Bangaloreans – Register your Complaints with BBMP ONLINE!

Dear Bangaloreans wake up! You can register your Complaints with BBMP ONLINE

Complaints like tree fall, health, revenue and civic infrastructure works can be filed on new BBMP website Spandana: Click here

As soon as the complaint is lodged, it gets registered in the main bank. The citizen will also get a SMS informing him about the status of the complaint. The information about the complaint area and the complaint details will be forwarded to the officer concerned. The time taken will differ according to the nature of the complaint. While the minimum response time is 24 hours, the maximum can extend up to even six months. Complaints in relation to removal of tree branches, street lighting, garbage collection etc. will be addressed within 24 hours. Infrastructure work like road asphalting will take longer, may be three to four months, as it requires administrative approval. The citizens can call the control room Phone No – 080-22660000 or lodge complaints online.

BWSSB has 24 hour hotline The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board will address any water or sewerage complaints within a day. There are service stations in every locality where any water sanitation or even billing complaints can be lodged. To register a complaint by phone, the 24 hour hotline number is 155313. You can also address a mail to the chairman at [email protected] and to the PRO at [email protected] for the redressal of any complaints.

The water inspector or the sanitation inspector will be sent to inspect the area and take required measures. In case of a blocked sanitary pipe, the manhole will first be cleaned manually using bamboo sticks. If the pipe is still blocked, jetting or pressure machines will be used to clear it. Despite this, if the pipe gets frequently choked or overflows, then the sanitation inspector will analyze the problem and, if need be, replace the pipes with one having a higher diameter.

186 thoughts on “Bangaloreans – Register your Complaints with BBMP ONLINE!

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Sub: Site No.777, 15th Cross, 100 Feet Ring Road, J.P.Nagar 1st Phase, Bangalore–560078.

    With reference to the above, we wish to inform you that a Shell Petrol Pump is coming up on the above-mentioned site, which is next to my house i.e. No.776. We had done a RTI for the copy of plan sanctioned for Site No.777 and the plan is for a commercial building, whereas there is no commercial building coming up, but a Petrol Pump belonging to Shell Company.

    We are not able to understand on what basis is Shell Company going ahead with the construction of the Petrol Pump in full swing without any sanction plan.

    Kindly look into the matter immediately.

    Ajay Kumar Agarwal
    No.776, 15th Cross,
    100 Feet Ring Road,
    J.P.Nagar 1st Phase,
    Bangalore – 560 078.
    Mob: 9845048005

  2. I wish to report a faulty street light opposite Nishant Deep apartments, Ramakrishnappa road, Cox town. This light flickers a lot at regular intervals approx 3-5 minutes. I had a discussion with the BESCOM and they have advised me to put in a request to your department. It will be appreciated if you can get this changed at the earliest.

    I request you to undertake the fogging of mosquitoes at Nishant Deep Apartments, #61 Ramakrisnappa road, Cox town, as we have this problem of mosquitoes in the basements and because of garbage dumping issues.

    On behalf of the association I request you to action this as soon as possible to avoid health issues.


    Ashish Kapoor
    G-001 NishantDeep Apartments
    #61 Ramakrishnappa Road
    Cox town

  3. The commmissioner BBMP Bangalore.
    I have submitted all the papers and also paid fee by way of DD for Khata Transfer in my name to your GOTTIGERE OFFICE on 21.02.2012 under Ack No.9602 and Inward Post No 1230/11-12 So far atleast 5 visits are made and they are giving one or the other excuse for not issuing Khata. As per time norms it should be issued within a maximum of one month. It is more than one month. I think they are expecting money for this which 100% I will not pay and it is upto your office to instruct them properly Regards B.J. Sreepathy, Cell No.9901958851

  4. Respected Sir,

    Greetings of the day!!

    This is to bring to you kind attention that the residential area BDA Park
    on 4th Main 8th A cross entrance has become a safe haven for people to put
    garb,create nuisance like dumping chicken shop wastes, urninate (man and dogs) etc . The
    open drain with strench has although more become more health hazard issue
    to the aforesaid residentials.

    The adjoining stretch of small piece of narrow land connected has been one
    of the reasons for this this is not cleaned not kept clean. This land is
    nomans land.

    Can we hear from you to immedialtely fix this issue as this will become
    disease and infection prone area, which will be a breeding prone area for
    mosquitoes as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. sir,

    We are residing at G.M. Palya, Cauvery layout, 13TH CROSS , 1ST MAIN,B-LORE.
    We are not getting the bwssb water from past 4 months.We used to get the water supply once a week earlier.
    The neighboring streets are getting their weekly supply.
    Request you to kindly look into this if there is any blockage in our road pipeline.
    Thanking you,
    G.M Playa

  6. I have registered one complaint to BWSSB on 09-05-2012 at 6.50 AM. But I have not received any reply from Spandana.
    I have registered another complaint to BBMP on 16-05-2012 at 2.30PM.
    Both the cases no docket No. and how I will track the status of the complaint? Whenever we register the complaint we should get the complaint No. & there will be a provision to track the status of the complaint.Other wise no use.
    please give your suggestion.


  8. DEAR SIR,


  9. Dear Sir,

    The chamber connection in our area has been blocked since from a month and water flow is entering via chamber line connection into the houses, people are suffering in our area with smell and outcome of water on road side… please help us out and do the needful.

    Manjula Babu
    #46 2nd cross, 3rd main road
    Kempagowda Layout
    ph: 9945100799

  10. Dearsir, , We are resident of Rajiv gandhi road, Jaraganahalli J. P. NAGAR, are facing Lot of problem like roads are not sweeping regullarily,roads are worst condition even public are not walking onthe road, roads are coverd with wet muds, cattles are living in the middleside of the road , and complaints are sent to BBMP For clear the above destructs but no remidel action so far once again requested to your good bestow to attend the same at eariest please.

    1. Repected sir,
      No suitable action my complaint, problem of residents of area ,complaint has registered more than 3 months over , BBMP has not take any initiate. in this behalf, rainy season as already started no human has walk in this road position
      Hence once again requested to kindly look into matter immediately.
      With regards,
      K S A RAJU

  11. Hi
    I am located in a residential are. Recently Two wheeler service center has opened just opposite to my house. This service center is creating lots of noise and air pollution. Lots of customers are gathreing , smoking and talking loudly . This is very disturbing. I do not know how they got license to open in residential area.
    Please Help Us
    Shantha Nataraja
    #19/3 , Sri rama mandira rod
    ph no 9741336174

  12. We have big apartments at Kogilu junction (Next to Shreyas Residency Hotel) which has encroached the Rajakaluve and has constructed walls across.
    As per LAW, they are not supposed to construct or acquire the rajakaluve and they cannot construct compound walls across. Because the other lands behind Kendriya Vihar will not have road connecting their land.

    I believe BBMP has got the authority and right to question them and do the survey of rajakaluve and get the compound walls demolished.

    This is in terms of public good which is definitely against acquisition of the builders like Kendriya Vihar.

  13. Dear BBMP,

    I am residing in HMT Layout, RT Nagar, Ganganagar ward.

    Here the park and the CA behind the City central library is occupied by schools and they create nuisance. Also there is no park for the residents.
    Park is used for illegal activities during night and the fence is all damaged.

    Please check the illegal school building on the CA area and request to convert the ground to park for the elderly to walk and kids to play.


  14. Dear BBMP,

    I am residing in HMT Layout, RT Nagar, Ganganagar ward.

    Here the park and the CA behind the City central library is occupied by schools and they create nuisance. Also there is no park for the residents.
    Park is used for illegal activities during night and the fence is all damaged.

    Please check the illegal school building on the CA area and request to convert the ground to park for the elderly to walk and kids to play.


  15. To,
    The Commissioner,
    BBMP. Bangalore.

    Subject. : Illegal Opening of Auto and Two Wheeler Repair Work Shop.

    Dear sir,
    We are all residence of 18th Main Road, 42nd Cross, 4th ‘T’ Block Jayanagar Bangalore.

    The Workshop ( Two Wheeler and Auto ) are operating without any licence or permission from the BBMP. It is also creating tremendous nuisance and complete loss of peace and tranquility.

    Kindly take immediate action to abate this nuisance, under advice to me.

  16. From,

    1. Mr. Siddappa.M
    #1933, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041. Ph no. 9844109511

    2. Muniyamma
    #1933, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041.

    3. Mr. Vishwanath
    #1933, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041.

    4. Mr. Shankar Bhat
    #1933, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041.

    5. Krishna,
    #332, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041.

    6. Divya ,
    #332, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041.

    7. Mr. Narayan
    #1856, 42nd “ A ” Cross,
    18th Main , 4th “ T “ Block , Jayanagar
    Bangalore- 560041.

    The Commissioner
    BBMP, Bangalore.

    Sub :- Illegal opening of Auto Repair And Two Wheeler Repair Shop.

    We are all residents of 18th Main Road, 42nd Cross, “T “Block, Jayanagar . 42nd “A” Cross is a narrow road about 20’ width. Its connect 41st and 42nd crosses.
    The Workshop ( Two Wheeler and Auto ) are operating without any licence or permission from the BBMP. It is also creating tremendous nuisance and complete loss of peace and tranquility.

    Kindly take immediate action to abate this nuisance, under advice to me.

  17. Dear Sirs / Madams

    I am attaching a few pictures which has been taken by us which shows the transformation from Green city to Garbage city and stinking city. I am sending some more in two three mails.

    I am a resident of K G Nagar (Basavanagudi) – the area which once upon a time belonged to the founder of Bangalore and supposed to be one of the elite areas of South Bangalore. This area is housed by the Ramakrishna Math on one side, a very old cave temple on one side and Gandhi Bazaar one of the very old shopping areas.

    The problem of garbage, debris and people urinating is creating a menace for the past few months say 1 year. Repeated requests to MLA’s, Corporators and the health department has fallen on deaf ears. The pictures attached here are taken next to a Government school and a Public Library Compound. The dump of this garbage is 5 feet in height and there is hardly any space to walk around on the road. The stink of the garbage is so bad that people almost close their faces while passing that way. The stink almost reaches houses and this is a very thickly populated area – The chances of all contagious diseases would be at the verge of a breakout.

    The more pathetic condition is the place has lot of cows which feed on this garbage and the dog menace is at its heights. I hope at least some initiative would be taken by the area corporator to keep this menace in control, else very shortly we would have lot of deaths by Dengue etc. The adjoining road is used for all types of purposes right from urinating, stools, throwing dead waste etc. The debris covers ½ of the road and garbage the other side. We have our own houses in this part of the city and we are almost like selling the property due to inefficient government workers.

