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Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 Complete Act - Bare Act

StateKarnataka Government
Act Info:
Chapter I
Section 1 - Short Title, Extent and Commencement
Section 2 - Definitions
Chapter II
Section 3 - Chief controlling authority in revenue matters
Section 4 - State to be divided into Divisions, Divisions into Districts and Districts to consist of Taluks comprising Circles and Villages
Section 5 - Power of State Government to alter limits of or to amalgamate or constitute villages
Section 6 - Procedure for constitution, abolition, etc., of divisions, districts, taluks, circles or villages
Section 7 - Appointment, duties and functions of Divisional Commissioners
Section 8 - Deputy Commissioner
Section 9 - Special Deputy Commissioner
Section 10 - Assistant Commissioners
Section 11 - Tahsildars
Section 12 - Special Tahsildars
Section 13 - A Tahsildar or a Special Tahsildar may depute subordinates to perform certain of his duties
Section 14 - Officers to discharge duties during temporary vacancy
Section 15 - Revenue Inspectors
Section 16 - Village Accountant
Section 17 - Village Accountant to keep such records as he may be required to keep and prepare public records
Section 18 - Survey Officers
Section 18A - Appointment of licensed surveyors
Section 19 - Other Officers
Section 20 - Combination of offices
Section 21 - Seals
Section 22 - Demands for money, papers, etc., in the hands of a Revenue Officer or other person
Section 23 - Recovery of public money or property from revenue officers or other persons
Chapter III
Section 24 - Revenue Officers to be Revenue Courts
Section 25 - Saving of inherent powers of a Revenue Court
Section 26 - Place for holding enquiries or hearing cases
Section 27 - Power to transfer cases
Section 28 - Power to take evidence, summon persons to give evidence and produce documents
Section 29 - Contents of summons and the manner in which it has to beissued and served
Section 30 - Mode of serving notices
Section 31 - Procedure for procuring attendance of witnesses
Section 32 - Compelling attendance of witnesses and examination of witnesses on commission
Section 33 - Formal inquiry
Section 34 - Summary inquiry
Section 35 - Formal and summary inquiry to be deemed judicial proceedings
Section 36 - Hearing and decisions to be in public and after notice
Section 37 - Inquiries other than formal or summary
Section 38 - Power to enter upon any lands or premises for the purposes of measurements, etc.
Section 39 - Manner of evicting any person wrongfully in possession ofland
Section 40 - Constitution of the Revenue Appellate Tribunal
Section 41 - Conduct of business of the Tribunal
Section 42 - Sittings of the Tribunal
Section 43 - Powers of the Tribunal
Section 44 - Powers of review
Section 45 - Finality of the orders of the Tribunal
Section 46 - Powers of the Tribunal to call for returns, etc
Section 47 - Proceedings of Tribunal to be judicial proceedings
Section 48 - Power to make regulations
Chapter V
Section 49 - Appeals from original orders
Section 50 - Second Appeal
Section 51 - Limitation of Appeals
Section 52 - Application of the Limitation Act
Section 53 - Copy of the order to accompany petition of appeal
Section 54 - Powers of appellate authority
Section 55 - Stay of execution of orders
Section 56 - Power of Revision
Section 57 - Orders expressly made final under the act
Section 58 - Amendment of orders
Section 59 - Orders not reversible by reason of error or irregularity not occasioning failure of justice
Chapter VI
Section 60 - Definitions
Section 61 - Exclusive Jurisdiction of Revenue Courts and bar of jurisdiction of Civil Courts
Section 62 - Savings of certain suits
Section 63 - Plaintiff to exhaust his right of appeal before instituting a suit or other proceeding against Government
Section 64 - Power of Tribunal to refer questions for decision of High Court
Section 65 - Power of Civil Court to refer questions of jurisdiction to High Court
Section 66 - Composition of Bench
Chapter VII
Section 67 - Public roads, etc., and all lands which are not the property of others belong to the Government
Section 68 - Extinction of rights of public and individuals in or over any public road, street, lane or path not required for use of public
Section 69 - Disposal of lands or other property belonging to State Government under section 67
Section 70 - Right to mines and mineral products to vest in Government
Section 71 - Lands may be assigned for special purposes and when assigned, shall not be otherwise used without sanction of the Deputy Commissioner
