Laws. They influence every action and decision of the people in this country. Even though law empowers citizens in a large number of ways, a significant fraction of the population is completely ignorant of its rights and privileges. People rarely go to courts to seek justice and cringe at the thought of dealing with the police. People continue to live under the fear of unknown laws and corrupt police officials and are forced to leading a life of compromise.

Credible attempts have been made to educate the common man on his rights and the laws of the country.The Government of India has also taken active efforts to present all laws along with their amendments at indiacode.nic.in and court judgments at judis.nic.in. Though similar efforts have been taken up by other privately owned websites, with a novel service, http://www.legalcrystal.com/blog/, we wish to cater to a larger section of society in need of tailored solutions to their myriad legal issues and conflicts.


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