    The city library in the picture has very nice books but due to the urination of people on the walls of the library – the library is not used. Why is the government turning deaf ears ? Is there a place where someone can take any action on this kind of menace ?

  18. to eerrnagar-rrn, serrnagar, bcc: jcrrnagar
    Dear sir,
    “wish you and your family a joyous Diwali”
    It is brought to your kind notice that,the by pass road connecting from Uttharahalli to
    Rajarajeshwari nagar through the Nice under pass (Under bribge) having a dangerous
    pot holes in the under bridge area. This is the only link to Rajarajeshwari nagar and passing
    via, Dr.Arunachalam road – Shri Shanmugha temple – Double road and Andhra bank circle Etc.
    This area (A small stretch) water logging also in case of a small density of rain. The users of this road
    will have to face lot of problem and specially ladies.( In night,it is terrible experience)
    Hope you will understand when the pot holes + water logging = the results.
    Kindly advise the concerned officials to do the needful immediately and oblige the users.
    Kind regards,

  19. SIR,


  20. Dear BBMP Help desk
    My father Sri V S Bala Krishna purchased a site in BBMP limits.
    Please advise on the procedure in Katha Transfer. and to know what type of Katha Transfer.

    Please help me knowing the actual procedure involved in transfer of KATHA.
    What is the Fee?
    Whom to contact ?
    How many days required for KATHA conversion?

    with regards
    Mohan Kumar VB.
    s/o V.S Bala Krishna.

  21. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    There is no proper footpath on the outer ring road, especially between Whitefield and Tin factory. There are traces of a footpath but it is broken in many places. All walking commuters have to face a lot of trouble while walking that stretch, especially in the evening when all the vehicles return from office and also when it rains.

    It gets really dangerous for people who are walking, because in many cases the bikes also come on whatever traces of footpath are there.

    Request you to kindly ensure there is a well functioning footpath along the outer ring road, especially near the KR Puram-Tin Factory area. Lakhs of people walk this way every day and night, and lack of a footpath makes it very accident prone. Also please make sure the bikes are unable to come on this footpath.

    Thank you.

  22. you have raised a important pont. in bangalore it has become so much difficuilt to fid a place to urinate. we bangaloreans should join together to make a better place to live.

  23. to whomsoever it may concern

    I like to inform you that I am unable to register a complaint on spandana BBMP, so I am writing here. Due to improper rain water drainage water is being clogged during rainy days and is also entering our houses. please do the need ful.

    1. due to improper rain water drainage, water is getting inside our houses;

      our address is 37/3, 4th main 4th cross opposite old keb road muninanjappa garden, kavalbyrasandra, Bangalore-560032

  24. Hi,

    we went to restaurant at and ordered veg biriyani,
    we were served non-veg food served they refuse to replace it

    details of restaurant

    The Biryanis
    Address: 39, Opp. IBP Petrol Bunk, Above Coffee Day,, Jeevan Bheema Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560075
    Phone:080 2520 2333

    license details:

    y swaroop reddy

  25. Hi,

    I am a resident of 5th cross, vasanthanagar, bangalore 52. From past few days the street light of 5 th cross is switched ON during day time and Switched OFF at night.

    Request you to action.

  26. From
    No. 7/1, 7th Cross, Malleswaram,
    Bangalore – 560 003

    No. 7, 7th Cross, Malleswaram,
    Bangalore – 560 003

    The Commissioner
    BBMP, Bangalore.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I here by writing the letter to inform you that the road has been digged nearly one year over. Only mud has been put on the dig places (7th cross, Malleswaram) due to this children are facing dust allergy, most of the people are falling ill. So, it is a request please take the immediate action.

    Thank You.

  27. From
    A . Jayashankar
    # 1, 1 Cross , Hosahalli, vijayanagar , Bangalore- 560040
    The Commissioner
    BBMP, Bangalore.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    sub – requesting to make into a road

    My property is attached to D- group employee layout at shreeghandakaval yeshwanthpur hobli . As per BDA approved plan , the land next to my property is a road .some persons are coming and telling that the sites( two ) belongs to them purchased from the society . I do not have road access to my property from D – group layout . so please take required steps to see that the road is kept as road and not as a site . So, it is a request please take the immediate action.
    Thank you


  29. Hi , I would like to bring your notice that the roads which are in dasapa layout main roads, Ramamurthy nagar are fully damazed, we are very uncomfortable to drive on the roads, its verey problamatic for senior citizens and pregnant ladies… could you please concentrate on this and do needful.

  30. Dear Concerned,

    It is a mess created on Langford Road, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore. Our office – Hafele India Pvt Limited is situated a little ahead of Nanjappa Circle (towards Hosur Road) on Langford road. On 10 January 2014 they have dug infront of our office mentioning it is for cleaning the drain and asphalting and etc.. which will be closed in about 3-5 days time. But till today – 27.01.14, there is no progress on this work. We have been finding it very difficult since it is blocking our way to the entrance of the office and customers walking in too have the same problem. It is also causing lot of trouble for parking of the vehicles since the way to the basement (parking lot) too is blocked. Request the concerned to look into the matter and expedite immediately.

    On Behalf of Staff,
    Hafele India Pvt Ltd,
    2/1, Shiv Manor, Langford Road,
    Shanti Nagar, Bangalore – 560027.
    Ph: 080-4132 6116 / 2222 6116

  31. I draw your attention regarding unauthorised house construction made in Acharya avenue , Kundalahalli gate, in premises of Sri Lakshmi Motors, Bangalore-560037. This matter was earlier reported but no action was taken by BBMP official for reason best known to them. There is no drawing approval for construction of building. So immediate action is needed to demolish this building. It is very surprising that BBMP is sitting over the matter when this matter was reported earlier. So prompt action may be taken to stop the construction & demolition action should taken immediately. The land owner has also made unauthorised GAS Cylinder Godown which is serious security threat since this area is densely populated & there is serious threat to life of nearby residents which is very serious violation of explosive law. BBMP will be responsible if any untoward incident takes place.

  32. I draw your attention towards unauthorised building construction going on Acharya Avenue Road, kundalahalli gate, Bangalore-560037 as per details given below : 1. The main road is blocked near USHA KIRAN ANNEXE, Near Nokia Shop. The pillar of building is coming on main road (Achrya Avenue) which is blocking the road completely. This needs to be investigated as how such faulty drawing is approved. IF there is no such drawing approval is there, the construction must be stopped to save this road. There is three other buildings constructed violating norms should be investigated immediately & remedial measures should be made as all three buildings have encroached main road badly which is serious violation. Commissioner, BBMP should personally visit the site & personally see the violations otherwise BBMP officials will hush the matter as done earlier.

  33. Hello sir /madam

    I would like to register complaint against the BBMP officers(kenchappa) and Contractor(Shivu) and Health inspector (Basvaraju).
    I am resident of nagedra block ,11 main srinagar bangalore-50.
    sir i tried to contact all the bbmp officals and as mentioned above including the area corporator (Ravi Subramanya), Regarding the garbage being dumped by the BBMP workers in residential areas in front of house itslef but the officers are least bothered about complaint being given to them. They tried to play blame game by blaming each other.

    I kindly request you to take immediate action against these officers and
    please do a suprise visit to our area and resolve the issue as soon as possibe
    My daughter 8years old has fallen sick because of the garbage being dumped in front of my house and she is in under treatment now .
    I would be waiting for your response and later i would like to give the photos and medical reports to media to take further steps if problem is not resolved .

    Please look into the documents , vehicle and workers available i belive that officers are eating money by not providing required vehicles to workers .

  34. The house been constructed on

    No-69, 8th Main, Bikasipura
    Subramanyapura Post
    Bangalore – 560061

    The construction is not as per BBMP guidelines and buliding laws
    The owner has not left space on the sides and is planning the building in such a manner that the construction of the building is touching the adjacent houses

    Please help in addressing the concern

  35. This is with regard to my earlier conplaint, please note the correct address

    No-67, 8th Main, Bikasipura
    Subramanyapura Post
    Bangalore – 560061

  36. Please refer to my two complaints dt 29.1.2014 lodged regarding unauthorised building construction going on in premises of SRI LAKSHMI,MOTORS, ACHARYA AVENUE LANE, KUNDALAHALLI GATE,BANGALORE WITHOUT APPROVAL OF DRAWINH BY BBMP. SEVERAL COMPLAINTS WERE LODGED BY SEVERAL PERSONS BUT NO ACTION IS TAKEN TO DEMOLISH UNAUTHORISED CONSTRUCTION SO FAR WHILE BBMP INSPECTOR VISITED TO SITE BUT CASE IS HUHED UP. Several such illegal other constructions are going on nearby USHA KIRAN APARTMENT which has encroached public road causing serious encroachment. One builder in font of USHA KIRAN ANNEXE has completely blocked this road by making pillars on road which has stopped traffic on this road. It is matter of surprise that no action is taken by BBMP even after repeated requests which is very serious matter. All efforts are made by BBMP officials to hush up the matter which has led to serious congestions all over city. Commissioner, BBMP should personally look into matter & visit the site to personally see seriousness of problems. This problem should be solved on war footing.

    1. No tangible action is taken to solve problem of residents on above complaints which speaks about irresponsible behaviour of BBMP officials. If written complaints are not attended, then what will happen to this city where problems are multiplying day by day. Pl take action on urgent basis.

  37. hello Sir,

    Can you please take care of the roads. The roads are not proper and its very difficult to ride. Can you please repair them as it is causing a lot of problems to many people. at tyms just coz of roads accident happen n many people loose their life.
    hope you take some action against it.
    hope to see some result in mere future.


  38. we would like to bring your kind notice towards below issues and to take the necessary action at the earliest.

    The road connecting Arkere and Kothnur Main road Via south city apartment between Nataraja layout and Brigged Millennium apartment is very narrow and no footpath for commuters, it measures roughly 25 feet,on this road huge apartment is coming,it looks like some basic rules are ignored while sanctioning to construct this apartment which is in progress.

    Added to this on the same road an unscientific way, the entry to private building basement is done occupying the road which is very narrow and it is on neck of the curve.

    Added to this Rain water exit pipe is terminated to same road from same building and by BBMP road was dug up for drainage pipeline with very poor cover up job after that, during rain leads to further damages the road.

