compensation for car damage

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When he saw his car,, the back side of the car was fully damaged for which the plaintiff stated that the TGFA staff had tried to take revenge from him regarding the behavior which he performed with the general manager. In anger the plaintiff decided to go to police station but as he was drunk he did not go. Moreover, when the plaintiff asked for compensation from his insurance company, the company stated that insurance period was expired. One fine day, after 4-5 days passed the incident, the plaintiff observed the symptoms of rat fever and thus suffered with rat fever. Then the plaintiff filed a suit in high court stating the following conditions:- 1) mental agony 2) compensation for car damage 3) his illness this is it!!! kindly send me some CITATIONS in favor of this case which supports the defendant TGFA. i will be grateful for the same....

asked Sep 5, 2013 by anonymous

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