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Societies Registration Act, 1860 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Section1 - Societies formed by memorandum of association and registration
Section2 - Memorandum of association
Section3 - Registration and fees
Section4 - Annual list of managing body to be filed
Section5 - Property of society how vested
Section6 - Suits by and against societies
Section7 - Suits not to abate
Section8 - Enforcement of judgment against society
Section9 - Recovery of penalty accruing under bye-law
Section10 - Members liable to be sued as strangers
Section11 - Members guilty of offences punishable as strangers
Section12 - Societies enabled to alter, extend or abridge their purposes
Section13 - Provision for dissolution of societies and adjustment of their affairs
Section14 - Upon a dissolution no member to receive profit
Section15 - Member defined
Section16 - Governing body defined
Section17 - Registration of societies formed before Act
Section18 - Such societies to the memorandum, etc., with Registrar of Joint-stock Companies
Section19 - Inspection of documents
Section20 - To what societies Act applies

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