    Added to this on the same road way in at Kothnur road end, Building materials (Sand, Bricks and concrete Bricks) business is also happening which hindrance to
    people and vehicle movement.

    Added to this on the same road the water tanker business is very brisk and water tankers commute on this road were very rash and reckless driving by the drivers.

    Finally people are suffering daily especially School going children, Women and Old People. Our humble request to officers to take the necessary action at the earliest.

    we have been brought to the notice of all this to Mr. Ramachandra – BBMP WARD 195 Engineer over phone 9900519788, response was not good, may be due to workload or work pressure. But the issues are quite serious to be considered.

  39. Hi BBMP,

    Myself Resident of Devasandra (ward no 153- K R Puram)

    Here in front of my home there was a cavery Water Works which went on floors and have been completed.

    But the Road works have not yet done which has caused hell of problem for the Vehicle movement of roads for even a four wheeler small family car.

    Even though the area is dipped with BBMP officers, High Political peoples, High industrialists etc. the work is not cleaned.

    Please take necessary action and Help the better Bangalore ans to be clean and neat.

  40. Dear sir, We are resident of Veerabhadra Nagar, 1st cross, 1st main, BSK III Stage, Bangalore 560 0085 (Ward no.158) are facing Lot of problem like roads are not sweeping regullarily, roads are not in a good condition and BBMP Van is not coming regularly for throwing garbage. I have requested road sweeper to clean the road regularly. But she would not response. Therefore I request your good bestow to attend the same at eariest please.

    My Mobile no.9449004202

  41. Dear BBMP Authorities

    Myself Mohammed Yousuf Residing Rahmath Nagar.

    From Past 25Years.

    Please note that there is a Drainage Lane that flows back side of our home till a couple of weeks ago we absolutely had no Problem with it.

    Perhaps after that few labours came in to pipeline the gutter pipe in the flowing lane which was accomplished very badly Thus its left the place in Miserable condition. and the whole lane is stated stinking badly affecting our health And Most Important the Wall which is faced towards the lane is cracking and has resulted in cracks. So kindly requesting the authorities to oblige and resolve the issue at the earliest. Before it does anymore Life causing damages.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mohammed Yousuf

  42. Dear Sirs,

    The street light in front of my house has no on and off switch. An open wire has been left with a loop which has to be linked manually to the wire connecting the light. Hence there is a possibility of the live wire coming in contact with an animal or a person resulting in fatal shock. Kindly provide an nod off switch to the street light. The location of the light is Opposite my house ie 5/21, Jain temple street, vv Puram, Bangalore 560004. Kindly do the needful at the earliest.

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully,

    Mobile no. 9742497340

  43. Street light in 6th Main4th Cross , Postal Colony, Sanjaynagar Bangalore 560094 Ward No.100 at Pole No.108 is not glowing for the past One week. Inspite of repeated complaints lodged at Ph.No.9945237054 ,9740318787 no action has been taken till date.Please take necessary action at the earliest.

  44. dear BBMP authority,
    myself Bharath resident of bangalore. As we all know we are using the dust bin to store the wastes in the city, but the wastes are dumping near the baneerugatta region( 18th km,beside AMC enginnering college ) this was effecting environment rapidly, an arrogant smell was polluting the surrounding atmosphere and wild life too.

    So, thing is to creating the awareness about the environment protection from PLASTIC among the youngstares is required now , so please take necessary action about this to protect the environment…………
    ____________ thank you,


    MY MOBILE NO – 9986507640

  46. BBMP Commissioner -Sri LAKSHMI NARAYANA and To MAYOR B S Sathyanarayana

    Sir i would like to complaint regarding the garbage being dumped by the bbmp workers it self right in front of my house due to with people who are resident in nagendra blok area are not able to walk in the street and people are

    suffering from dengue and viral fever because of the garbage being dumper

    i kindly request you to please take against the health inspector (basvaraju) and contractor (Shivu) and please resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    These bbmp workers have made road as collecting point and dump all the garbage of whole area here and are creating a mess out of it .

    i have also asked media to make a report on this and to help the public .

    11 main road nagendra blk srinagar bangalore -50

    land mark – garbage dumping point

    complaing given by

    ravi kumar
    naveen s
    krishna kumar
    ashok reddy
    narayan k
    ganesh rao

    resident of nagendra BLOCK bangalore – 50

    1. BBMP workers need to be fined for not doing there job correctly, i belive officers will look into this and take immediate action against the compliant and will help u…

  47. Dear sir,
    I want to inform u that in our area kariyanapalya mani apartments,homes,they use water moter eligali due to that water does not reach to mani homes, and even water suppliers they play water politics and they act like they are the president of the area, i m taking about borwell water, kavery water it comes only in our dream.
    please look into this soon as posible.


  48. Respected Sir/madam,
    We thank you for the project work santioned to Agram Ward & Vannarpet Ward.
    Sir, please do not mistake us and take it in to negative aspects. Because, as compare to other wards and improvements. The above said 2 wards is being targetted as the votes for the winning candidate presently was lesser. Election is election only at the time of election. Once it is over, the elected person has to work for entire ward.
    Please we request one and all, atleast to work the last one year of tenure period. You can issue Hakku patra/possession certificate, drainage work-increase the size of pipe, changing electric poles, road improvements, water supply in regular basis-to be supplied in day time, many thing….you are better aware, what needs to be done.

    Sir, I request to update, the details of Project santioned for last 4 years and status of the same. As project santioned and work status is incomplete updated in the system, requested to instruct people to update.

    Thanking you,
    Your Sincerely

  49. Dear Sir, Kindly help /guide . there is a shop located in Koramangala which sells gutka’s( pan parag, manikchand etc etc) and cigratees in a open along with other commodities . Its a residential area and very much disturbing for us as people sit there and give comments on girls,ladies and create nuisance around.
    We have tried to raise a complaint but things didnt work out.
    There is no name of the shop, no license from bbmp and food coorporation .
    It sometimes run by a LADY or her son .
    its located on 17th c main , 5th cross , 5th block , koramangala .( next to a furniture shop))opposite to a building getting constructed)
    i live with my family next door and its hard for our house ladies and women to pass on that road with dirty comments

  50. BBMP Commissioner -Sri LAKSHMI NARAYANA and To MAYOR B S Sathyanarayana

    I would like to complaint regarding the garbage being not collected from 3rd Main Road of NGEF Layout in Nagarabhavi (ward No.129). The garbage vehicle has not come to our street for the last 4 days. Pl look in to the matter and advise the contractor suitably.

    S R Mahesh
    # 25, 3rd Main, NGEF Layout, Nrupatunganagar, Bangalore-72

  51. I live in Sai Orchid Apartments, Chelekere, Kalyanagar post. Bangalore 560043.
    We have a college hostel next door that runs a canteen in the basement. Is this allowed?The waste and water collection attracts mosquitoes and flies and is totally unhygienic. There is also an uncovered drain in front of the apartment which is dirty and unhygienic. We have 48 decent families and lots of children who are exposed to this. Our security guards keep falling ill because of this health hazard. Please take some action. Thank you.

  52. Dear Sir,
    Day by day the foot path and the roads are occupied by the fruits, vegetables, flowers vendors and half of the main road is utilised for 2 and 4 wheelers parking, from Dairy cross to Bomesandra cross, and the regular shops keepers are also displaying the items by encroaching the footpath. Aauthroity concerns are not bothered and every day traffic gets jamed and high risk move around. Hence it is requested to get cleared the problems at once.

  53. The Street light in First Cross of Cambridge road , Halasur Bangalore,560008 at 11/3 opposite to the Govt Maternity Hospital is not functioning ever since the KEB personnel shifted an electric pole on 3rd April.
    Please take necessary action immediately as the road is now in complete darkness giving room for anti social elements and people use the compound wall as a urinal creating public nuisance.

  54. Sir/Madam.
    I live in halasuru(sadasiva mudaliar road). There are lots n lots of mosquitoes. We are not able to sit comfortably in our house’s. Especially during night times the ratio of mosquitoes are 1:10. It’s highly irritating.
    I kindly request you to solve this problem as soon as possible. 

  55. To,
    Respected Sir,

    We would like to bring it to your kind notice, that we here in Ejipuram-Koramangala (Behind “Bajane Mane” street) are Facing Lot of Problem due to Blockage of Sewage System and Sewage is Over flowing since last week, we here are facing serious
    Health Issues and we are very much worried about our kids and infants falling sick.

    Nobody seems to be concerned reguarding this.

    We Request you to Help us Regarding this Issue as early as Possible, Kindly make us feel proud about bangalore BBMP.

    John Victor S

  56. To,
    Respected Sir,

    We would like to bring it to your kind notice, that we are staying in #22, 1st cross, Vishweshwaraiah Layout Bagalagunte. We are Facing Lot of Problem due to Blockage of Sewage System and Sewage is Over flowing since last week, which is coming out from our house chamber box, flowing out in near drainage channel. We are facing lot problem due to smell and standing water because of blockage in channel.

    Also left to our house, house owner kept open drainage chamber box without closing, we requested them to close As soon as possible, they are not worried about due to house is given to rent, owner staying some other area.

    We are new to this area, and recently shifted to our new house. Due to all these issues we are unable to stay in house by closing all windows. Right side Drainage blockage and left side is house owner kept open drainage.

    We Request you to Help us Regarding this Issue as early as Possible. and feel us stay good.

    Shilpa Kanthraj

  57. Respceted sir/madam

    this is raju from gayathri nagar Ward number 76

    i cant walk in footpath there are so much flower shop

    please see that is side so much of rowdys in that road

    There are two tea shop in that road

    any time some bad guys in that room there wrong with me

  58. I am a resident of Rainbow water front apartments in front of Uttarahalli Lake Bangalore south,
    The waste water drain flow through the park next to our apartment, here there is a bridge constructed to connect Uattarahalli and Kengari, immediately after the bridge this drainage has a huge opening there the people are throwing all sort of waste, major concern is poultry shop owners throwing waste in to the drain, this waste is adding horrible, unbearable, un breathable smell, in the rainy season it gets washed out to some extent but in summer its unbearable, also this poultry waste is inviting stray dogs and pigs birds like eagles which further add and make unbearable noise all over day and night, so through this e-mail i want to draw your attention and expected to take necessary action to rectify the defect at the earliest.
    Your immediate action in this regard will be highly appreciated.
    Truly yours

    1. Thank for your immediate action for cleaning the waste thrown in to the drain, you will be highly appreciated if you take action to close the drain and take measure to stop people throwing poultry and other waste.

