LegalCrystal API services for developers

In the last few years, application programming interfaces (APIs) have transformed how companies build products, interface with other companies and distribute content. By allowing third-party to leverage content and services.

API is a powerful business development tool that can have a significant impact on ROI and even shed light on potential new directions for the business.

We at LegalCrystal offer API services to fetch case-laws via serialized data (JSON). The relevancy and ranking algorithms are same as the default search which is visible to the public. You can power your application using this API and fetch search results, full text case details, total no of results, filter results by court or year, sort by relevance or time. API is authenticated via a secured GUID .

Everything is prepaid, You pay an initial amount to start with and for every request its charged. You would get INR 500 to develop and test the API after sign-up.

Authentication is hassle-free with a secured GUID which is generated and mailed to you. You will have to pass the GUID with every request to authenticate.

API services are now available to case-law search only, shortly it will be made available to the entire website including bonus features.

Go ahead and try –

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