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Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (Alteration of Boundaries) Act, 1979 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Part I
Section1 - Short title
Section2 - Definitions
Part II
Section3 - Replacement of fluctuating boundaries by fixed boundaries
Section4 - Transfer of territories
Section5 - Amendment of First Schedule to the Constitution
Part III
Section6 - Construction of delimitation orders
Section7 - Provision as to sitting members
Part IV
Section8 - Extension of jurisdiction of, and transfer of proceedings to, High Court of Punjab dHaryana
Section9 - Extension of jurisdiction of, and transfer of proceedings to, High Court at Allahabad
Section10 - Right to appear in any proceedings transferred under section 8 or section 9
Section11 - Interpretation
Part V
Section12 - Appropriation of moneys for expenditure in transferred territories under existing Appropriation Acts
Section13 - Reports relating to accounts of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
Part VI
Section14 - Land and goods
Section15 - Arrears of taxes
Section16 - Right to recover loans and advances
Section17 - Refund of taxes collected in excess
Section18 - Deposits
Section19 - Contracts
Section20 - Liability in respect of actionable wrong
Section21 - Liability as guarantor of co-operative societies
Section22 - Items in suspense
Section23 - Apportionment of assets or liabilities by agreement
Section24 - Power of Central Government to order allocation or adjustment in certain cases
Section25 - Expenditure to be charged on the Consolidated Fund
Part VII
Section26 - State Financial Corporations and State Electricity Boards
Section27 - Territorial extent of laws
Section28 - Power to adapt laws
Section29 - Power to construe laws
Section30 - Legal proceedings
Section31 - Transfer of pending proceedings
Section32 - Construction of boundary pillars, etc
Section33 - Validity of demarcation done before commencement of Act
Section34 - Effect of provisions inconsistent with other laws
Section35 - Power to remove difficulties
Section36 - Power to make rules
ScheduleI - SCHEDULE

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