  59. I would like to bring to your notice that a wrecked garbage carrier is kept to next to my house in Jakkur layout on the main road near city bus stop and people are throwing their waste every day here. The place is giving foul smell. Request the concerned to take immediate action in moving this carrier out from the place and keep the place tidy and neat.

  60. 9 months back road dicked 2 meter inside for drainage pipe, still road has not been done at Ramamurthy nagar, Santhosh Reddy Layout (Main Road behind Bata Show Room) Bangalore – 560016. Due to worst condition of road, we are not able to walk also on this road. Please take action to get the good road ASAP.

    9 Santhosh Reddy Layout
    Ramamurthy Nagar
    Bangalore 560016
    Landmark: Behind Main Road Bata Show Room

  61. Sir,
    i am residing at No. 3, (old 68), 4th Main, 5th Cross, chamarajpet, Bengaluru 560018. my neighbour has a chemical manufacturing/ supplying unit in a residential area. i had filed a complaint with SP BMTF, and RTI applications with Asst Commisioner, BBMP and Pollution control Board.
    1., The chemical manufacturing unit has not applied for any permission or license to start a bussiness there.
    2. they do not have noc from the pollution control Board.
    3. My complaint dated 24th Sept’ 12 has been disregarded and no action has been taken except that notices were served.
    4. Good number of goods carrying vehicles create environmental pollution as well as
    damages to the houses. recently a fir was filed against one such vehicle and matter is before the city court.
    i therefore request you to initiate investigation against the said unit consisting of 3 floors and take suitable action that deems fit.

    Dr. Manju Prakash. MD
    Prof and Head, Forensic Medicine,
    DMWIMS, Meppadi, Wayanad, Kerala.
    r/o. No. 3, (old 68),
    4th Main, 5th Cross,
    Chamarajpet, Bengaluru 560018.

    complaint letter to SP, BMTF,
    The Superintendent of Police


    Sub : Complaint against a unauthorized Chemical Manufacturing unit in Chamarajpet, Bengaluru

    With reference to above subject , I Dr. Manju Prakash, Prof and Head, Dept of Forensic Medicine, would like to lodge a complaint against M/s. Germisol Unitech Chemicals Pvt Ltd, 66/2, 4th Main, 5th cross, Chamarajpet, Bangalore 560018 .
    The above said company is engaged in manufacture and supply of hazardous chemicals used in toiletries. The premise is situated in residential area. This is substantiated as per the information available in web site .(Annexure 1)
    I had applied for certain information from BBMP as well as Pollution control board (Annexure 2 and 3). I have received incomplete reply from Assistant Health Officer, Chamarajpet, Bangalore. (Annexure 4), which states that the concerned chemical company has not taken any license to manufacture chemicals.
    The pollution control board public Information Officer Ms. R. Rekha has sent reply to my application but it has not reached me. I will try to retrieve it as early as possible.

    My complaint is that the said company/ industry which is situated next to my residence is functioning since years. They have good number of vehicles and in recent times mini lorries visiting this industry choke the public road and create nuisance as well as cause both environment and sound pollution.
    I request you to kindly enquire –
    1. how can a chemical industry, which is unauthorized, polluting industry can come up in a residential area .
    2. To initiate appropriate legal action against the said industry as well as all the concerned officials without who’s active support, such industry cannot come up in residential areas.

    Waiting in anticipation of early and prompt action

    With regards
    Dr. Manju Prakash

    This is the matter found in the web site of the company.

    Address NO. 66/2, 4TH MAIN ROAD, 5TH CROSS, NEAR VENLAKH HOSPITAL, CHAMARAJPET, Bangalore – 560018, Karnataka, India
    Phone No 91-80-30615847(R)
    Fax 91-80-26526415
    Contact Person Mr P. V. Nagesh Babu (Director)
    Mobile +919341215692

    Company Profile

    Business Type : Manufacturer / Supplier

    Year Established : 1989

    No. Of Employees : 25

    Export Turnover : Rs 25 Lakhs

    Annual Turnover : Rs 75 Lakhs

    Bankers : SYNDICATE BANK

    Products Supplier and Manufacturer : Phenyle, toilet cleaner, glass cleaners

  62. Respected Sir
    I am serving Senior Accounts Officer with Defence Accounts Department under Ministry of Defence presently posted at Secunderabad. I found out during 2013 Vidhana Sabha Election My family names were disappeared from the voter list of 197 ward. Hence on 15/03/2014 I applied for inclusion for Self, Wife and Daughter(Fresh attaining 18 years), Revenue Inspecter of Vasantha Pura near Water Tank accepted the application but refused to issue acknowledgement for the three Form 6 submitted with him. With great expectation, I came from Secunderabad on 16/04/2014 and could not found above names and my family member could not caste the vote on 17/4/2014. Sir, with a painful note I am submitting this complaint you being the city’s incharge for overseeing the Electrol Process with utmost dedication and your own subordinate was were casual in including my family members name in the voter list. When I visited today 30/4/2014 he casualy told me to try again during November 2014. Sir, if it is possible to act upon my applications do the needful atleast by now.

  63. we are the resident of DRDO Employee residing at 1st cr, Gullappa layout, MAHADEVAPURA Blr-48 in Ward No 81 of K.R.Puram.1) Two feet depth Mud removal from Drainage canal on either side of Road, Blocking the floe of drainage water2) Tarring not done , Before tarring 1 foot height level down to be made for better flow of water otherwise it enters inside the residents, 3) There is lake behind our layout , like other lake renovation, this also to be considered, Same I have lodged earlier kindly take action to do needful thamks

  64. we are the resident of DRDO Employee residing at 1st cr, Gullappa layout, MAHADEVAPURA Blr-48 in Ward No 81 of K.R.Puram.1) Two feet depth Mud removal need from Drainage canal on either side of Road, Blocking the flow of drainage water2) Tarring is not done , Before tarring 1 foot height level down need, for better flow of water otherwise it enters inside the residents, Rainy seasons very difficult to reside 3) There is a lake behind our layout , like other lake renovation, this also to be considered, all lakes are near by, out of 3 they did two fine this they left blank reason not known. Same I have lodged earlier kindly take action to do needful thanks

  65. Hi,

    I am resident of egipura, i found a empty land in 14th e cross and found that there is no owner for the site. there are local real estate mafia’s, who are trying to encroach the land by naming themselfs as owner. i request you to look on this behalf and take action.

  66. From
    Derrick Bivera
    #535, MES Road, Muthyal Nagar

    Ph : 9845063997

    Dear sir

    our drainage is blocked please help us out solve this problem. cross road drainage line is block we are trying to contact in our local BBMP office the vehicle is not available so are facing lot of problem because of this please help us out and do the needful.

  67. Dear Sir/Madam

    I resident of Bangalore stay on Markam road Ashoknagar have big problem with St. Joseph’s College of Commerce No : 163, Brigade Road, Bangalore – 560 025, as they burn all the garbage on the back yard and create lot of smoke in the area. Several request is done the father and collage but no action taken.

    Request to please take action

    Warm regards

  68. Hi my name is syed Anwar resident of kothur vijinapura b’lore 16,ward no 51,one month ago road has dicked for water pipeline and they left like it is ,it is very difficult to reach home plz do the needfull

  69. No One Come To Take The Garbage In Palace Guttahlli @ 4 Cross Next To KES School I am Not Happy With The BBMP The Boys Not Come on Time Ple Take Action

  70. Dear sir,
    I am resident of Btm layout..we are facing a lot of problem due to water tankers next to my house according to govt rule there should be a minimum of 100mts distance next to house while doing commercial buissness but this is not even 10mts distance….they make lot of noise pollution and supply water late nights and make noise whole night…they park their vehicles in front of our house and if we ask them to park it anywhere else thy act like rowdies and threaten us..pls consider my complaint and do solve the problem
    Address: 29th main ,15th cross, Btm layout 2nd stage opp to madivala lake

  71. Dear Commissioner,
    This is to complain that the dead wood tree branches falling on to foot path /pedestrians and vehicles causing accidents and deaths. There are several trees in the city, are right above drive ways and foot paths need to be pruned the dead dry branches which are likely to fall due to weak stems/due to wind and rain.
    I have written a letter to Asst Conservator of Forest Dtd 14th Feb 2014 and handed over personally to their office. But there is no action taken so far on this critical life threatening issue.

    Request you to please look into and expedite, the content of the letter appended below

    # 44, 6th Cross, Lavelle Road
    Bangalore – 560 001
    [email protected], HP: +91 9901931860

    14th Feb, 2014.

    The Asst Conservator of Forest,
    17th Floor, Public Utility Building,
    MG Road,
    Bangalore 560 001

    Dear Sir,

    Dangerous dead wood branches dropping along the roads of St. Marks Road, Madras Bank Road and Lavelle Road, is threat to life of pedestrians

    With reference to the above it has been observed and witnessed many times when I walk along these roads the dead wood branches dropping from the tree. Even today also a sizeable branch had come down in front of Police Park.

    These dead wood branches come down on its own and whenever there is wind and rain, are really deadly and can kill or injure a person coming under these. Can also recall and fresh in mind the death of a pedestrian on Mallya hospital road a year back under the similar state of affairs.

    Therefore we now request you to take the necessary action on the above immediately at St Marks road, Lavelle road and Madras Bank road to prune the dead woods and as well the branches which are likely to fall and cause accidents.
    This applies to the rest of the trees in the city as well which can save the lives of the innocent pedestrian.

    I have registered a complaint today with BBMP helpline / control room and the complaint reference number is 139715

    Please revert on the action plan you are going to initiate to the above address through the e mail or by letter.

    Looking forward to see the immediate action in this regard please.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mohan K Muthanna

  72. In my area (Kathriguppe, near Big Bazaar), chikungunya disease is spreading. Many families are getting affected.

    Lot of mosquitoes are there and please do something immediately. Cleanliness is not maintained around the area. Adjacent to Pai International, there is a big empty site, which is being used as garbage area. It is very stinky.


  73. dear sir
    i am resident of jpnagar 2nd phase 18th a main. we are facing a lot of problem regarding stray dogs. They make of lot of noise by braking and howling and makes us sleepless night. plz take any action against it as soon as possible and do needful THANK U

  74. Hello Sir, I am resident of 2nd Main, 5th cross, Banjaralayout, Horamavu. We are facing issue with garbage, we no one is collecting the garbage. all are just dumping the garbage on the main roads, which is causing lots of issues to all who is travelling in that road.

