A will to make a will

Kindly don’t get alarmed to write a “Will”

It is a simple procedure which by all means facilitates easy disposal of a persons property ( movable as well as immovable) according to the Testators(owner of the property who has made a Will) Wish after his death.

It avoids unnecessary quarrels/ambiguity/confusion in the family after the death of the Testator.

Any person who has attained majority(18 yrs.) having Sound disposing state of mind who owns property can write Will.

Will may be in the form of a letter written by Testator’s own handwriting duly dated signed and attested by two witnesses. It may also be a professionally drafted Will.

The Testator can make modifications/additions if required later by attaching a Codicil (Additions or modification made to a Will) which may be attached to the original Will mentioning the date/ month/year of the modification and duly signed by the Testator.

Will may be modified or different Will may be written mentioning that ,that is the? Last Will of the Testator any number of times during his life time. Only Testator’s Last Will will be valid after the Testators death.

Registration of the Will is not Compulsory. But if registered one will be benefited it assures safe custody also.Registration cost will not be much it will be around Rs.200+miscellaneous charges.

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