Section 72 - Regulation of use of pasturage
Section 73 - Recovery of value of natural product unauthorisedly removed from certain lands
Section 74 - Right to trees in villages to which survey settlement has not been introduced
Section 75 - Right to trees in villages, to which survey settlement has been introduced
Section 76 - Trees and forests vesting in the Government
Section 77 - Road--side trees
Section 78 - Recovery of value of trees, etc., unauthorisedly appropriated
Section 79 - Regulation of supply of firewood and timber for domestic or other purposes
Section 80 - All land liable to pay land revenue, unless specially exempted
Section 81 - Alluvial land and its liability to land revenue
Section 82 - Remission of assessment in cases of diluvion
Section 83 - Manner of assessment, commutation of non--agricultural assessment and prohibition of use of land for certain purposes
Section 84 - Assessment by whom to be fixed
Section 85 - Register of alienated lands
Section 86 - Settlement of assessment with whom to be made
Section 87 - Land Revenue to be a paramount charge on the land
Section 88 - Forfeited holdings may be taken possession of and otherwise disposed
Section 89 - Receipts
Section 90 - Penalty for failure to grant receipts
Section 90A - Construction of Water Course through land belonging to other persons
Section 90B - Failure to pay rent and to keep water course in good repair
Section 90C - Removal or discontinuance of water course
Chapter VIII
Section 91 - Unoccupied land may be granted on conditions
Section 92 - Grant of alluvial land vested in Government
Section 93 - Permission for taking up unoccupied land
Section 94 - Penalties for unauthorised occupation of land
Section 94A - Regularisation of certain cases of unauthorised occupation by constituting committee etc
Section 94B - Grant of land in certain cases
Section 94C - Grant of land in case of construction of dwelling house in occupied land
Section 95 - Uses of agricultural land and the procedure for use of agricultural land for other purpose
Section 96 - Penalty for using agricultural land for other purpose without permission
Section 97 - Diversion of non--agricultural land held for a specific purpose
Section 98 - Permission may be granted on terms
Section 99 - Rights of occupants
Section 100 - Occupancy not transferable without sanction of prescribed authority nor liable to process of a Civil Court
Section 101 - Occupancy right transferable and heritable
Section 102 - Relinquishment
Section 103 - Right of way to relinquished or forfeited land or to land used for purpose of agriculture
Section 104 - Summary eviction of person unauthorisedly occupying land
Section 105 - To prevent forfeiture of occupancy certain persons other than occupant may pay land revenue
Chapter IX
Section 106 - Revenue Survey may be introduced by State Government into any part of the State
Section 107 - Power of Survey Officer to require assistance from land holders
Section 108 - Minimum extent of a survey number
Section 109 - Division of Survey Numbers into Sub-divisions
Section 110 - Provisions applicable on relinquishment or forfeiture of a sub--division
Section 111 - Recovery of expenses of partition
Section 112 - The State Government may direct a fresh survey
Section 113 - Preparation of statistical and fiscal records
Chapter X
Section 114 - Government may direct an original or revision settlement of land revenue of any land
Section 114A - Revision of settlement of land revenue in certain cases.--[114A. Revision of settlement of land revenue in certain cases
Section 115 - The term of settlement
Section 116 - Assessment how determined
Section 117 - Increase in average yield due to improvements by holders not to be taken into account
Section 118 - Procedure to be followed by the Settlement Officer in making a settlement
Section 119 - Publication of the Settlement Report
Section 120 - Deputy Commissioner to submit to Government the Settlement Report with statement of objections, etc., and his opinion thereon
Section 121 - Settlement Report to be approved by State Legislature
Section 122 - Introduction of Settlement
Section 122A - Notice of assessment to occupants
Section 122B - Determination of assessment of lands
Section 123 - Determination of assessment of lands wholly exempt from payment of land revenue
Section 124 - The fixing of assessment under Act limited to ordinary land revenue
Section 125 - Power of State Government to direct assessment for irrigation facilities
