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Oudh Laws Act, 1876 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - OUDH LAWS ACT, 1876
Part I
Section1 - Short title
Section2 - Repeal of enactments [Repealed]
Part II
Section3 - Statutory law to be administered in oudh
Section4 - Validity of local customs and mercantitle usage
Part III Chapter I
Section5 - Muthammadan dower contracts how to be enforced
Chapter II
Section6 - Right of pre-emption
Section7 - Presumption as to its existence
Section8 - Its existence in towns to be proved
Section9 - Devolution of right when property to property to be sold or forclosed is a proprietary or under proprietary tenure
Section9A - When a suit for pre-emption lies
Section10 - Notice to pre-emptors
Section11 - Loss of right of pre-emption
Section12 - Right of preemptor on foreclosure
Section13 - Suit to enforce right of pre-emption
Section14 - Decree to fix time for payment
Section15 - Effect of non-payment of purchase money
Chapter III
Section16 - Rule of limitation
Section17 - Act 32 of 1871, s.28, to cease in any district from date of notification that it is no longer under settlement.[Repealed]
Section18 - Recognized agents [Repealed]
Section19 - Rules of taking evidence
Section20 - Execution-sale of ancestral and acquired property in land
Section21 - Appointment of manager of land attached [Repealed]
Section22 - Service of process within jurisdication of Lucknow civil court
Section23 - Section substituted for Act 19 of 1868, s.109 [Repealed]
Section24 - Section substituted for Act 19 of 1868, s.118 [Repealed]
Section25 - Right of occupancy in judgment-debtor's sir-land [Repealed]
Section26 - Revenue agents authorized to appear, etc., in rent suits
Section27 - Power to make rules for custody and sale of attached property
Section28 - Power to revise decrees and orders of subordinate Courts [Repealed]
Chapter IV
Section29 - Right to nominate village policemen
Section30 - Obligation to nominate
Section31 - Discretion to appoint or reject nominee
Section32 - Power to Government to appoint
Section33 - Appointment of road police
Section34 - Duties of village and road police-man
Section35 - Procedure on arrest by village or road police-man
Section36 - Dismissal of village or road police-man
Section37 - Acts punishable
Section38 - Fines to be credited to such fund as Government appoints
Chapter V
Section39 - Power to make rule
Section40 - Publication of rules
Section41 - Continuance of prior rules as to matters for which rules may be made under the Act [Repealed]
Section42 - Penalty for breach of rules
Chapter VI
Section43 - Power to invest taluqdars with civil jurisdiction.[Repealed]
Section44 - Honorary police officer
Section45 - Power to create new districts.Power to form sub-divisions of districts[Repealed]

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