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Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, 1997 Section 19 - Bare Act

StateKarnataka Government
Section TitleAdministration of Common Pool Fund
Act Info:

(1) The Commissioner shall administer the Common Pool Fund subject to the conditions herein stated and for the following purposes, namely:-

(a) the grant of aid to any other religious institution which is poor or in needy circumstances;

(b) the grant of aid to any religious purposes connected with the Hindu Religion.

(c) the propogation of the religious tenets of the institution;

(d) the establishment and maintenance of Veda Patashalas, Agama Patashalas and schools for training the archakas, and for the study of ancient scripts and indian languages for that purpose;

(e) the establishment and maintenance of a university or college or other institution having for its object the study of Hindu Religion, philosophy or sastras or for imparting instructions in Hindu temple architecture;

(f) the establishment and maintenance of educational institutions where instructions in the Hindu religion is also provided;

(g) promotion of temple arts and architurecture;

(h) the establishment and maintenance of orphanages for Hindu childern;

(i) the establishment and maintenance of asylums for persons suffering from leprosy or other incurable disease;

(j) the establishment and maintenance of poor homes for destitute, helpless and physically disabled persons;

(k) the establishment and maintenance of Hospitals and Dispenceries for providing facilities to philigrims.

(l) any other charitable or Hindu Religious purpose.

(2) The Common Pool Fund shall be so administered that:-

(i) no contribution or donation received from any person shall be utilised for any purpose other than the purpose specified if any by the donor.

(ii) contribution and donation made to institution, or institution of any relegious denomination or any section thereof shall be utilised for the benefit of that particular class or denomination or section only.

(3) The Commissioner, may with the approval of the Advisory Committee allow any Hindu Religious Institution or Charitable Endowment whose gross annual income is not more than five thousand rupees to be adopted for its maintenance and up-keep, by any larger Hindu Religious Institution Charitable Endowment or Trust.

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