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Dear Sir,
In my offer letter there was no condition about the joining
competitors after resigning. But at the time of joining they asked me
to sign appointment letter with condition of Not to join competitor
for next two years.
             At the time of joining i have 4 year's of experience in
same field. But due to already i left my previous job so i had
forcefully joined the company by signing the appointment letter.
            During my tenure of 1 year they did not provided me any
kind of training or any offshore assignments. After leaving they
forced me to sign the Exit Bond on 100 Rs Stamp Paper. But in that
bond there was not mentioned name of my new company.
            The product is same as my ex-company & I am working in
technical side.
            Till date they have not cleared my full & final settlement
dues ie. Rs. 100000,  but it is shown in my Form 16 & deducted tax on
that amount which i was not getting. Whenever i had called the Admin
person they are refusing me for payment & giving reason that i have
joined their competitor.
            They have filed a civil suit of permanent injunction &
recovery of damages on me. They are saying that they have given me
specialized training in the same field which is totally false.
             They have also filed Interim Application (IA) to restrain
me from working with my present employer.
I am in big tension about these all.

Please guide me in this regard.

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Thanking You
Yours truly,
Vinayak S.

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