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In India : You would need a license to drive any motor bike by virtue of its cc but as of now there are no specific provision in Indian Law regarding special licenses for SuperBikes!. Normally the process would involve going to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Motor Vehicles Inspector's Office for assessment of suitability. You have to pass the test. For more details, visit http://www.indiandrivingschools.com/driving-license-in-india.html.

Other Countries : A super bike is generally considered as a  high performance machine of around 1000cc capacity. Before driving a super bike\car you need to take a Compulsory Basic Training ( CBT) test & theory test as usual, then if you're over 21 you can take a direct access test. If you reach 21 whilst under the two year probationary period after passing an A or A1 test, you can convert to an unrestricted license.

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