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Government of India Act, 1833 [Repealed] Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Section1 - The British territories in India to remain under the government of the company till 30th April, 1854
Section2 - All privileges, powers etc., granted by 53 Geo. 3, c. 155, for the term thereby limited; and all enactments not repugnant to this Act; as also all rights and immunities of the company, to be in force till 30th April, 1854, subject to control
Section3 - [Repealed]
Section4 - [Repealed]
Section5 - [Repealed]
Section6 - [Repealed]
Section7 - [Repealed]
Section8 - [Repealed]
Section9 - [Repealed]
Section10 - [Repealed]
Section11 - [Repealed]
Section12 - [Repealed]
Section13 - [Repealed]
Section14 - [Repealed]
Section15 - [Repealed]
Section16 - [Repealed]
Section17 - [Repealed]
Section18 - [Repealed]
Section19 - [Repealed]
Section20 - [Repealed]
Section21 - [Repealed]
Section22 - [Repealed]
Section23 - [Repealed]
Section24 - [Repealed]
Section25 - The board of commissioners to control all acts of the company concerning India, etc.
Section26 - [Repealed]
Section27 - [Repealed]
Section28 - [Repealed]
Section29 - [Repealed]
Section30 - [Repealed]
Section31 - [Repealed]
Section32 - [Repealed]
Section33 - [Repealed]
Section34 - [Repealed]
Section35 - [Repealed]
Section36 - If the board are of opinion that any matters wherein Indian or other states are concerned require secrecy, the board may send official communications through secret committee
Section37 - [Repealed]
Section38 - Presidency of Fort William in Bengal to be divided into two presidencies
Section39 - Government of India vested in governor general and counsellors
Section40 - [Repealed]
Section41 - [Repealed]
Section42 - [Repealed]
Section43 - [Repealed]
Section44 - [Repealed]
Section45 - All such laws and regulations to be of the same force as any Act of Parliament
Section46 - Restriction as to giving the power of punishing with death European subjects, etc.
Section47 - The court of directors to submit to the board rules for the procedure of the governor general in council, etc.
Section48 - Quorum of governor general and members in council
Section49 - [Repealed]
Section50 - [Repealed]
Section51 - Nothing in this Act to affect the right of Parliament to legislate for India, etc.
Section52 - All enactments relating to governor general of Fort William shall apply to governor general of India in council and alone
Section53 - [Repealed]
Section54 - [Repealed]
Section55 - [Repealed]
Section56 - The executive government of the presidencies to be administered by a governor and three councillors
Section57 - Directors may revoke the appointments of councils, or reduce the number of councillors
Section58 - [Repealed]
Section59 - The governors of the presidencies to have the powers and immunities of the present governors of Madras and Bombay, but not to make or suspend laws or create officers, etc.
Section60 - [Repealed]
Section61 - Power for the court to make provisional appointments to any offices
Section62 - In case of vacancy in the office of governor general, and no successor upon the spot, the ordinary members of council next in rank to act as governor general
Section63 - Provision in case of a vacancy in the office of governor of any of the subordinate presidencies and no successor on the spot
Section64 - [Repealed]
Section65 - The governor general in council to have control over the presidencies
Section66 - [Repealed]
Section67 - Powers of governors not to he suspended by visit of governor general
Section68 - Communications to be transmitted by governors to governor general in council
Section69 - [Repealed]
Section70 - [Repealed]
Section71 - [Repealed]
Section72 - [Repealed]
Section73 - Articles of war to be made by governor general in council
Section74 - His Majesty may remove any officer of the company in India
Section75 - The power of the directors to remove their servants preserved
Section76 - Salaries of governor, etc.
Section77 - Governor general & governors, etc., to forego pensions, etc., from the crown or company while they hold office
Section78 - Directors to make regulations for the distribution of patronage in India
Section79 - Departure of governor general etc., for Europe, to be a resignation
Section80 - Disobedience of orders & breach of trust by officers or servants or the company in India, misdemeanors
Section81 - [Repealed]
Section82 - [Repealed]
Section83 - [Repealed]
Section84 - Laws against illicit residence to be
Section85 - [Repealed]
Section86 - Lauds within the Indian territories may be purchased
Section87 - No disability for office under the company in respect of religion, colour, etc.
Section88 - [Repealed]
Section89 - If the King erects bishopricks of Madras &Bombay;, certain salaries to be paid to the bishops
Section90 - Such salaries to commence from time of taking office, and to be in lieu of all fees, etc.
Section91 - [Repealed]
Section92 - Jurisdiction of such bishops
Section93 - The King may by letters patent assign limits to the dioceses, etc.
Section94 - The bishop of Calcutta to be Metropolitan in India
Section95 - [Repealed]
Section96 - The King may grant certain pensions to bishops of Madras and Bombay
Section97 - Payments in respect of salary of a bishop of Madras or Bombay dying while in office
Section98 - Provision for reckoning residence of bishop of Madras or Bombay, if translated to Calcutta, etc.
Section99 - Provision for consecration of any person under the degree of a bishop, if resident in India, appointed to a bishoprick
Section100 - Provision for expences of visitations of bishops of Madras and Bombay
Section101 - No archdeacon to have a salary exceeding 3,000 sicca rupees
Section102 - Two chaplains of the Church of Scotland to be on the establishment of each presidency
Section103 - [Repealed]
Section104 - [Repealed]
Section105 - [Repealed]
Section106 - [Repealed]
Section107 - [Repealed]
Section108 - [Repealed]
Section109 - [Repealed]
Section110 - [Repealed]
Section111 - [Repealed]
Section112 - Saint Helena vested in the Crown
Section113 - [Repealed]
Section114 - [Repealed]
Section115 - [Repealed]
Section116 - [Repealed]
Section117 - [Repealed]
Repealing Act1 - GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT, 1915-1919

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