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Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950 [Repealed] Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title and extent
Section2 - Definitions
Section3 - [Repealed]
Section4 - Act to override other laws
Chapter II
Section5 - Appointment of Custodian-General, Deputy Custodian-General etc
Section6 - Appointment of Custodians, etc
Section7 - Notifications of evacuee property
Section7A - Property not to be declared evacuee property on or after 7th May 1954
Section8 - Vesting of evacuee property in the Custodian
Section9 - Power of Custodian to take possession of evacuee property vested in him
Section10 - Powers and duties of the Custodian generally
Section10A - Power to recover rent or damages in respect of evacuee property vested in the Custodian
Section11 - Special provisions with respect to certain trust properties
Section12 - Power to vary or cancel leases or allotments of evacuee property
Section12A - Special provisions with respect to transfer of tenancy rights of evacuees
Section13 - Payments to Custodian to foe valid discharge
Section14 - Recouping of expenditure by Custodian
Section15 - Maintenance of accounts by Custodian
Section16 - Restoration of evacuee property
Chapter III
Section17 - Exemption of evacuee property from processes of Court, etc
Section18 - Occupancy or tenancy rights not to be extinguished
Chapter IV
Section19 - [Repealed]
Section20 - [Repealed]
Section21 - [Repealed]
Section22 - [Repealed]
Section23 - [Repealed]
Chapter V
Section24 - Appeals from orders under sections 7, 40 and 48
Section25 - Appeals from other orders (Repealed)
Section26 - Powers of review or revision of Custodian etc (Repealed)
Section27 - Powers of revision of Custodian-General
Section28 - Finality of orders under this Chapter
Chapter VI
Section29 - Penalty for failure to surrender possession of evacuee property (Repealed)
Section30 - Penalty for wrongfully paying or receiving rents, etc (Repealed)
Section31 - Penalty for concealing evacuee property (Repealed)
Section32 - Penalty for causing damage to evacuee property
Section33 - Penalty for false declaration in certain cases (Repealed)
Section34 - Penalty for offences not expressly provided for
Section35 - Penalty for offences committed by companies (Repealed)
Section36 - Penalty for abetment
Section37 - Offences to be cognisable
Section38 - Procedure for prosecution
Section39 - Offences may be tried summarily
Chapter VII
Section40 - Validity of transfers respecting property subsequently declared to be evacuee property
Section41 - Transactions relating to evacuee property, void in certain circumstances
Section42 - Power to call for information
Section43 - Vesting of property in Custodian not affected by death of evacuee, etc
Section44 - Certain officers to be public servants
Section45 - Powers of the Custodian while holding inquiry
Section46 - Jurisdiction of civil Courts barred in certain matters
Section47 - Protection of action taken In good faith
Section48 - Recovery of certain sums as arrears of land revenue
Section49 - Record to be public documents
Section50 - Notice of suit to the Custodian
Section51 - Fees payable to the Custodian
Section52 - Power to exempt
Section53 - Power to give directions
Section54 - Power of Central Government to take action with regard to evacuee property
Section55 - Delegation of powers
Section56 - Power to make rates
Section57 - Temporary amendment of Section 54 of the Indian Income-tax Act, 1922
Section58 - Repeals and savings

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