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hi ,sir my father got married his first wife in 1880, in 1881 they have one son, when she was pregnent she left my father, ( they lived together for only 8 months ) because my father dont have that much property at that time ,she was abusing my father, metally torturing , she filed FIR of false cases on my father,
my father applied for divorce in 1883, after that his parents came for compromise because they lose repspect in socity, my father lived seperatly upto 1886, she never came to my father, her parents said we wont give objection to marry other girl, (we dont have any document like this) my father married my mother on 1886 , later first wife applied for divorce in 1994 got divorce under section 13(1)(1b) of Hindu marriage act ,in relief they mentioned like "in circumtences each should bier their own costs", we are two children s to my parents, one daughter ,and one son(me)
my father was suffered with brain tumor , after 1 and half years treatment ,we have spent lots of money, my father expired in 2007 , he don't have any self earned properties, my grand father and grand mother having self acquired property, they passed way 4 months back, now the first wife son is coming for the property, he is saying we are illegal ,please suggest us how much percentage he will get and what me, my mother and my sister's percentage ? my sister is married to a christian
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