For defamatory publication – whom to sue – who is held responsible – whether Editor – Chief Editor – Resident Editor – Managing Editor – what the law says?

[The scheme and scope of Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 Section 1 of the Act is the interpretation clause and the expression “Editor”]

Section 1(1) of the Act defines ‘Editor’ to mean ‘the person who controls the selection of the matter that is published in a newspaper’.

There is a mandatory presumption under Section 7 that the person whose name is printed as ‘Editor’ is the Editor of every portion of that issue of the newspaper of which a copy is produced.

The Act does not recognise any other legal entity for raising the presumption. Even if the name of the Chief Editor is printed in the newspaper, there is no presumption against him under Section 7 of the Act.” The Act does not recognize any other legal entity viz., Chief Editor, Managing Editor etc. for raising the presumption. They can be proceeded against only when there is specific allegation.

Please refer this below link:
Gambhirsinh R. Dekare. Vs. Falgunbhai Chimanbhai Patel And Anr.

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