Section 126 - Continuance of certain Survey and Settlement operations
Chapter XI
Section 127 - Record of Rights
Section 128 - Acquisitions of rights to be reported
Section 129 - Registration of mutations and register of disputed cases
Section 129A - Patta Book
Section 130 - Obligation to furnish information
Section 131 - Requisition of assistance in preparing maps
Section 132 - Certified copies of records to be annexed to plaint or application
Section 133 - Presumption regarding entries in the records
Section 134 - Certified copies
Section 135 - Bar of suits
Section 136 - Appeal and Revision
Chapter XII
Section 137 - Determination of village boundaries, etc
Section 138 - Settlement of village boundaries by agreement
Section 139 - Procedure in case of disagreement or dispute
Section 140 - Determination of boundaries of lands forming a survey number or a holding
Section 141 - Settlement of boundary dispute by arbitration
Section 142 - Effect of the settlement of a boundary
Section 143 - Construction and repair of boundary marks
Section 144 - Description of boundary marks
Section 145 - Responsibility for the maintenance of boundary marks
Section 146 - Deputy Commissioner to have charge of boundary marks after introduction of the survey settlement
Section 147 - Penalty for injuring boundary marks
Chapter XIII
Section 148 - Limits of sites of villages, towns and cities, how to be fixed and assignment of building sites
Section 149 - Disposal of building sites
Section 150 - Existing exemptions to be continued in certain cases
Section 151 - Right to exemption to be determined by the Deputy Commissioner
Section 152 - Survey of lands and their boundaries within sites of villages or the limits of cities and towns how to be conducted
Section 153 - Procedure in certain cases of survey under section 152 and charge of a survey fee
Section 154 - Certificate to be granted without extra charge
Section 155 - Duties of local authority for protecting boundary or survey marks
Section 156 - Contributions payable by local authority
Chapter XIV
Section 157 - Liability for revenue
Section 158 - Claim of State Government to have precedence over all others
Section 159 - Land Revenue when becomes due and payable
Section 160 - Arrear of land revenue and defaulter
Section 161 - Process for recovery of arrears
Section 162 - Notice of demand
Section 163 - Forfeiture of occupancy or alienated holding
Section 164 - Distraint and sale of moveable property
Section 165 - Attachment and sale of immoveable property
Section 166 - Attachment how to be made
Section 167 - Claims to immoveable property attached
Section 168 - Procedure in effecting sale of immoveable property
Section 169 - The sale to be by auction
Section 170 - Prohibition to bid at auction
Section 171 - Purchase of property by Government
Section 172 - Sale of perishables
Section 173 - Sale not to be excessive
Section 174 - Deposit by purchaser of immoveable property
Section 175 - Failure to make deposit
Section 176 - Setting aside sale
Section 177 - Confirmation of sale
Section 178 - Refunds
Section 179 - Certificate of purchase
Section 180 - Removal of obstruction
Section 181 - Application of proceeds of sale
Section 182 - Liability of certified purchaser
Section 183 - Recovery by attachment of the defaulter's village and taking it under management
Section 184 - Lands of such village to revert to Government free of encumbrances
Section 185 - Application of surplus profits
Section 186 - Restoration of village so attached
Section 187 - Village, etc., to vest permanently in the State Government if not redeemed within twelve years
Section 188 - Precautionary measures in certain cases
Section 189 - Precautionary measures to be relinquished on security being furnished
Section 190 - Recovery of other public demands
Section 191 - Recovery of moneys from surety
Section 192 - Recovery of arrears due in any one district by Deputy Commissioner of another district
Chapter XV
Section 193 - Inspection and grant of copies of maps and land records
Section 194 - Suspension or remission of land revenue
Section 195 - Delegation of powers
Section 196 - Protection of action taken in good faith
Section 197 - Power of State Government to make rules
Section 198 - Laying of rules and Regulations and notifications before the State Legislature
Section 199 - Transitional provisions
Section 200 - Offences by Companies
Section 201 - Power to remove difficulties
Section 202 - Repeal and Savings
Schedule I - SCHEDULE

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