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Andhra State Act, 1953 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateCentral Government
Act Info:
Preamble1 - ANDHRA STATE Act, 1953
Part I
Section1 - Short title and commencement
Section2 - Definitions
Part II
Section3 - Formation of Andhra State
Section4 - Transfer of territory from Madras to Mysore
Section5 - Amendment of the First Schedule to the Constitution
Part III
Section6 - Representation in the Council of States
Section7 - Amendment of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution
Section8 - Allocation of sitting members
Section9 - Bye-election to fill vacancies
Section10 - Term of office
Section11 - Representation in the House of the People
Section12 - Delimitation of constituencies
Section13 - Provision as to sitting members
Section14 - Electoral rolls for modified Parliamentary constituencies
Section15 - Strength of Legislative Assemblies
Section16 - Allocation of members
Section17 - Duration of Legislative Assemblies
Section18 - Electoral rolls for modified Assembly constituencies
Section19 - Madras Legislative Council
Section20 - Madras Council Constituencies
Section21 - Members of the Madras Legislative Council and their terms of office
Section22 - Mysore Legislative Council
Section23 - Electoral rolls for modified Council constituencies
Section24 - Revision of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders
Section25 - Rules of Procedure of the Andhra Legislative Assembly
Section26 - Amendment of section 2, Act XLIII of 1950
Section27 - Amendment of section 9, Act LXXXI of 1952
Part IV
Section28 - High Court for Andhra
Section29 - Judges of the Andhra High Court
Section30 - Jurisdiction of Andhra High Court
Section31 - Power to enrol advocates etc
Section32 - Practice and procedure in Andhra High Court
Section33 - Custody of the Seal of the Andhra High Court
Section34 - Form of writs and other processes
Section35 - Powers of Judges
Section36 - The place of sitting of the High Court
Section37 - Procedure as to appeals to the Supreme Court
Section38 - Transfer of proceedings from Madras High Court to Andhra High Court
Section39 - Savings
Section40 - Transitional provisions
Section41 - High Court for the added areas of Mysore
Section42 - Interpretation
Part V
Section43 - Authorisation of expenditure pending its sanction by Legislature
Section44 - Vote on account by the Madras Legislative Assembly
Section45 - Authorisation under the Madras Appropriation Act to cease
Section46 - Reports relating to the accounts of Madras State
Section47 - Apportionment of assets and liabilities
Section48 - Contracts
Section49 - Liability in respect of actionable wrongs
Section50 - Liability as guarantor
Section51 - Power of President to order allocation or adjustment in certain cases
Section52 - Certain expenditure to be charged on the Consolidated Fund of the State
Part VI
Section53 - Territorial extent of laws
Section54 - Power to adapt law
Section55 - Power to construe laws
Section56 - Power to name authorities, etc., for exercising statutory functions
Section57 - Legal proceedings concerned the State of Madras
Section58 - Provisions as to certain pending proceedings
Part VII
Section59 - Provisions for detention in and power to commit to, certain jails and other institutions
Section60 - Continuance of facilities in certain State Institutions
Section61 - Provisions relating to the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service
Section62 - Provisions relating to the Indian Civil Service, the Indian Police, the Indian Service of Engineers and the Indian Forest Service
Section63 - Provisions relating to other Services
Section64 - Power of President to give directions
Section65 - Report of the Madras Public Service Commission
Section66 - Special provisions with regard to Tungabhadra Project
Section67 - Allowances and privileges of the Governor of Andnra
Section68 - Effect of provisions of the Act inconsistent with other laws
Section69 - Power to remove difficulties

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