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LegalCrystal API Power your website with LegalCrystal!


LegalCrystal API is a service used to fetch case-laws via serialized data (JSON). The relevancy and ranking algorithms are same as the default search which is visible to the public. You can power your application using this API and fetch search results, fulltext case details, total no of results, even filter results. API is authenticated via a GUID which is e-mailed to you after sign-up.


API services are available via URLs. Kindly note the trailing .json in the end of each url. JSON is retured for each url.
Search Cases :
Phrases should have no special characters (otherthan alphanumeric) and spaces replaced with dashes(-).

Search Cases - Filter by court :
For list of courts refer normal url without the trailing .json

Search Cases - Filter by year :

Search Cases - Sort :

Pagination :

Viewing Case : Below JSON is returned searching for cases under 'transfer of property'.
  "json": {
      "totalno": "218650",
      "phrase": "transfer of property",
      "page": "1",
      "jids": [
      "amount_remaining": "INR455"
'totalno' is the total number of cases. 'jids' is the list of first page case urls. Each jid returns case details in json. amount_remaining is the remaining amount in your account.


Your requests are authenticated via GUID which is sent in headers. GUID header has to be sent with each url with 'HTTP_GUID' as the param.
curl --header "HTTP_GUID: 0ab94c4c035bfc39a602dc"
GUID is sent to you at the time of sign-up.