    Please take the action to clean the garbage everyday and restrict the people not dump the garbage on the road.

    Thank, Paddy

  75. Dear Sir,
    I am a resident of Kodigehalli village extension, I have captured the locational map of my place in the attached picture for your reference.
    Approach to our road leads from Nagashetti halli – Kodigehalli main road, off the cross just after Tatanagar circle towards Kodigehalli, past Fort Apartment in Shanbhog Narayanappa Layout.

    There are 16 sites in our stretch and over 20 families are currently living in our road, all of us are regularly paying tax to BBMP for the past 12 years now.
    Neither has there been a proper road formed nor road side storm water drain for our stretch. Since there are no proper roads and storm water drains along them, this stretch has been an attracting rampant construction waste dumpers, who are misusing all vacant sites, roads and water exit areas to dump construction wastes as result during rains knee deep water gets clogged making our lives miserable. Especially during night it is extremely scaring since we need to walk through gutter, sewage leak that too in sheer darkness. Added to this past two months, the sewage man hole right in the mid of the path is also over flowing and as vehicles drive off pedestrians are getting sewage gutter splash regularly…

    We have been collectively requesting BBMP engineers since 2002 on numerous occasions, with several applications. However there never cared for us and were absolutely inactive on this request. After all these years of tormenting only couple of weeks back BBMP has taken initiative to form road and drains. But the tragedy is they are forming roads and drains throughout the area except on our stretch. Why are we neglected although we have been paying tax regularly for the past 12 years?

    Kindly help over community, by considering our prayer with priority. On behalf of my neighbors, I am requesting your kind self to instruct the BBMP engineers to provide atleast minimum habitual facilities like road and strom water drains on its either side as early as possible.

    Muralidhar L
    Kodigehalli, Bangalore

  76. Street light infront of House no.36(opposit house No.73) is not working since 4th July 2014.Many times this was informed to Street Lights Office Phone No.9611924596, but till date it is not repaired. As it is rainy season, many snakes are moving arround. It is very danger to walk on the road in nights with out street light.

    Pl arrange for immediate repair.
    thanks in advance

  77. Street light infront of House no.36(opposit house No.73),2nd Main, Dollars Colony, J P Nagar 4th Phase, B’lore 78 is not working since 4th July 2014.Many times this was informed to Street Lights Office Phone No.9611924596, but till date it is not repaired. As it is rainy season, many snakes are moving arround. It is very danger to walk on the road in nights with out street light.

    Pl arrange for immediate repair.
    thanks in advance

  78. Dear Sir,

    We stay at H No.619, D Main Shantiniketan Layout, Arekere, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076. Since last 2 months we are not getting cauvery water where as all other neighbouring houses gets their supplies. There is a block in the main pipe in the road which needs to be corrected. Please help…
    Syed H Ulla

  79. Dear Sir,
    In the 3rd Cross of 1st Main Road of Nyanapannahalli, Begur, Bangalore-560068. There is one family who does cattle breeding and milking which comes under the BBMP city limits. Due to which there is a complete nuisance in the road causing lot of inconvenience to all neighbours, the entire road is completely occupied for this act and become higly unhygeniec enviromment to live with and there is absolutely no space for any parking etc., the road is spread all the time with full of cowdung with intolerable smell which is literally irretable and as well allowing breeding ground for mosquitos leading to enhance potency to spread dreadly diseases like malaria, chichengunia,etc. I request BBMP authorities to come and address this issue at the earliest and resolve this problem.

  80. dear sir,
    would like to register complaint against the bbmp officers . incharge officer kenchappa
    i am resident no.128/A nagendra block 13th main 2nd cross BSK I stage bangalore.560050
    sir i tried to infrom my good officers in front of my house rain water exposed to road due to damaged( mori). in the day 21.05.2014 in said date rain is heavy tree is fell down
    mori is damaged now tree falldown is cleared now rain water system is damaged
    take nessery action to thanking you very urgent

  81. Dear Sir,

    Sub: No.48, 2nd Main, Doobasipalya, Near Gnana Bhodini School, Near Amma Bakery, R.V.College Post, Kengeri – 560 059
    I Wish to report with regard to the problems facing by us in our surrounding area due to Sheep and Buffalo Breeding. There is one family who does the buffalo breeding and one family who does sheep breeding in our surrounding area (in the site which is in front of our house) due to which there is a complete nuisance and become highly unhygienic environment to live.
    It is spread all the time with full of dung with intolerable smell which is literally irritable and as well allowing ground for mosquitoes and files leading to enhance potency to spread deadly diseases like dengue, malaria etc.
    We are very much worried about our kids and infant falling sick due to this unhygienic environment.
    I request BBMP authorities to come and address this issue at the earliest and resolve this problem.
    9886827775/ 9538324775

  82. Dear Sir,

    Street light not working from past two month (Address Jayanagar, tilaknagar, 28th main, 31st b cross 560041 landmark near bank of baroda / carmel convent), Request to take necessary action at earliest.

    thanks in advance

  83. The conservancy line next to my house is badly maintained and tar road is pending from last many years.
    We have sent many requests at the local office but no action is taken to clean and maintain the conservancy road.
    What I have heard from the local office is that the money for tar road is been taken many years ago but the work was never done.
    Again it’s the same corruption game where someone has passed the bills without even checking the work is done or not.
    I am staying in this house from last two years, Due to the lane dirt have many mosquitoes have raised voice for same but all has gone to vain as no one is there to hear..Will this situation change after sending this to the PMO or not
    1 BBMP-GPMS/CMT-3479 25-07-2014 Garbage collection Un-Resolved View Comment

    2 BBMP-GPMS/CMT-3478 25-07-2014 conservancy lane garbage and dirt is causing health issues to my family members Un-Resolved

  84. Dear Sir,

    I am a resident of Rajajinagar 1st N Block.The street light on the 19th Main road opposite Diacon Hospital is not working from the past 6 months.Request you to take necessary action at the earliest.

  85. Hello,

    There is no road to drive which connects Sivananda Nagar, Jagdish nagar to LB Shasri Nagar Bangalore. Its a not a condition of road not being repaired, road was never made.

    In the middle of Bangalore city, we are still using mud road in spite of paying highest amount for road tax and property tax India.

    Thousands of residents and lakhs of people are affected due to this bad road. Many accident has occurred on this road and government is least bothered to do anything for this.

    They have put in so much energy to fine vehicles from other states and have earned crores of rupees but don’t care how the situation of roads are where people drive and live.

    Please do something to get this fixed.

    Ritesh Sinha

  86. to

    The commissioner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike, Bangalore.

    I stay in 3rd Cross, service Road, ITI layout, Papa Reddy Palya, Nagarabavi 11th Block, 2nd stage, Bangalore.

    Sir, The Road where i am staying is not asphalted for past 4 years. It is all with pits. Since now days due to heavy rains the water is clogged on the road, so much of mosquitoes are breedings. with these rains, the drainage water is flooding out from BWSSB manhole on the above two roads continuously. it is to be told that BWSSB staff attend and clear the clog. But with next rain the same situation of overflowwing from the man holes taking place.

    Hear say information i got is that BBMP has sanctioned moneys for the laying of tar roads, amounts had been disbursed, but roads are not laid. Asphalting of the roads not taken place.I request U to please enquire into the matter and do the needful to make us live in clean, hygenic locality


  87. Dear sir

    Sub : Rain water Blocking on the Road.
    with reference to the above subject,I here by inform that I am staying at No 2, 8th cross Gangamma layout Guddadahalli,R.T. Nagar Bangalore 560032 the addressed road block since 15 days by Rain and drain water

    kindly consider the request and oblige

    yours sincerely
    (M) 9448846163

  88. I wish to inform that the sweepers push all the road side waste into the road side drains, as the result the drains are blocked., and hence when it rains water doesn’t flow through the drains and roads are flooded specially the 14th Main Road and 11th cross Nagpura road at SHANKARMAT,Mahalaxmipuram Bengaluru.
    so kindly arrange to clean the drains and fence the drain holes as soon as possible.
    And also the NAGPURA road,MAHALAXMI PURAM is in a very bad shape,kindly take immediate action as soon as possible.
    With regards,
    Mathew Rebello

  89. Dear Sir,

    There is no tar laid in: 3rd main 14th F cross of Hoysalanagar, Ramamurthynagar, Bangalore.
    They have put the jalli and the mud (5 months before) but no tar yet, this is leading to more dust inside the homes.
    Tar has been laid to the adjacent roads but not on this road.

    Please consider my request and get the tarring done.


  90. Respected madam, [ BBMP ward member]
    with due respect, I want to bring certain thing into your kind notice and consideration for a better solution. I am a resident of NGV, Koramangala,
    There is a beautiful park inside the NGV complex but, all outsiders except the residents enjoy the facility of the park. The youngsters play football volleyball and cricket , all type of coaching is given to the outsiders only. It is better if they make it a public park, at least BBMP can convert it to a sports ground. Many Bangalorean young sports guys can be benefitted nicely. It must be declared as a public park and sports ground at least, then only it can be maintained better. BBMP will be strict enough to appoint security men to maintain the park. Visitors will be allowed to roam freely during evening hour other time they will enter by purchasing tickets as Karomangalla park is maintained so nicely with discipline.
    Ngv park is opened from all sides, many illegal work is done there. So many robbery, murder cases can be avoided if it is closed and guarded properly by the security. The entrance back gate must be closed by evening to avoid heavy traffic pollution. Around thousands of vehicles are passing by the residential roads which is exclusively for the residents only. Then, it must be declared as a national road or public road. The residents of NGV will not pay money or tax for the maintenance of the roads, street light , park and security expenses. The tax can be collected by each passenger as monthly base issuing id cards to them who use park, road regularly.
    At lease KHB can collect lakhs of money easily raising funds in ngv why should they fight for maintenance from the ngv residents or welfare association only. Anyway residents pay all taxes money to the welfare association who keep pending the due of water and other resources taxes for so many years as an pending due of so many l akhs. At least BBMP must make use of the residential area and it’s facilities as a fund raising ways or resources from the public easily. Both the ngv and bbmp will be privileged. I request you to find out a solution of this existing problem. thanks, faithfully
    Indira Mishra, a residentof NGV,Koramangala.

