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 In the year 1926 an individual belongs to community Adi Dravidar (dalit) sold his

land to other community ( BC - backward class) person for his personal welfare, it’s
been sold to various parties and finally during the year 2008 I purchased this land
after verifying EC - Encumbrance on property for 60 years and properly registered
on govt. registration office.
Almost 3 years ago, grandkids of the individual who sold this property on 1926
filled a case against us stating that this land belongs to them and they didn’t report
to court for any calling, High court then withdrawal the case.
I invested my hard earned money, Due to above situation and personal requirement
I tried to sell this land to another party, but we observed that Govt. stopped
registration for the particular specific survey number and stating this land as
panchami land.
My questions are as follows
1. Whether I can able to sell this land to others? If not I can hold this for
personal usage?
2. If govt. stopped registration for panchami land recently, then who will bear
my hard earned money which I invested?
3. EC - Encumbrance on property is being issued by Govt. shows nothing
about panchami land
4. If it is panchami land, why govt. registration office registered while I
purchased (on 2008)?
5. Any suggestion which you can recommend?
Current situation is really making us worrying and please answer to above
questions as soonest.
Manoj N
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