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Karnataka] General Clauses Act, 1899 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateKarnataka Government
Act Info:
Part I
Section 1 - Short title commencement
Section 2 - Omitted
Part II
Section 3 - Definitions
Section 4 - Application for foregoing definitions to previous enactments
Section 4A - Definition of the expressions 'State' and 'State of Mysore' in certain enactments
Section 4B - Definition of the expressions 'State' and 'State of Karnataka' in certain enactments
Part III
Section 5 - Coming into operation of enactment
Section 6 - Effect of repeal
Section 6A - Repeal of Act making textual amendment in an Act
Section 7 - Revival of repealed enactments
Section 8 - Construction of references to repealed enactments
Section 9 - Commencement and termination of time
Section 10 - Computation of time
Section 11 - Measurement of distances
Section 12 - Duty to be taken prorata in enactments
Section 13 - Gender and number
Part IV
Section 14 - Powers conferred to be exercisable from time to time
Section 15 - Power to appoint to include power to appoint ex-officio
Section 16 - Power to appoint to include power to suspend or dismiss
Section 17 - Substitution of functionaries
Section 18 - Successors
Section 19 - Official chief and sub-ordinates
Part V
Section 20 - Construction of orders, etc., issued under enactments
Section 21 - Power to make to include power to add to, amend, vary or rescind notifications, order, rules or bye-laws
Section 22 - Making of rules or bye-laws and issuing of orders between passing and commencement of enactment
Section 23 - Provisions applicable to making of rules or bye-laws after previous publication
Section 24 - Continuation of order, etc., issued under enactments repealed and re- enacted
Part VI
Section 25 - Recovery of fines
Section 26 - Provision as to offences punishable under two or more enactments
Section 27 - Meaning of service by post
Section 28 - Citation of enactments
Section 29 - Saving for previous enactments, rules and bye-laws
Section 30 - Publication of orders and notification in the official Gazette
Section 31 - Determination of the times at which Acts or provisions of Acts extended or applied by Government to certain places shall come into force
Section 31A - Construction of reference to certain laws
Section 32 - Application of Act to Ordinances

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