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i would be obliged if you send me relevant case laws dealing with Sections 51,54,72,73 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, wherein the 1st party has performed his promise as per the contract but the other party did not perform his part of the promise as per contract. The 1st party came to know after about three years that the other party was not fulfilling his part of the contract from the first day, but camouflaging the whole thing as if he is performing his part of the contract. When the 1st party put forward his claim for reciprocal promise to be fulfilled by the 2nd party, the 2nd party took coercive action. My query is : i) whether the moneys deposited by the 1st party with the 2nd party by mistake will be refunded to the 2nd party under Section 72 of the contract. What damages can be claimed by the 1st party from the 2nd party for the loss sufferred by him due to non -fulfilment of promise by the 2nd party.


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