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Hi Sir/Mam,

As per my deed Me and My Husband are Co-owner of our property in Gurugram Society. Recently a RWA has been registered in our society. As per the RWA "According to haryana society law act only 1st owner has a right to vote & to be member of a RWA". as per them I am a 2nd owner because in our deed my husband name comes first like: "Mr. My Husband Name S/o Mr. His Father's name and Mrs. My Name w/o Mr. My husband name is the Singly/jointly owner of this property".

My question is whether I am a second owner or not?

As per me I and my husband has an equal right on the property. So any of us can elect or stand for the RWA election. Please clarify my doughts.

Thanks & Regards

Shimali Aggarwal

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Although your husband and you are joint owners of the property having equal rights over the property purchased, you as the second owner has no right to vote and to be a member of RWA. In view of the fact that the RWA rules clearly bars the second owner from becoming member of the RWA. The first owner has alone has the right to vote to become the member of the RWA.

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