  91. To Dated
    The Asst Executive Engineer, place
    Karnataka housing board,
    National Games Village,

    sub—-[ If any flat owner or bank quarter or government quarter goes through major repairment work like renovating the flat, they must take the permission of associations.]
    Respected sir,
    With due respect I want to draw your attention on some continuous rennovation problems of the apartments in NGV, please take necessary action on this matter.
    Karnataka housing board transferred its power to all the blocks of National games village who should apartment act, rules and regulations. If the associations are registered body then, they must exercise certain power over the blocks. If any flat owner or bank quarter or government quarter goes through major repairment work like renovating the flat, they must take the permission of associations.
    special note–[Some repairment work like renovation on joint balcony and common terrace may cause damage to the building. If it causes damage and financial loss to the building, that flat owner must be declared as defaulter. In such case, what legal remedy the owner’s association should take? Can the association use its power suiting or lodging a case in consumer court or in consumer dispute redressal forum giving a complaint against the flat owner?

    Whatever I have observed throughout the last year and current year the renovation goes on continuously. The flat owner b-2, 702 renovated his flat by demolishing all inside walls for the extension and merging both balcony and bedroom to a single room where as the flat 602 was totally affected due to the major repairmen work, there was breakage , leakage in ceiling and all. Once again the flat owner 416 started renovating his govt quarter by the help of private contractor, his flat renovation created damage to b-2,316 flat, the ceiling of the balcony was damaged. Like this the building becomes weak due to several reconstruction works, currently many are doing like this ,there should be a control over the apartment act’s bye laws whoever has legal authority on it.]

    Therefore I request to your authority to exercise certain legal power in the name of apartment laws and regulation which the residents must follow. Some notifications and notice can be given as circular in each block for the implementation of the legal rules regarding flat construction work, restructure and renovation of the flats every year by the recommendation of the KHB only, otherwise residents take it for granted , if KHB takes initiative in sending notice to each block, then definitely the welfare body would execute that bylaws attaching in every notice board, so that at least residents would obey.

    Faithfully Indira Mishra ,[b-2, 316, ganga block NGV.]

  92. to

    The commissioner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, Bangalore.

    Thousands of residents and poor people are affected due to this bad road. Many accident has occurred on this road and government is least bothered to do anything for this.Laggere Muneshwara layout Laggere Brigade to Kurbrahalli.

    Please please do the favor for us sir That Muneshwara Layout People child,ladies Old age person all are suffering to travel for this Road,if you take care for this road we pray for you sir.


    Arushi……….2.5 year Old
    Pranavi……..3.5 Year Old
    Siri……………..2years Old
    we love you sir,by take care.

  93. Hi,

    We are daily facing a big headache, there is a big hole on the road & the road thaar have been comeup because of that when it rains the rain water stay into that big hole and the bike/car gets stucked up in the mud & small children will be playing on the road even they slip into it. Because of rain water storage 2yr old baby is facing with malaria. so, i’m requesting you to resolve this issue ASAP & kindly do the needful to the public.
    Hoping some action would be taken on this issue by the consult officials.

    Our Address:

    Name: Abhishek
    #949, 1st main, 9th cross, Divanarapalya,
    HMT Main road, Bangalore-560054
    Landmark: Behind St.Sebestain Chruch & Opp to AMITY Appartment.
    Mob: 9535145626



  95. To The commissioner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike, Bangalore.

    Hello Sir, I am resident of #605C, 4th Main road, Opposite to humming bird school, MES Road, Muthyalamma nagar, Bangalore – 560054.
    We are facing issue with garbage. There is a railway compound at the deadend and all are just dumping the garbage who is travelling in that road. Since it is not a garbage dumping place, no one is coming to collect the garbage.
    it is affecting the childern who are coming to school.
    Request you to kindly take action to clean the garbage and put some boards so that no one should through the garbage at that place.

    Kindly help.

    Thanks, Kiran

  96. from V Nandkumar , AV Residency, first floor ,4 B cross , 80 feet Road , Lower Michaelpalya ,Indiranagar , Bangalore 560038 Phone 9449880578
    Sir , Our street ‘s rain water drain is fully blocked, No one clears it , sewage is also collected in it , Great risk of mosquitos & Dengue fever . Please attend to it urgently. Many Complaints to bbmp area office (Mr Umesha JE & Nagaraj Supervisor ) has no effect,, Also burning of dry garbage beside the roads by sweeping contractors staff must be stopped — it blackens the compound walls & leaves black ashes which no one cleans later . Urgent action requested .. Thanks — V Nandkumar Dt 11 nov 2014

  97. from v nandkumar , AV residency ,first floor , 4 B ceoss , 80 feet road , Indiranagar ,lower Michaelpalya Bg 38 .ph 9449880578
    In our area allside drains are blocked ,withdirt & sewage –No one clears . ManyComplaints to bbmp area office ,to m/s Umesh JE and Nagaraj Supervisor had no effect.Great danger of Dengue . Also burning of dry garbage on roadside by sweepin staff must be stopped as it backens the walls & leaves ugly ashes which no one clears — pl attend urgently.. Our ward corporator Savita Ramesh & her husmand are most useless & gives ony promises , Thanks Nandkumar 9449880578 Dt 11 th Nov 2014

  98. Garbage is not collected from Aradhana Layout (1st Main, 1st Cross), JP Nagar 7th Phase, since the past 5 days. This has been a regular issue and the Garbage Auto driver says the Trucks were not available.

    Due to this we are having lots of mosquito problems and very stingy too. Please respond to our concern at the earliest.

  99. DEAR SIR

    one Mr Sheety is constructing the building in 30*30 4th floor with out any plan and planing to 5th floor hence visit the site and comfrim the plan



  100. i am residing at no153, 3rd cross jeevanahalli coxtown bangalore-05 pid no.86-77-153 mob. 9880534487 our locality is totaly residential area in this address one family by name RAMAKRISHNA is keeping cows they are dumping cow dung and all discharges which as become a mosiquito breeding centre causing and spreeding deceases malaria, deungue and other deceases since small children and senior citizens residing in this area we would like to complait regarding this health issues pls kindly inspect and take approite action againist the RAMAKRISHNA AND FAMILY . since matteer is very serious and urgent step up immediate action

  101. Respected sir
    There is a Illegal construction 3rd and 4th floor in a dia of 560 square feet at #15, 6th cross Vasanthanagar Bangalore 560051 East next to my house as I have filed an RTI application and the consult Executive engineer has provided a notice to stop the work were 3rd and 4th floor are violated as plan given by Executive engineer Mr Harish 9686682555 even tho the construction is going on the building and once again informed Mr Harish EE to take action but he is neglecting hence my walls are damaged and blocking light and also have given a complaint to Chief Engineer BBMP EAST please do the need full immediately
    U can contact me at 9738942335


  102. To
    BBMP Officer

    Dear Sir,

    The tamarind tree in front of our residence is a concern for the pedestrians and the residents as it leans over to the road, wall, and residence roof. It had fallen few months ago and got cleared of the debris. The infected branches and the trunk may fall at any time.
    We request you to do the needful ASAP and avoid the occurrence of any havoc

    Sincerely yours



  103. I had ordered a cup of cappuccino coffee at cafe coffee day new one near chelekere Kayan Nagar when I received my ordered it was half of coffees in the cup and full of foam only that really worsted of my money and I wasn’t happy so will never again go back in that place

  104. I had ordered a cup of cappuccino coffee at cafe coffee day new one near chelekere Kayan Nagar when I received my ordered it was half of coffees in the cup and full of foam only that really worsted of my money and I wasn’t happy so will never again go back in that place

  105. we are the resident of DRDO Employee residing at 1st cr, Gullappa layout, MAHADEVAPURA Blr-48 in Ward No 81 of K.R.Puram.1) Two feet depth Mud removal from Drainage canal on either side of Road, Blocking the floe of drainage water2) Tarring not done , Before tarring 1 foot height level down to be made for better flow of water

  106. Money excess paid in 2016-17
    SAS APPLICATION NO.2016-17 No.1600000896
    SAS Base Appl.No.1904780

    The BBMP challan No.16142311 For Rs.11636/- paid in Canara Bank, RR NGAR through DD
    I am a Senior Citzen aged about 72 years and residing in RR Nagar Ward No.160. For paying this years tax I am struggling to get it cleared. Inspite of contacting your office at RR Nagar, and so many other officials no body is bothered to set right the taxproblem. I have given copies of the challan last yr tax paid receipt etc. to your RR nagar(Complex) office
    After paying the tax in 2016 the BBMP had re assessed the tax and I was given a property paid receipt for Rs.7872/- challan was created by BBMP No.16631279. The remaining balance amount should have been deducted from this tax for 2017-18. But instead of reducing tax, this amount is added to the Balance Tax payable. Till 2016 my tax was Rs.6620/- Now when I tried to pay the tax online the total tax is showing more than 15000/-
    I request you, kindly look into this matter and rectify the mistakes at the earliest under a communication to me.
    Your early action in theis matter will be verymuch appreciated.
    Thanking You,

  107. Dear Sir,

    some unwanted stones and debris has accumulated in front of my house giving way to rodents like mice and bandicoots damaging the foundation of ours and neighbouring houses as well and also giving way for other creatures like mosquitoes ,accumulating of garbage etc.,

    Request the authorities to lift this stones and debris and clear the road for free flow of traffic.

    My name and address.
    Name :Mr. Lancy Fernandes
    address: no. 36/1,14th cross ,chowdappa Layout,
    Bapujinagar,Bangalore 560026.

    Contact Number :9986978202

    BBMP Ward Number 134.


  109. Prakash Jain house owner of 547 6th main 11th cross cheated us in name of painting charge /cleaning charge /extra day stay /extra electric bill and water charges .approx 15 k extra charge for the name of extra day which we have agreed not to pay as house was hai g water leakage and damage ,Also cheated by it allowing us to make rental agreement for 2 years since he was not hiking rent and at the time of vacating the house he forced us to pay all extra money .he is so smart that he talk very nice and did not bothered us for agreement paper since he said he will not increase the rent and later he hiked ,my fault though .Also he pan AETPK3739H of his wife to hide income also he offered once to deposit black money during demonetization period

  110. BBMP must answer the Bangalore citizen as to how the polythene plastic bags which were banned earlier, have reappeared every where in Bangalore. BBMP health and public safety department is very slack and its staff are totally ineffective in the effective implementation of the ban on plastics. Now, this is rainy season in bangalore. These plastic bags are choking & clogging every storm water drain thereby causing havoc. BBMP collects huge taxes from us. But, they are showing their inefficiency and apathy towards solving these public greviences.
    There are several vacant plots in JP Nagar seventh phase. These are becoming the havens for the erring persons to dump garbage filled in plasic bags. These piles of garbage in the vacant plots are the breeding ground for dengue causing mosquito and this resulting in poor health of people living around in houses built in locations adjoining these empty plots. What is the health department of BBMP doing?. There are several fast food making hawkers every where in JP nagar seventh phase. They are not only dirtying the viscinity, but are earning huge unaccounted money and not paying taxes to BBMP. In Kothanur, a few illegal liquor selling bars are operating in the late night hours. But, have the BBMP remained silent.. If so Why?..

