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Arbitration Act, 1940 [Repealed] Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - ARBITRATION ACT, 1940
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Chapter II
Section3 - Provisions in implied arbitration agreement
Section4 - Agreement that arbitrators be appointed by the third party
Section5 - Authority of appointed arbitrator or unpire irrevocable except by leave of court
Section6 - Arbitration agreement not to be discharged by death of party thereto
Section7 - Provisions in case of insolvecy
Section8 - Power of court to appoint arbitrator of umpire
Section9 - Power to party to appoint new arbitrator or in certain cases, a sole arbitrator
Section10 - Provisions as to appointment of three of more arbitrators
Section11 - Power to court to remove arbitrators or unpire in certain circumstances
Section12 - Power of court where arbitrator is removed or his authority revoked
Section13 - Power of arbitrator
Section14 - Award to be signed and filed
Section15 - Power of courts to modify award
Section16 - Power to remit award
Section17 - Judgement in terms of award
Section18 - Power of court to pass interim orders
Section19 - Power to supersede arbitration where award becomes void or is set aside
Chapter III
Section20 - Application to file in court arbitration agreement
Chapter IV
Section21 - Parties to suit may apply for order of reference
Section22 - Appointment of arbitrator
Section23 - Order of reference
Section24 - Reference to arbitration by some of the parties
Section25 - Provisions applicable to arbitrations under this this chapter
Chapter V
Section26 - Application of chapter
Section27 - Power of arbitrators to make an interim award
Section28 - Power to court only to enlarge time for making award
Section29 - Interest on awards
Section30 - Grounds for setting aside award
Section31 - Jurisdiction
Section32 - Bar to suits contesting arbitration agreement or award
Section33 - Arbitration agreement or award to be contested by application
Section34 - Power to stay legal proceeding where there is an arbitration agreement
Section35 - Effect of legal proceedings on arbitration
Section36 - Power of court, where arbitration agreement is ordered not to apply to a particular difference, to order that a provision making an award a condition precedent to an action shall not shall not apply to such difference
Section37 - Limitations
Section38 - Disputes as to arbitrators remuneration or costs
Chapter VI
Section39 - Appealable orders
Chapter VII
Section40 - Small cause Court not to have jurisdiction over arbitratons save arbitrations in suits before it
Section41 - Procedure and powers of court
Section42 - Service of notice by party or arbitrator
Section43 - Power of court to issue processes for appearance before arbitrator
Section44 - Power to high court to make rules
Section45 - Government to be bound
Section46 - Application of act to statutory arbitrations
Section47 - Act to apply to all arbitrations
Section48 - Saving for pending references
Section49 - Repeals and amendments [Repealed]

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