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Dear Sir,

I have taken 1BHK for lease 4 lack for 2 years, aggrement has sing on INR 200 paper. when owner has handover the key we got shocked bcoz rooms was not properly painted & mainly all the doors damaged including main door lock is not working, we informed her,& she told us will corpenter repair will take some time, it was past 1 month, agin we reminder same story , past 3 months, now suddely she brought new tenets asking us to evocate, & the damages she claims we did it, now she stop the water service also , she claimbing us we have not paid past from 3 months. now we are in lot of confution dont know how to process this issues, when we enquired about this lady owner souurounding , they says she do same thing with all the tenants & she deduct the maximum amount.. plz help us. we residence @ R S Palya, M S Nagar Post. Banaswadi Main Road,Bangalore - 560033.
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Sir, you can approach civil court under provisions of Karnataka Rent Act and get basic amenities  restored.  The agreement should be valid and you need to supporting g documents for having paid rents. The electricity Bill's etc could also be used to an appropriate orders  from court. In case you are mortgagee still you can approach court of law get an order of injunction based on your possession.

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