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Dentists Act, 1948 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - DENTISTS ACT, 1948
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title and extent
Section2 - Interpretation
Section2A - Construction or references to laws not in force in Jammu and Kashmir
Chapter II
Section3 - Constitution and Composition of Council
Section4 - Incorporation of Council
Section5 - Mode of elections
Section6 - Term of office and casual vacancies
Section7 - President and Vice-President of Council X
Section8 - Staff, remuneration and allowances
Section9 - The Executive Committee
Section10 - Recognition of dental qualifications
Section10A - Permission for establishment of new dental college, new courses of study etc.
Section10B - Non-recognition of dental qualifications in certain cases
Section10C - Time for seeking permission for certain existing authorities
Section11 - Qualifications of dental hygienists
Section12 - Qualifications of dental mechanics
Section13 - Effect of recognition
Section14 - Power to require information as to courses of study and training and examinations
Section15 - Inspections
Section15A - Appointment of Visitors
Section16 - Withdrawal of recognition
Section16A - Withdrawal of recognition of recognised dental qualifications
Section17 - Mode of declarations
Section17A - Professional conduct
Section18 - The Indian Register
Section19 - Information to be furnished
Section20 - Power to make regulations
Chapter III
Section21 - Constitution and composition of State Councils
Section22 - Inter-State agreements
Section23 - Composition of Joint State Councils
Section24 - Incorporation of State Councils
Section25 - President and Vice-President of State Council
Section26 - Mode of elections
Section27 - Term of office and casual vacancies
Section28 - Stuff remuneration and allowances
Section29 - Executive Committee
Section30 - Information to be furnished
Chapter IV
Section31 - Preparation and maintenance of register
Section32 - First preparation of register
Section33 - Qualifications for entry on first preparation of register
Section34 - Qualification for subsequent registration
Section35 - Scrutiny of applications for registration
Section36 - Registers of dental hygienists and dental mechanics
Section37 - Qualification for registration as a dental hygienist
Section38 - Qualification for registration us a dental mechanic
Section39 - Renewal fees
Section40 - Entry of additional qualifications
Section41 - Removal from register
Section42 - Restoration to register
Section43 - Bar of jurisdiction
Section44 - Issue of duplicate certificates
Section45 - Printing of registers
Section46 - Effect of registration
Section46A - Transfer of registration
Chapter V
Section47 - Penalty for falsely claiming to be registered
Section48 - Misuse of titles
Section49 - Practice by unregistered persons
Section50 - Failure to surrender certificate of registration
Section51 - Companies not to engage in dentistry
Section52 - Cognizance of offences
Section53 - Accounts and audit
Section54 - Appointment of Commission of Enquiry
Section55 - Powers to make rules
ScheduleI - SCHEDULE

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