Women’s Day special – sex selection before conception

SEX SELECTION Before conception or thereafter, the Sex Selection amounts to Violation of Woman’s right to life. It violates Article 39(e) of the Constitution which states the principle of state policy that health and strength of woman is not to be abused.

Sec.2 of Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act (57 of 1994) which imposes ban on sex selection do not violate equality clause of the Constitution. Facts and figures shows decline in number of girls as compared to number of boys. If use of said techniques are not banned it would result in unprecedented imbalance in male to female ratio having disastrous effect on society!

Though sex selection before conception would not amount to female foeticide indirectly same result is achieved. The whole idea behind sex selection before pre-conception is to go against the nature and secure conception of a child of one’s choice. It can prevent birth of a female child it is as bad as foeticide.

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