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Arms Act 1959 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - ARMS Act, 1959
Chapter I
Section1 - Short title, extent and commencement
Section2 - Definitions and interpretation
Chapter II
Section3 - Licence for acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition
Section4 - Licence for acquisition and possession of arms of specified description in certain cases
Section5 - Licence for manufacture, sale, etc., of arms and ammunition
Section6 - Licence for the shortening of guns or conversion of imitation firearms into firearms
Section7 - Prohibition of acquisition or possession, or of manufacture or sale of prohibited arms or prohibited ammunition
Section8 - Prohibition of sale of transfer of firearms not bearing identification marks
Section9 - Prohibition of acquisition or possession by, or of sale or transfer to, young persons and certain other persons of firearms, etc
Section10 - Licence for import and export of arms, etc
Section11 - Power to prohibit import or export of arms, etc
Section12 - Power to restrict or prohibit transport of arms
Chapter III
Section13 - Grant of licences
Section14 - Refusal of licences
Section15 - Duration and renewal of licence
Section16 - Fees, etc. for licence
Section17 - Variation, suspension and revocation of licences
Section18 - Appeals
Chapter IV
Section19 - Power to demand production of licence, etc
Section20 - Arrest of persons conveying arms, etc., under suspicious circumstances
Section21 - Deposit of arms, etc., on possession ceasing to be lawful
Section22 - Search and seizure by magistrate
Section23 - Search of vessels, vehicles arms, etc.
Section24 - Seizure and detention under orders of the Central Government
Section24A - Prohibition as to possession of notified arms in disturbed areas, etc.
Section24B - Prohibition as to carrying of notified arms in or through public places in disturbed areas, etc.
Chapter V
Section25 - Punishment for certain offences
Section26 - Secret contraventions
Section27 - Punishment for possessing arms, etc.
Section28 - Punishment for use and possession of firearms of firearms or imitation firearms in certain cases
Section29 - Punishment for knowingly purchasing arms, etc., from unlicensed person or for delivering arms, etc., to person not entitled to possess the same
Section30 - Punishment for contravention of licence or rule
Section31 - Punishment for subsequent offences
Section32 - Power to confiscate
Section33 - Offences by companies
Chapter VI
Section43 - Sanction of Central Government for warehousing of arms
Section35 - Criminal responsibility of persons in occupation of premises in certain cases
Section36 - Information to be given regarding certain offences
Section37 - Arrest and searches
Section38 - Offences to be cognizable
Section39 - Previous sanction of the district magistrate necessary in certain cases
Section40 - Protection of action taken in good faith
Section41 - Power to exempt
Section42 - Power of take census of firearms
Section43 - Power to delegate
Section44 - Power to make rules
Section45 - Act not to apply in certain cases
Section46 - Repeal of Act 11 of 1878

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