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Police Act, 1861 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - POLICE ACT, 1861
Section1 - Interpretation clause
Section2 - Constitution of the forces
Section3 - Superintendence in the State Government
Section4 - Inspector-General of Police, etc.
Section5 - Powers of Inspector General Exercise of power
Section6 - Magisterial powers of police officers.-[Repealed]
Section7 - Appointment, dismissal, etc., of inferior officers
Section8 - Certificates to police officers
Section9 - Police officer not resign with out leave or two months notice
Section10 - Police-officers not to engage in other employment
Section11 - [Repealed]
Section12 - Power of Inspector-General to make rules
Section13 - Additional police-officers employed at cost of individuals
Section14 - Appointment of additional force in the neighbourhood of railway and other works
Section15 - Quartering of additional police in disturbed or dangerous districts
Section15A - Awarding compensation to suffers from misconduct of inhabitants or persons interested in land
Section16 - Recovery of moneys payable under sections 13, 14, 15 and 15A and disposal of same when recovered
Section17 - Special police officers
Section18 - Powers of special police officers
Section19 - Refusal to serve as special police officers
Section20 - Authority to be exercised by police officers
Section21 - Village police-officers
Section22 - Police-officers always on duty may be employed in any part of district
Section23 - Duties of police-officers
Section24 - Police officers may lay information , etc.,
Section25 - Police officers to take charge of unclaimed property and be subject to Magistrates orders as to disposal
Section26 - Magistrate may detain property and issue proclamation
Section27 - Confiscation of property if no claimant appears
Section28 - Persons refusing to deliver up certificate ,etc., on ceasing to be police-officers
Section29 - Penalties for neglect of duty ,etc
Section30 - Regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same
Section30A - Powers with regard to assemblies and processions violating conditions of license
Section31 - Police to keep order in public roads, etc.
Section32 - Penalty for disobeying orders issued under last three sections, etc.
Section33 - Saving of control of Magistrate of district
Section34 - Punishment for certain offences on roads ,etc.
Section35 - Jurisdiction
Section36 - Power to prosecute under other law not affected
Section37 - Recovery of penalties and fines imposed by Magistrate
Section38 - Procedure until return is made to warrant of distress[Repealed]
Section39 - [Repealed]
Section40 - [Repealed]
Section41 - Rewards to police and informers payable to General Police Fund[Repealed]
Section42 - Limitation of actions
Section43 - Plea that act was done under warrant
Section44 - Police officers to keep diary
Section45 - State Government may prescribe form of returns
Section46 - Slope of Acts
Section47 - Authority of District Superintendent of Police over village police
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