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Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title and extent
Section2 - Application of Act
Section3 - Definitions
Section4 - Overriding effect of Act
Chapter II
Section5 - Adoptions to be regulated by this Chapter
Section6 - Requisites of a valid adoption
Section7 - Capacity of a male Hindu to take in adoption
Section8 - Capacity of a female Hindu to take in adoption
Section9 - Persons capable of giving in adoption
Section10 - Persons who may be adopted
Section11 - Other conditions for a valid adoption
Section12 - Effects of adoption
Section13 - Right of adoptive parents to dispose of their properties
Section14 - Determination of adoptive mother in certain cases
Section15 - Valid adoption not to be cancelled
Section16 - Presumption as to registered documents relating to adoption
Section17 - Prohibition of certain payments
Chapter III
Section18 - Maintenance of wife
Section19 - Maintenance of widowed daughter-in-law
Section20 - Maintenance of children and aged parents
Section21 - Dependants defined
Section22 - Maintenance of dependants
Section23 - Amount of maintenance
Section24 - Claimant to maintenance should be a Hindu
Section25 - Amount of maintenance may be altered on change of circumstances
Section26 - Debts to have priority
Section27 - Maintenance when to be a charge
Section28 - Effect of transfer of property on right to maintenance
Chapter IV
Section29 - [Repealed]
Section30 - Saving

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