  111. Dear Sir,

    I am residing at No.77, 1st main, 4th cross Annapoorneshwarinagar Bangalore-91. We are facing two issues 1) Many are disposing garbage in an empty site which is next to our house which has become a mosquito breeding centre causing and spreading deceases like malaria & dengue as small children and senior citizens reside in this area we would like to register complain. from past 1 year there hasn’t been any kind of measures taken by the site owner or from BBMP side. 2) Second issue is regarding stray dog menace, there is a sick dog which seems to be suffering from Distemper, as dog’s bark sounds more cough than “ruff,” I Request the authorities to take immediate action and resolve these to issues.

    Thank you

  112. To
    The commissioner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike, Bangalore.
    Respected Sir,
    Regularly from the last 3-4 months during night time, we are having some kind of bad odour near my house. It’s continuing till mid night and sometimes till early morning. It’s kind of coffee odour buts so it’s too strong.
    Address is:-
    #36, Amma Nilaya,
    21 Cross, Bhuvaneshwari nagar – 560024

    Due to this, we are facing so inconvenience and having health issues.

    I request you to please look into the matter and take action to our concern at the earliest.


  113. No street lights on a r0w of six poles starting from third pole. Request for fitting of street light fittings. LOCATION VIVEKANANDA LAYOUT WARD NO. 150 NEXT TO BIRIYANI ZONE.


  114. Dear Sir,

    one of my grand mother property has in chanpatna akkur tuluk ,i applied for E katha but Secretary vijiyandra , They are telling busy from past 1 year i asked him many times but he his telling next week already i waited for one year now what i should do to him .please suggest or take action against him.

  115. Dear Sir,

    Seceratary vijayandra murthy his not do and giving E katha of my property he his telling stories from past 1 year i have applied on 2016 septmber till now he has not done & given please take action againt him.

  116. Dear Sir,

    I am staying my own at Kengeri Satellite Town Bangalore since 1990. In front of the my house there was a big old age tree is their. It was more than 60 years old, I don’t know when it was falling down, because so many children playing under this tree. Last month it was heavy rain, some of the old branches of this trees are fell down but no one injured (thank god). I request you please come and check the old age tree and cut the dry branches of this tree.

  117. Dear sir
    ward 71
    Lakshman nagar
    1st main 3rd a cross
    Hegganahalli cross
    Opp mohan theatre
    Sub. Illegal construction house in road in above address please take action or else give permission to me to construct home on road

  118. Dear sir
    ward 71
    Lakshman nagar
    1st main 3rd a cross
    Hegganahalli cross
    Opp mohan theatre
    Sub. Illegal construction house in road in above address please take action or else give permission to me to construct home on road

  119. ಸಾರ್, ಈ ದಿನ ಅಂದ್ರೆ 1.12.2017 ರಂದು ನಾನು ಬೆಳಿಗ್ಗೆ 10 ಗಂಟೆಗೆ bbmp ದಾಸರಹಳ್ಳಿ ವಲಯ ದ ಮುಖ್ಯ ಕಛೇರಿಗೆ ಬಂದೆ ಅದ್ರೆ 11. 30am ಅದ್ರೂ dc ಅಪೀಸ್ಸೀನ ಒಬ್ಬರೂ ಕೂಡ ಬಂದಿಲ್ಲ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಯಾರನ್ನೂ ಕೇಳಿದರೂ ಅವರು ಬರುತ್ತಾರೊ ಇಲ್ಲವೋ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ ಅಂತ ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ

  120. my Name is Manjula, I have 2 sons Chetan and kethan, I have constructed a house in railway land in Keveri Nagar 1st phase near RK palace, so currently I and giving this rent, Im thinking I can continue giving my constructed house illegally in railway land free land and free money, and rail way people cant do anything about it, I am happy also there are few house here which are illegally constructed, they too are happy. Thank you to Indian Railways

  121. Sir,

    There are a number of shops which are being run without any license in 18th cross sagayapuram, Fraser town, Bangalore:- 560005, please take relevant action and close the shops as these are illegal. I hope you will do the needful,


  122. I need to complain about sevage water is getting into Dubasipalya lake, recently fishes were dead due to contamination. Can anyone please guide which department to contact. Please please Save Nature

  123. Dear Sir,
    i have gone 3 times to the bjp office for complaining that street light is not working. They came and checked but still the light is not switched on, agian i went and complaint they said the spare items is not their it takes 1 week to get the items. Now it is 15 days got over the problem is not solved. it is very dark we are able to walk, childrens are not able to play near our house. Hence i kindly request to take some necessary action and solve the problem so as possible.

  124. Dear BBMP,

    This is for your kind information parking charges differs daily wise at Shivajinagar parking area near Church the people over there who is taking care of parking demands high charges and were not taken care properly all the vehicles if there is parking charges why not there is no receipt for it.. public are becoming fool by paying high charges just for few minutes… Kindly make it notice and do the needful…

  125. Dear Sir:

    I am residing in Abshot layout, Sankey Road Cross and hotel Shangrila roof top restaurant comes very close to my residence. The hotel puts on loud music starting from 8:30 p.m. and it goes on to 1.30 a.m. and after that all the customers obviously are drunk shout loudly and creating a nuisance everyday. The music is very loud. This is clearly a violation as it is disturbing the peace and quiet in the area. If spite of my neighbors calling them several times, they seem to be just ignoring it. We are not bothered by what they do ,but they clearly disturbing our peace and tranquility. Request your interference in this matter.

  126. Dear BBMP Officers,

    We are residing in Vijaya Bank Layout, Kumaradhwara Apartment and all residents of this apartment feels suffocated daily as in front of the apartment there is a park where all dried leaves etc they put fire on the road side from which the smoke is coming inside the flats, as aged, senior citizens, patients are staying in the said apartment we are requesting concern authority to take strict action on the person doing the same and take measures to avoid doing in future, As it is creating very serious breeathing problems i hope the concern authority will take immediate measures

  127. One Mr sanjay reddy s/o seetharam reddy house building in ward no 141 near trmill/adarshanagar down words to ingeri baker with out plan constructing house and he closing the roads shouting with a bad wards peoples cannot walk on road he is big rowdy. He is owner of few athene school vans keeping the drivers and making the rowdy activities

  128. Sir
    This is from ward 81. LBS nagar within the 81 ward constituency. It’s been more than 2 weeks since the main road has been dug up and drain water overflowing from the man hole. The digging was for laying of pipes. Nothing is being done. No vehicles can pass that road, stinking 24 hours. It was a good road laid last year. But now we are in deep crisis please help

  129. Our kalkere punya bhoomi layout horamavu 3rd main the drainage is opened from more than 45 days and there is no proper response.. Children and elders are getting disease because of this.. Mosquitoes and smell is heavy bad plz do the needful.. Thanks

  130. This is regard to the lake beside Kammasandra main road, Electronic City Phase 2, The lake is being polluted and encroached. The lake bed is filled with earth and construction is in progress. The sewage and the draining is directly connected to the lake, the waste is being thrown in the lake. The authorities act in the manner they are aware of the same and not ready to take any action. Please see to the matter if not we are creating another Belandur. Please look into the matter.

  131. I live in malleswaram 15th cross 6th temple road after completing laying new water lines the road is left without tarring past one month. Since this road connective road always vehicle movements are more results in residents are suffering from heavy dust. I request Concernsd authority look into this and take necessary action. Regards radha

  132. Hi sir 1 person named krishnappa no 398, 3rd cross S B layout, Guddadahalli Road, Hebbal Bangalore 560024. ward no 21 he is constructing his house 3 feet approaching to road, please take action. thank u

  133. dear sir /madam i want to draw ur attention towards 57 th a cross 4th block rajajinagar there the garbage is not cleared from nearly a month so plz take immediate action to clear it thanq

  134. Hi Sir, it’s been three months the drainage is dug illegally and pot holes, and roads are not proper. Children is affected by this and nobody is bothered. As a citizen I want this as an official complaint and if nobody is helping please let us know

  135. Sub footpath problem near pushpanjali
    No space to walk on footpath
    Bz road cover shops car garage furniture shop

  136. Just a question to BBMP.. If the owner uses his entire building for PG , can he build that building five floors. Four full floors & fifth floor half???????this is how i am seeing in this green glen layout ,bellandur area . Most of the buildings four & half floors. & hardly some open space left. .& each & every building make one or two borewells. Even if it is a smaller site.

  137. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I would like to bring a big concern which we are facing in our area in ulsoor. Drainage beside yellamen 2nd Cross road is totally choked with waste and dirt now the condition is so pathetic that while crossing it through bridge it has become so difficult for us because it started smelling very bad and surrounding that drainage is all residential areas and lots of small children’s also their who might get desease like dengue etc. Requesting you to kindly look into this issue.

    Sushant Rai

  138. Drainage of the adjacent layout redirected towards behind our house, drain water is blocked behind our house. Not able to open the window as the smell is spreading into the house. Complained in Sahaaya, spoke to BBMP officer, no action yet. Please help with the needful.

  139. This is with regards to the blockage of sanitary pipe in 3rd cross,towards ullal upnagar road,Bharath nagar 2nd stage,Magadi main road, Bangalore-91. Few days back the torr roads were done by the bbmp , during this process due to the usage of vibrator all the sanitary pipes are blocked,this has caused overflow of Chambers in the whole road,this is giving out a bad smell and has caused a great discomfort to the ppl living in this locality. Being a resident of this locality I request bbmp to look into this matter as soon as possible. This is causing a severe problem.

  140. This is with regards to the blockage of sanitary pipe in 3rd cross,towards ullal upnagar road,Bharath nagar 2nd stage,Magadi main road, Bangalore-91. Few days back the torr roads were done by the bbmp , during this process due to the usage of vibrator all the sanitary pipes are blocked,this has caused overflow of Chambers in the whole road,this is giving out a bad smell and has caused a great discomfort to the ppl living in this locality. Being a resident of this locality I request bbmp to look into this matter as soon as possible. This is causing a severe problem.

