustees
Section28 - Non-liability of trustee paying without notice of transfer by beneficiary
Section29 - Liability of trustee where beneficiary's interest is forfeited to Government
Section30 - Indemnity of trustees
Chapter IV
Section31 - Right to title-deed
Section32 - Right to reimbursement of expenses
Section33 - Right to indemnity from gainer by breach of trust
Section34 - Right to apply to court for opinion in management of trust-property
Section35 - Right to settlement of accounts
Section36 - General authority of trustee
Section37 - Power to sell in lots and either by public auction or private contract
Section38 - Power to sell under special conditions. Power to buy-in and re-sell
Section39 - Power to convey
Section40 - Power to vary investments
Section41 - Power to apply property of minors, etc. for their maintenance, etc
Section42 - Power to give receipts
Section43 - Power to compound, etc
Section44 - Power to several trustees of whom one disclaims or dies
Section45 - Suspension of trustee's powers by decree
Chapter V
Section46 - Trustee cannot renounce after acceptance
Section47 - Trustee cannot delegate
Section48 - Co-trustees cannot act singly
Section49 - Control of discretionary power
Section50 - Trustee may not charge for services
Section51 - Trustee may not use trust-property for his own profit
Section52 - Trustee for sale or his agent may not buy
Section53 - Trustee may not buy beneficiary's interest without permission
Section54 - Co-trustees may not lend to one of themselves
Chapter VI
Section55 - Right to rents and profits
Section56 - Right to specific execution
Section57 - Bight to inspect and take copies of instrument of trust, accounts, etc
Section58 - Right to transfer beneficial interest
Section59 - Right to sue for execution or trust
Section60 - Right to proper trustees
Section61 - Right to compel to any act of duty
Section62 - Wrongful purchase by trustee
Section63 - Following trust-property into the hands of third persons
Section64 - Savings of rights of certain transferees
Section65 - Acquisition by trustee of trust-property wrongfully converted
Section66 - Right in case of blended property
Section67 - Wrongful employment by partner-trustee of trust-property for partnership purposes
Section68 - Liability of beneficiary joining in breach of trust
Section69 - Rights and liabilities of beneficiary's transferee
Chapter VII
Section70 - Office how vacated
Section71 - Discharge of trustee
Section72 - Petition to be discharged from trust
Section73 - Appointment of new trustees on death, etc
Section74 - Appointment by court
Section75 - Vesting of trust-property in new trustees
Section76 - Survival of trust
Chapter VIII
Section77 - Trust how extinguished
Section78 - Revocation of trust
Section79 - Revocation not to defeat what trustees have duly done
Chapter IX
Section80 - Where obligation in nature of trust is created
Section81 - Where it does not appears that transferor intended to dispose of beneficial interest
Section82 - Transfer to one for consideration paid by another
Section83 - Trust incapable of execution or executed without exhausting trust-property
Section84 - Transfer for illegal purpose
Section85 - Bequest for illegal purpose
Section86 - Transfer pursuant to rescindable contract
Section87 - Debtor becoming creditor's representative
Section88 - Advantage gained by fiduciary
Section89 - Advantage gained by exercise of undue influence
Section90 - Advantage gained by qualified owner
Section91 - Property acquired with notice of existing contract
Section92 - Purchase by person contracting to buy property to be held on trust
Section93 - Advantage secretly gained by one of several compounding creditors
Section94 - Constructive trust in cases not expressly provided for
Section95 - Obligor's duties, liabilities and disabilities
Section96 - Saving of rights of bona fide purchasers
ScheduleI - SCHEDULE

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