Court Shout – An Advocates court hall experience

karnataka hc Its Morning, a very good morning. Finished all mundane activities and got ready, exactly by 8 a.m. The Advocate is in the Office. Clients crowd everywhere.All the files for the day arranged Court Hall number wise [High Court] , and lower Court files according to the Building (venue) and the floor(storey) wise and jurisdiction wise.Attending to clients one by one and advising appropriately.Some need extra counselling and some are very smart.All objections/ I.A.s/ Defense/ and the new filings according to the Court(venue) wise arranged to file the same and all the receipts with C.R. number to collect the copies applied are kept in the bag in tact.And all the sewing kits required to comply in the office are kept inside the Court Bag.All supporting citations Xeroxed and the affidavits to be attested before filing and the process to be paid in the counters, copy the applications to be filed and keep the money ready to obtain D.D’s./ in respect of court fees to be paid or Cost imposed for delay in filing Objection/defence or leading evidence.Court Dairies in the Bag without fail and a Big list of follow up work , i.e, fill missing hearing dates on the files, look into court files in some cases to know the exact position,File memo for postings, vakalath, copy applications etc. etc.

Assigning/allotting the work to young colleagues according to their experience and availability and interest to share the burden of ‘court shout’.

After a great ordeal of road traffic the Advocate arrived!
Its 10.30 – In the High Court jumping* from one Court Hall to another according to their listing. Though made a wise choice (list) of Courts to be attended according to the ‘time of reach’ it happens so, it depends on the availability of the other advocates listed earlier to ours or a particular judge arrives late or the advocates seek time or some advocates/judges will have to spend more time for detailed deliberations in some cases or if some judge is on leave, the same is assigned to some other judge and the same will be called after the cases for that particular court is called and heard.Some cases are listed for 2.30.Some cases waiting to be attended in the list no.2,3,4,5 so on… sometimes moving fast through the list otherwise at the end adjourned or sometimes ordered randomly!

*jumping with the anxiety of getting an Order of injunction or Order of vacation of injunction/ or ordeal of seeking time to get cogent additional evidence / to get appropriate citations / to make a move for compromise or to get thoroughly prepared or to escape from presenting the case before a particular judge because many a time the decision also depends on the temperament/sensitivity and perception /application of mind of particular judge.Anxiety of getting the case filed dismissed for whatever reason the court finds it appropriate!Anxiety of protecting the clients interest amidst all loose ends and odds inherent in the case.Anxiety of keeping all the points intact in all the cases to be represented and being ready for the attacks of the opposite side.Anxiety of urgent matter which needs final disposal not reaching even at the end!

Amidst all these fight calling junior colleagues over mobile to find out what happened in each of the courts and managing the time to jump from High Court to City Civil Court to Magistrate Court to Mayo Hall to Consumer Forum Cunningham road to Seshadripuram to Cauvery Bhavanand after attending ‘kept by’ evidence matters and arguments, back to High Court.

Its 4.30-5p.m., the Advocate leaves for evening office.Clients overcrowded. Some for new consultation and some for tomorrows hearing.Attending to the clients and preparing for the next day : all typing work, research work, List of High Court cases etc. etc. Its 9.00p.m. and finally its time to go home and attend to the family needs!

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