  141. Hello .. This is in regard with big gutter adjacent to M.S Ramiah North city layout in Thanisandra main road. We the residents are facing huge problems because of the open gutter. It smells so bad that it’s nearly impossible for children to even use the play ground in the layout which is right next to the gutter. And mosquitoes and house flies r so high in number that it’s impossible for us to keep d door open even for 5 mins even during day time and we r also scared of d diseases that can be spread by such dangerous n large number of insects. And d stray dogs attack atleast 2 people every alternate day. And there r snakes been found every now n then in the park n even residences n v suspect it to b coming from d big gutter. The day there should slightest of rains also , the gutter overfills n flows out and our whole locality s filled with gutter water. V have started feeling is this really bangalore? It’s getting impossible to live here. We request the BBMP to Please close the open gutter. This is purely a residential area and we definitely want n deserve to live a healthy n safe life.

  142. Sir as I am a resident of 38/A,AGSlayout,Arehalli, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore 61.As they have installed new sanitary line in our road and constructed a new chamber and bcoz of poor and unquality work all sanitary water is coming through drainage instead of sanitary chamber.from last one month we are trying to contact the respected person he is not picking the call and not responding to our plz take the immediate action and save us from this smell, mosquito,and we r falling unhealthy.

  143. Sir there is apartment construction which is completed and people are moving in. The person on several request complaints also did clean our place with is covered with cement dust stones. Each time when asking he keeps denying it. He has dumping all the wastes near my compound of which there is too much of mosquitoes breeding. I dont know what to do. He is literally mentally harassing us by dumping all the waste near my compound. I cannot open windows. I am a asthma person. He keeps telling go wherever u want, nobody can do nothing. Can no one help regarding this. Please help.
    With great hope…. Thanking you

  144. Sorry sir on the above complaint I have not written the address the address of the apartment is Anjanadri Enclave, parimalanagar 4th cross near mueshwara temple Parimalanagr, Nandini layout post. Bangalore – 560096.
    I have already complained regarding construction which he has not left proper gaps according to the rules. I have also complained to Rti. Now I’m complaing on his wastage dumping near my compound online. He is just laughed ate for Rti online. Now again I’m trying online for his garbbage dumping near my compound and for all the dust cement stones in my house. Again I’m trying with great hope online please help. .

  145. Dear Sir

    Reference is made to Survey No 28/2 of Gina Ronville, Near K. Narayanapura Cross, Kothanur Post, Bangalore 560077, having approval by BBMP and with A Khata in Ward No 25, Horamavu, K. Narayanapura Cross, Kothanur Post.

    A construction has been inintated abetting our compound wall and they have excavated and exposed our foundation of our compound wall resulting in removal of water proofing plaster across the wall. Water seepage into the building basement would endanger 100s of families living in the premises of Gina Ronville.

    It is requested that necessary action be initiated to stop the construction before further damage is caused to our apartment.

  146. Dear sir I am vijayakumar resindinng in thirumala layout malleshpalya extn kagadaspur main road New tippasandra post Bangalore 560075 . Sir,opposite to our house there is one steel fabrications there giving lot of trouble to us like early morning at 6 am to 6pm coming and cutting steel with machines hammering welding making lot of noise welding fumes are hazardous to health our children’s can’t study or we can’t sleep

  147. KP Srinivasan

    Dear Sir,
    I am KP Srinivasan, residing at 7 Nethra Nivas, Third cross, Green woods Layout, JK Halli Bangalore 560 036.

    Our Layout is a very calm and neat, But recently for laying Kaveri pipe line they have damaged a nice tar road. After few day, the water is coming from the ground and the entire pipe line are on the road starting going down. We thought that may the water line connection is leaking ( we have a BPMP bore water connection) but it is not so. It appears there is a pipe line is going across the road and it got damaged. But no one is attending to solve the issue even though all the leading political parties are sending their group for canvassing. Because of this people were using other road to move.

  148. Please please please someone help or guide me what to do I am staying in Parimalanagr Nandini Layt, There is an apartment next to my building called Anganadri enclave. Where the person has left enough space from m compound as per rules for building an apartment. Since I have complained many times there is been no action taken even I had filed rti but instead he is troubling more by dumping all the garbage and refused to clean after construction now he has made it very dirty by some sewage water standing near my compound where the is to many mosquitoes I have wheezing problem where I can open the windows also. He is purposely harassing me mentally laughing at me challenging me for going online telling none can do nothing. Since I am working I am finding very difficult to run around complaining and being a women I am finding it hard to fight against this apartment owner. So I thought let me try ur website. Please take action against this person by inspection at my place. Now he is even getting gas connected towards my side. Please help me

  149. am karishma from Bangalore, resident of hanumantha nagar area, our next house owners are unknown due to issues of sale and resale since few years, lot of dirt in the building premises, some beggars use the place for sanitary purpose. We are facing mosquito problems and many other health issues because of next house building. Pls do the needful at the earliest.

  150. Sir
    Old tree May fallen on my own building
    Pl remove branches.adjacent resident pour outside the basement collecting water.creating mosquito.nuicence also pl resolve problem from your side my address
    Is 607 4thmain 9th block nagarbhavi bangalore 560072 and offset is lesser than as per building nirms

  151. Sir/madam from past one week your bbmp garage collection team is not coming due to that nagarthpet is filled with trash due to that mosquito bites are common in night we r not able to sleep I kindly say that plz see to it . Ithe is in nagarthpet

  152. Sir/Madam,

    This complain is regarding the skywalk near esteem mall near hebbal flyover which is becoming a menace for mosquitos.
    The skywalk seems to have not been cleaned up from the date it was opened for public, in addition since this is a junction for Hyderabad travellers there are a lot of people waiting for buses and tend to litter many used bottles, glasses, wrappers etc., which is adding to the menace.
    The skywalk becomes unusable when it starts raining as the entrance to the skywalk is overflowing with water and risky as the steps are almost unvisible.
    Please help in taking care of this at the earliest and ease commuting on this skywalk as this is the only means people could move on to the other side of the road.

  153. Kindly note, Shanthinagara , Chowdappa Road drainage was opened by Bbmp 6 months ago n work continues in snail pace. The contractor is working in Tits n bits . This opened drainage is causing very very bad smell , is against our nation principles of Swatch bharath, kindly take strict action , open drainage is causing dengue fever , kindly help.

  154. “On apartments” spilling waste on road causing inconvenience to other residents in 8th main road Mathilde extension, Bangalore 560054

  155. Dear Sir,
    After the Kavere work at Maggad layout 1st & 2nd cross roads compleatly desroyed looks like a rural part of village when it rain it is diffecult to ride a bike even.
    in fact we have collected the money each house owner and did some kind of temprory solutution But now the state of road is very bad with road going down.The road rollers were not used properly
    and hence the road is in highs and lows everywhere. Please take the action on it


  156. Dear Sir,
    We are senior citizens living in No 8, Nandi view layout,off Dinnur Main Road,R.T.Nagar
    The BBMP has set up the garbage dump just in close proximity of our house .It gives awful stench and is a positive health hazard for all of us .I have suffered from both Dengue and chikengunya .
    Even people living in other parts of R.T.Nagar also come all the way and throw their garbage bags upon this trash pile -only because it is not cleaned for months and draws negative energy .!!Please look into our grievance and redress it as soon as possible.The civic services should be improved in keeping with the commitment made by our respected CM. We have great expectations from all the administration.
    Thanking you .

  157. Lot of cobras in the soudhamini layout, Konanakunte, particularly in 1st cross, 1st main back side of reliance fresh. Lot of vacant land with massive bushes. Request BBMP department concerned to arrange for cleaning the same so that snakes can be avoided.complaint made code request# 10769300 dated 20th June 2018. No response till date.

  158. This complain is against to our builder, he is taking maintaince charge every month but not at all maintaining anything ,no one is their to clean basement or front portion of building, it is very dirty, it’s very difficult to survive her. If we are complaining them then they are directly telling us to leave because other peoples are not saying anything. Please let me know if you guys can help us because its totally unfair, its our right to stay in a clean surrounding.

  159. RT Nagar area roads are being used as garbage dump yards Request BBMP to install garbage bins to segregate the waste and reduce the stink and health nuisance Area in 1st block opp Bank of India


  161. This complaint is regarding drainage issue in 4th Cross, Maruti Nagar, Mahadeshwara Nagar main road, herohalli cross, vishwaneedam post, Bangalore- 560091,. Here drainage is filled . This drainage causing very very bad smell, dengue feaver. Kindly take strict action against this. Kindly do the needful.

  162. This is regarding the garbage dump clearance in Kodichikkanahalli area.Even after repeated phone calls and messages to the health inspector and the BBMP,it is still not cleared.My complaint to BBMP has been closed without even addressing it.Now,they have even started burning the garbage which will cause extremely hazardous health issues

  163. Garbages van is not coming properly in bvs layout. We feedup of telling to garbages guy.kindly look into it.this complaint from BILEKAHALLI bvs layout.2 nd cross.

  164. the street light at 1st B Cross on Abbiah Reddy Layou (Splash Garage lane and adj to HP Petrol Bunk) Kaggadasapura Main Road is not glowing for the past 10 days . Please replace the bulb.

  165. Garbages van is not coming properly in GM palaya cauvery layout. We feedup of telling to garbages guy.kindly look into it.this complaint from cauvery layout 3rd main point 13th cross. Plzzzz response

  166. Garbages van is not coming properly in cauvery layout GM palya. We feedup of telling to garbages guy.kindly look into it.this complaint from 13th cross 3rd main cauvery layout GM palya 560075

  167. Sewage is continously flowing from Vaishnavi Medicare centre, No.33/1, G P Rajarathnam road, 17th cross , 11th Main malleswatam west, Bangalore-55. This is an urgent request as the sewage has hospital wastes and it is flowing directly on the water pipes. Please address this bio hazard immediately. The stench of the sewage is unbearable and is inconveniencing the neighbours.

  168. This is complaint regarding road it was under maintenance for savage pipe 3 to 4 months ago n it is done… They have closed road temporary by using sticky mud, after so many months also no dambar road nothing..we have already spoken to the concerned person bt no use till now..its been terrible to go around with this mud road..and also some a facing health issues… Please consider this is my humble request please we r facing lot of problems… (KALIDASA LAYOUT, SRINIGAR)

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